Chapter 842 Surpass you

“Spirit Devour?”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened in surprise as he stared at the sixth Genesis Rune on the mottled brush. He thought over the information that entered his mind, and a moment later a smile curved the corners of his mouth.

The so-called Spirit Devour devours all spirits.

Of course, this was only the initial ability. The sixth rune of the Heavenly Yuan Brush could devour all spirits, store them in the rune, and release them in a special form.

That form was called the Spirit Burial.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed, and he directly turned to the Sky Obscurer Beast’s corpse lying on the ground. The next moment, countless snow-white brush hairs shot out, drilling directly into the beast’s head. A black beast spirit crystal around the size of a fist was slowly rising.

Inside the beast spirit crystal, the beast’s spirit was roaring in anger but was unable to escape from its imprisonment.

The snow-white hair penetrated the spirit crystal and pierced the spirit of the Sky Obscurer Beast.


The enraged roar of a beast could be faintly heard.

It seemed to be aware that something terrifying was about to happen, but its resistance was futile. Soon, its spirit broke apart, and the brush’s hair sucked it up.

A black substance flowed back along the brush hair, then poured into the sixth rune, turning it pitch-black.

“It devours the spirit and then buries the spirit to form a powerful attack.” Zhou Yuan’s face lit up. An attack caused by the destruction of the spirit, whether for a human or Genesis Beast, was a fatal attack.

Many people would rather die than have the courage to destroy their spirit.

And the sixth rune devoured the spirit to form a power for the spirit to explode.

Of course, this kind of power wasn’t as powerful as a spirit’s real self-explosion, because that process included igniting the Genesis Qi within the body, but the spirit swallowed by Spirit Devour obviously didn’t possess Genesis Qi.

Even so, its ability was terrifying.

And the most important thing was that in Zhou Yuan’s perception, the sixth rune, Spirit Devour, didn’t seem to have a limit. It could continuously swallow spirits, as long as Zhou Yuan could withstand the recoil during Spirit Burial. In theory, he could use this move to kill even experts of the Heavenly Sun stage and Nascent Source stage.

Of course, it was different for the Law Domain. Once situated in a Law Domain, it was as though one was inside a divine shrine, almost invincible.

But even so, the power of Spirit Devour seemed to defy natural order.

“This sixth rune is indeed interesting.” Zhou Yuan’s eyes lit up. As the Genesis Runes of the Heavenly Yuan Brush awakened one after another, the brush began to gradually recover its former magnificence. It was hard to imagine what kind of power the Heavenly Yuan Brush would possess when all nine Genesis Runes were awakened.


When Zhou Yuan was overjoyed by the power of the sixth rune, a strange noise echoed through the air. He lifted his head to see that not far away, Fang Ao and the other two advanced Divine Dwelling experts were frantically bombarding the GenesisQi boundary. As a result of their repeated bombardment, the Genesis Rune boundary shook unsteadily.

But at this moment, Ye Bingling and the others who were hidden in the dark suddenly countered. Waves of Genesis Qi blasted away the two advanced Divine Dwelling experts and caused blood to spurt from their mouths.

Fang Ao, however, withstood the attacks. He coldly stared at Ye Bingling and the others who had appeared.

Fang Ao turned his gaze to Zhou Yuan and said coldly, “Zhou Yuan, we have already killed the Sky Obscurer Beast for you. Why aren’t you opening the boundary?!”

Zhou Yuan’s body moved and reappeared in midair.

“Deputy pavilion master Fang Ao is indeed amazing. You only lost two people yet could still kill the Sky Obscurer Beast,” Zhou Yuan complimented.

Hearing this, Fang Ao was so infuriated that the corners of his eyes twitched. He stared resentfully at Zhou Yuan. The humiliation he suffered was too much.

But even though he was extremely angry, Fang Ao still forcibly endured it because he knew that they had already lost their opportunity. He had no choice but to wait for his next chance.

“Don’t talk nonsense, open the boundary!”

Zhou Yuan shook his head, saying indifferently, “Deputy pavilion master Fang Ao, you must have gotten it wrong. You were the one following me with bad intentions—you wanted to take my life. You think the matter has ended?”

Fang Ao narrowed his eyes, and they flashed with a glint with malice. He smiled. “Oh, what more does pavilion master Zhou Yuan want?

“You want to kill me?”

The corners of his mouth tugged just slightly upward as he indifferently added, “It’s not that I look down on you, but even though you have many people with you, it won’t be easy to make me die here today.”

Fang Ao’s voice faded. He stepped forward, and a gush of majestic Genesis Qi suddenly rose from his body.

Silver light filled the sky, illuminating countless Genesis Qi stars, and an astonishing Genesis Qi pressure immediately filled the area.

Ye Bingling’s, Shang Xiaoling’s and the others’ expressions changed, a look of fear came to their eyes. They could sense that Fang Ao’s Genesis Qi foundation had reached 16 million Genesis Qi stars!

It was far stronger than Chen Beifeng’s!


Fang Ao sneered. He stretched out his hand, revealing a complete fire spirit rune on the back of his hand. The next moment, a crimson aura emerged, and Fang Ao’s Genesis Qi foundation surged once again!

It directly increased by 2.5 million!

At this moment, Fang Ao, standing in the void, had formed a terrifying storm of Genesis Qi.

A Genesis Qi foundation of 18.5 million Genesis Qi stars!

Xiao Hong’s and the others faces turned uncontrollably pale. They didn’t expect Fang Ao to have completely refined a fire spirit rune.

And under this level of Genesis Qi pressure, their bodies became heavy. They wondered whether or not they could really stop someone as fierce as Fang Ao.

“Zhou Yuan, you really are shameless. I wanted to let you live today, but you had to seek your own death!

“Do you really think I’m leaving because I’m afraid of you? I’m just not confident of killing all of you, and it would be troublesome if one of you escaped. But since you want to die, I have to fulfill your request!”

As he roared, the whole world seemed to quake violently. Genesis Qi rapidly whizzed across the sky.

However, in the face of Fang Ao’s mighty Genesis Qi, although a look of surprise flashed across Zhou Yuan’s face, there wasn’t a hint of fear. Instead, he smiled. “A Genesis Qi foundation of 18.5 million is indeed impressive.”

He wasn’t blasted back like Ye Bingling and the others and instead strode forward.


A gush of majestic Genesis Qi soared unreservedly into the sky.

Fifteen million Genesis Qi stars lit up in the void.

Behind him, Ye Bingling, Xiao Hong and the others all gaped. They could clearly remember that when Zhou Yuan had fought against Chen Beifeng just over a month ago, his Genesis Qi foundation was only 11 million.

It was only after he had activated the wind spirit rune that his Genesis Qi foundation had soared to 15 million!

But now, Zhou Yuan clearly didn’t activate the wind spirit rune!

Fang Ao’s pupils shrank.

But Zhou Yuan didn’t give him the opportunity to speak. He took another step forward, and on the back of the hand, an azure light glowed. The wind spirit rune had emerged.


The Genesis Qi stars increased by another three million!

His foundation had reached 18.5 million stars, which was exactly the same as Fang Ao’s!

At this moment, everyone was utterly shocked, including Fang Ao.

“You think it’s over?”

A mocking smile twisted Zhou Yuan’s lips, and a red light bloomed on the back of his hand. The fire spirit rune that had reached 70% completion was also activated.

As a result, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi soared once again.

Although it wasn’t as frightening as a complete wind spirit rune, it still increased his Genesis Qi stars by another 1.5 million.

20 million!

20 million Genesis Qi stars flooded the world and caused turbulence in the void!

Fang Ao blankly watched this scene. A chill rushed straight to the top of his head, and deep in his heart a strong feeling of fear gushed out like the tide.

Zhou Yuan peered at Fang Ao expressionlessly, his calm voice echoing between heaven and earth.

“A foundation of 18 million Genesis Qi stars is indeed frightening, but unfortunately, I just happen to surpass you.”

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