Chapter 840 Fishermen become henchmen

In the Genesis Rune boundary within the rainforest.

Fang Ao and his party all had ashen faces. The Sky Obscurer Beast was staring directly at them with a murderous glint in its eyes. They never would have thought that their group of fishermen would become Zhou Yuan’s henchmen in the end.

Zhou Yuan clearly wanted them to fight the Sky Obscurer Beast first.

“Go, break the boundary!” Fang Ao roared.

As long as they could break the boundary, they could retreat since their goal wasn’t the Sky Obscurer Beast. That bastard Zhou Yuan was dreaming if he wanted them to become his infantry!


However, the moment his voice faded, a torrent of Genesis Qi roared out of the void behind them, speeding fiercely towards the distant Sky Obscurer Beast.


The Sky Obscurer Beast roared skywards, sending sound waves rolling towards the torrent of Genesis Qi. The sound waves shattered it before it neared the Genesis Beast.

Although destroyed, the torrent of Genesis Qi was undoubtedly seen as a provocation. The Sky Obscurer Beast emitted a raging roar as it stared at Fang Ao and the others with its scarlet eyes. Berserk, black Genesis Qi raged like a storm around its body.

It opened its huge mouth, spewing out black Genesis Qi. The qi transformed into streams of black light and wrapped around Fang Ao and the others.

“Stupid, we didn’t hit you!” Fang Ao was so angry that he almost spat out blood. Although the Sky Obscurer Beast was a grade-six Genesis Beast and possessed quite a high intelligence, in the end it still couldn’t compare to human beings.

“Quickly leave!” Fang Ao urged urgently. He didn’t dare to underestimate the Sky Obscurer Beast’s power.

His group of people flashed away, quickly evading the attack like flies flying disorderly in the sky.

Seeing that its attack failed, the Sky Obscurer Beast became even more enraged. The sound wave of its roar tore apart the nearby towering trees as it shot toward Fang Ao and the others.

Fang Ao and the others rapidly retreated. They wanted to avoid fighting the Sky Obscurer Beast because doing so would help Zhou Yuan. However, the beast saw them as the same group as Zhou Yuan and attacked without any hesitation. It wanted to mercilessly rip them apart.

They wanted to find a chance to attack the boundary, but under the Sky Obscurer Beast’s attacks, they couldn’t spare any attention. Even if they could occasionally attack the boundary’s Genesis Qi, the damage would silently be restored. It was obvious the doings of Zhou Yuan and the others! How cunning!

For a moment, the scene was extremely chaotic.

The Sky Obscurer Beast chased after Fang Ao and the rest, berserk Genesis Qi continuing to rage.

Under its pursuit and attack, Fang Ao and others looked extremely miserable. Several times they were injured and almost killed, filling Fang Ao with pent-up anger.

After several times, Fang Ao finally roared, “Let’s attack together, kill this beast first!”

If they were to continue to evade, the Sky Obscure Beast would no doubt find a chance to strike them, so they had to kill the beast first before they could settle things with Zhou Yuan!


Fang Ao’s voice faded, and he was the first to act. He folded his hands together. Silver Genesis Qi erupted like a torrent of billions of silver needles, striking the Sky Obscurer Beast with an extremely sharp aura.

The others also launched attacks one after another. The torrent of Genesis Qi wrapped in a powerful force repeatedly bombarded the huge body of the Sky Obscurer Beast.


The joint attacks of Fang Ao and the others blasted the Sky Obscurer Beast back again and again, and the scars that already existed on its body tore open, causing blood to gush out.


However, the severe pain only made the beast fiercer than before. It frantically tore apart its opponents’ bombardment of Genesis Qi.

The two sides were locked in a fierce battle, destroying the vast rainforest beneath them.

Behind the clouds and mist, Zhou Yuan smiled at the battle below; Ye Bingling, Xiao Hong and the others were staring blankly.

“Why did Fang Ao appear here?” Ye Bingling finally couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course he came for me.” Zhou Yuan answered with a faint smile.

Ye Bingling’s tone suddenly changed as though she realised something. “Lu Xiao is really audacious!”

He dared to use such an underhanded method to attack the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master? How audacious is that?

Xiao Hong and the others also reddened in anger. The Wind Pavilion had seized the commercial interests of the Fire Pavilion, but this was legitimate competition. However, the Fire Pavilion’s move wasn’t justified. If this matter were made known, it would inevitably cause a lot of shock.

“But you knew they were going to deal with you?” Ye Bingling sounded a little surprised. They already found it strange when Zhou Yuan previously arranged the Genesis Rune boundary since it wasn’t the movement concealment boundary.

This boundary turned out to be a trap set by Zhou Yuan!

Zhou Yuan smiled. “How can you be careless if you offend someone?”

He certainly wouldn’t say it was because of Chi Jing’s reminder since that would undoubtedly expose their relationship and cause unnecessary trouble.

Ye Bingling nodded and didn’t think much about it. Her anger eased a lot when she looked at the scene below again. “Fang Ao thought he could sit and watch us fight the Sky Obscurer Beast, while he himself played fisherman. In the end you pulled him into the water too...”

The others couldn’t help but laugh. Fang Ao and the others must be suffocating right now, aren’t they?

“But this is good. The Sky Obscurer Beast’s injury isn’t as serious as we thought. It’s good that Fang Ao and the others are fighting the first wave,” said Xiao Hong.

Zhou Yuan also nodded. He carefully watched the fierce battle below. The Sky Obscurer Beast’s attacks were extremely fierce, and based on the present situation, there would soon be casualties on Fang Ao’s side.

However, Zhou Yuan didn’t feel sympathetic towards them. His eyes were filled with an icy coldness and intent because he knew that Fang Ao had secretly followed them with the intent to kill.

If it weren’t for his senior sister Chi Jing, how could he, a pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion, win against Lu Xiao, who had the support of the Heavenly Spirit Sect?

And without his senior sister Chi Jing’s reminder, he really might have fallen into the scheme created by Lu Xiao and Fang Ao this time.

They would be exhausted from the fight against the Sky Obscurer Beast, while Fang Ao would appear on the stage with a smile. The result would not have been positive for them.

Since the other side was so merciless, he naturally wasn’t interested in being a good person to them.

So this time, Fang Ao must die!

Even if the Sky Obscurer Beast didn’t kill him, Zhou Yuan would.

As for the consequences of his death, Zhou Yuan didn’t plan to consider it. After all, Fang Ao was the one who had broken the rules. No matter how Zhou Yuan responded, he was in the right.

Zhou Yuan folded his arms and looked coldly at Fang Ao, who was commanding everyone to fight against the Sky Obscurer Beast. He knew that although it was Fang Ao who had appeared before them, Fang Ao didn’t have the intelligence to come up with such a plan. Therefore, the person behind them had to be Lu Xiao.

But no matter what, Zhou Yuan had to first cut off Lu Xiao’s right arm. Only then would he have an opportunity to get rid of him in the future!

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