Chapter 841 Spirit Devour


Berserk Genesis Qi exploded outward, tearing apart the forest below.

The Sky Obscurer Beast forcibly withstood the impact with its tremendous body. It immediately transformed into a stream of black light and appeared behind an advanced Divine Dwelling stage expert from the Fire Pavilion. Its sharp claws, wrapped in powerful Genesis Qi, slashed out, causing even space to quake.


The Divine Dwelling stage expert let out an anguished scream before his body was ripped into two halves and his blood splattered everywhere. The Sky Obscurer Beast crushed the expert’s head to pieces with its teeth, making it impossible for even his spirit to escape. He died a complete death.

The Sky Obscurer Beast chewed his head, blood and brains trickling between its sharp teeth. Its scarlet eyes were transfixed on Fang Ao and the others.


Fang Ao trembled with anger. The four advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts he had brought with him were considered his strongest people, so if he was to lose them all, it would be incredibly heart aching. 

“Brother Fang, we can’t go on any longer. We can’t last against that beast!” Another advanced Divine Dwelling stage expert had a forehead beaded with sweat, his eyes wide with fear. They finally knew the terrifying ability and nature of the Sky Obscurer Beast. Even in a severely wounded state it could still crush several of them at once.

With an ashen face, Fang Ao roared, “Zhou Yuan, you dare set up this trap for me? Even if we die here, don’t think you will have an easy time!

“Let me tell you, my master is hall master Xi Guang, the master of the Silver Light Hall of the Heavenly Spirit Sect!

“If you open the boundary now and let us go, I can let you off for what happened today! Otherwise, if I die here, my master will never let you go!”

Somewhere in the void, Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. The Silver Light Hall, one of the nine palace halls of the Heavenly Spirit Sect?

Ye Bingling, who was beside him, also clenched her teeth, and whispered, “Fang Ao’s master is indeed the Silver Light Hall’s hall master, Xi Quang.”

The expression of the others also turned solemn. As a hall master of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, Xi Guang was clearly an important figure that was far beyond their reach.

But Zhou Yuan’s expression still remained surprisingly calm. Fang Ao was the one who used ruthless methods against them. Since he was the one who brought about his own death, Zhou Yuan naturally didn’t plan to let him go. Let alone the fact that his master was the Silver Light Hall’s hall master, even if it were sect master Xuan Kun of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, Fang Ao would still die that day!

If Zhou Yuan let him go, it would be even more troublesome.

“Don’t worry about it. Even if this matter is passed back to the Tianyuan Utopia, Lady Chi Jing will stand up for us.” Zhou Yuan waved his hand indifferently.

When the others saw his calm appearance, they murmured to themselves that it was no wonder that Zhou Yuan wasn’t afraid of Fang Ao—he had a powerful backer.

Seeing that there was no response from Zhou Yuan, Fang Ao’s eyes flashed with anger and a sinister glint. But before he could say anything, the Sky Obscurer Beast was already maliciously speeding across the air toward him.

Fang Ao frantically drew back, thundering, “You guys block it for a moment! I’m going to kill it!”

He folded his palms together, and a silver light slowly rose from the top of his head. Within the silver light, a long silver needle of several inches long was faintly visible. An indescribable sharp qi suddenly spread out, causing the surrounding void to split apart.   

It was obvious that Fang Ao was about to use a killing move.

The Sky Obscurer Beast similarly detected danger. A fierce glint flashed in its eyes, and its speed suddenly skyrocketed. A black torrent of Genesis Qi shot out from its mouth and directly struck the face of an advanced Divine Dwelling expert.


The opponent’s entire head was smashed to pieces along with his spirit.

The remaining two advanced Divine Dwelling experts trembled with fear. Although they had injured the Sky Obscurer Beast some, they knew they were not on the same level as their opponent, who could kill with one strike.

And following the death of two companions, the pressure on the remaining two was naturally much greater than before.

Fortunately, Fang Ao also knew that they had reached the limit. After a while, he yelled, “Retreat!”

They both rapidly retreated.

“Silver needle of sky fragments!”

A long silver needle was completely revealed above Fang Ao’s head. Vaguely, the silver needle appeared to be composed of multiple fragments. Its body was no more than a few inches long, but the sharp aura it emitted made even Zhou Yuan freeze for a moment.

“That’s one of the secret high-grade Heaven Genesis techniques of the Silver Light Hall, the Silver Needle of Sky Fragments! The technique is extremely overbearing, sharp and unstoppable. It can even pierce through mountains,” Ye Bingling explained with a solemn look on her pretty face.

Zhou Yuan nodded. Facing a Genesis technique of such a level, the slightest carelessness could lead to fatal injuries. Although Fang Ao was arrogant, he was indeed capable.


The silver needle shook the void, then instantly shot out with a speed as fast as teleporting. Even though the Sky Obscurer Beast had already retreated vigilantly, the silver needle still caught up like a bolt of lightning.

The Sky Obscurer Beast roared, and a torrent of Genesis Qi gushed from its giant mouth in an attempt to destroy the silver needle.


However, the silver needle, like a fish in the ocean, swiftly cut through and transformed into a ray of silver light. It pierced through the Sky Obscurer Beast’s jaw!

The Sky Obscurer Beast had underestimated the power of Fang Ao’s killing move.

The Sky Obscurer Beast emitted an anguished roar. If It was in a completely undamaged state, It would have been able to easily endure such an onslaught. However, in its current weakened state, it found it difficult to withstand such a level of attack.

As the silver needle entered the Sky Obscurer Beast’s body, it produced a series of faint explosions, directly causing the beast’s body to burst open.

“Kill it!”

Fang Ao couldn’t help feeling overjoyed when he saw the Sky Obscurer Beast severely injured, and he immediately shouted to the two remaining advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts.

The remaining two rushed out at his command. As long as they could inflict another serious injury, the beast could be killed.


But just as the two sped out, a torrent of Genesis Qi fell from the sky, directly blasting them away.

“You all must be tired. I will finish it off.” Zhou Yuan’s laughter resounded across the sky, and he headed straight towards the Sky Obscurer Beast, a sword orb forming in the palm of his hand.


The veins on Fang Ao’s forehead visibly bulged when he saw Zhou Yuan charge out. But he had activated his Genesis Qi to its extreme and couldn’t launch another attack. He could only watch Zhou Yuan rush out to grab the reward of the battle.


The sword orb in Zhou Yuan’s hand transformed into a dazzling light sword, appearing above the Sky Obscurer Beast in the blink of an eye. At this moment, the beast was roaring and struggling frantically, but was unable to escape because of its serious internal injuries.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was calm and indifferent, without any compassion. The light sword in his hand quivered and directly pierced the Sky Obscurer Beast’s head.

The Sky Obscurer Beast let out a final roar of anger and struggled repeatedly. Then, finally, its body stiffened.

Its corpse plunged from the sky, smashing a huge pit into the forest. Zhou Yuan landed on the corpse, crouched down, and clenched his hand. The Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared in his hand in a flash. The tip of the brush pointed directly at the beast’s heart and thrust forward.

Its snowy-white brush hair rapidly extended, punctured the heart of the Sky Obscurer Beast, and absorbed all its blood in the apex of the heart.

Zhou Yuan could even see thick blood flowing back down the brush hair. The Heavenly Yuan Brush made a slight vibration, as though excited.

Zhou Yuan went into deep thought. The original material used to depict the sixth rune of the Heavenly Yuan Brush was the blood from the apex of the heart of the Sky Obscurer Beast. But after so many years, the blood had almost been completely consumed, and to awaken the sixth rune, he had to replenish it with the blood of a Sky Obscurer Beast.

“Now, it should awaken right?” Zhou Yuan stared intently at the sixth Genesis Rune on the mottled brush.

He saw that there were specks of blood gathering, and a majestic wave of energy erupted from the Heavenly Yuan Brush. The sixth Genesis Rune was finally completely illuminated.

At the same time, a message seemed to quietly spread into Zhou Yuan’s heart, and it made his eyes light up.

The corners of his mouth curled upwards. He gently rubbed the sixth rune with his finger.

The sixth rune of the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

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