Chapter 837 Scheme

Things went exactly as Yi Qiushui had said. After two hours, the seven individuals she had contacted, including Ye Bingling, gathered in the pavilion master building.

Zhou Yuan greeted them as they arrived. The group was led by deputy pavilion master Ye Bingling and had some familiar faces such as commanders Xiao Hong and Lu Mingyue. However, the last member somewhat surprised Zhou Yuan. It was Sheng Xiaoling, who had recently joined the Wind Pavilion.

Sheng Xiaoling was more on the petite side and had rather pretty facial features. However, there was a scar that ran down from her left eyebrow, giving her a somewhat stern look. She was a person of few words, but Zhou Yuan knew that a girl like her who managed to come so far as an unaffiliated cultivator must have experienced much more dangers than a man.

Upon seeing that Zhou Yuan’s gaze had paused on Sheng Xiaoling, Yi Qiushui hurriedly said, “Don’t underestimate her. If it were a life or death battle, Xiao Hong and the others may not be able to triumph over Shang Xiaoling.”

Zhou Yuan smiled at Sheng Xiaoling. He was only a little surprised by her presence and did not doubt her ability.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept over the group as he said with a smile, “I believe Yi Qiushui has already explained why I’ve called you guys. I plan on accepting a mission to hunt a Sky Obscurer Beast. Of course, it’s a heavily injured one.

“However, even a gravely injured Sky Obscurer Beast is not something I can handle alone. Hence, I need your help.

“The mission will be dangerous, and I will not force anyone who is unwilling.”

Ye Bingling was straightforward as usual. “When do we leave?”

Zhou Yuan choked on his words due to the unexpected response. He had wanted to say more, but Ye Bingling was already rolling her eyes at him. “Don’t be so long winded. Since everyone came here, none of us naturally has any objections. Moreover, it’s only a heavily injured Sky Obscurer Beast.”

Zhou Yuan smiled helplessly. Of course he knew that it was not as simple as Ye Bingling had made it out to be. A heavily injured Sky Obscurer Beast was not a foe that should be underestimated. After all, even a gravely injured Heavenly Sun stage expert was one greater realm above Divine Dwelling stage experts like them.

However, Zhou Yuan was quite happy with everyone’s attitude. He was currently in complete control of the Wind Pavilion, and most importantly, he had won the hearts of its members.

Although he had won their hearts through the benefits he provided, Zhou Yuan would not be unreasonable about it. Benefit was the most stable chain in the world, and without a relation built on overcoming life-and-death struggles together, talking about things like camaraderie was honestly meaningless sweet-sounding words.

“Since that is the case, I will not say more. Regardless of the success of the mission, I will take care of everyone’s high-grade Mother Wind Rune cultivation needs in the future.” Zhou Yuan grinned.

His words caused joy to bubble in the eyes of all seven members—even Ye Bingling’s eyes lit up.

The usually silent Shang Xiaoling swallowed several times. She used to be a cultivator without any affiliation, and she had often risked her life for even a small quantity of cultivation resources. She never experienced such generosity before.

Most importantly, a high-grade Mother Wind Rune wasn’t even purchasable. Zhou Yuan was the only one who could provide them.

Xiao Hong happily remarked, “Heh heh, if word of our pavilion master’s generosity spreads, the guys who didn’t get to participate in this mission would beat the ground with their fists in regret.”

The others nodded in agreement, each person wearing a wide smile on their face.

Seeing that everyone was satisfied, Zhou Yuan also smiled and said, “Since there are no objections, you guys go back and prepare first. We’ll set off in three days.”

He intended to use the three days to make some necessary preparations.

“Understood!” the seven acknowledged.

Three days swiftly passed.

On the third day, Zhou Yuan, Ye Bingling, Xiao Hong, Sheng Xiaoling and the others met up before leaving the Wind Island.

Not long after Zhou Yuan and his team left.

Fire Island, pavilion master building.

An expressionless Lu Xiao was seated above everyone, while Fang Ao, Zhu Lian and the other deputy pavilion masters were seated below.

Fang Ao openly asked, “Boss, why did you suddenly call for us?”

Lu Xiao softly chuckled and answered, “Haven’t you been unhappy with Zhou Yuan for a long time? A chance has now presented itself.”

A ruthless look immediately flashed in Fang Ao’s eyes as he happily said, “What chance?”

Lu Xiao flicked his finger, sending a mission scroll shooting forth as he said, “I’ve received news that Zhou Yuan has left Tianyuan Utopia with Ye Bingling and a few others. Their goal is to hunt a heavily injured Sky Obscurer Beast.”

Their Heavenly Spirit Sect had eyes everywhere in the Tianyuan Utopia and had people watching even the mission hall. Hence, it was not difficult for them to observe Zhou Yuan’s movements.

Fang Ao caught the mission scroll. He took two quick glances and said in surprise, “He’s got balls. To think that he even dares to set his sights on a Sky Obscurer Beast. I wonder what he wants.”

“What he wants is not important. The important thing is that he’s given us a very good opportunity.”

Lu Xiao tapped the table as he indifferently said, “We may not dare to touch him in the Tianyuan Utopia, but once he leaves, who can say what dangers are hidden outside? What’s more, they are going after a Sky Obscurer Beast. No one can say for certain that they won’t end up being killed instead.”

Fang Ao immediately understood as a savage smile emerged on his lips. “Boss means for us to kill them during their mission?”

Lu Xiao nodded. “Best to capture them alive. Zhu Lian has a way to peek into Zhou Yuan’s memories and may be able to find out what core he used to make the four Mother Runes.”

Fang Ao grinned, revealing his eerily white teeth. His eyes were filled with violence as he said, “Okay then. I will break his arms and legs before giving him to Zhu Lian.

“I’ve been wanting to kill him for a long time!”

Lu Xiao gave a faint nod.

Although it was definitely not appropriate for them to do this, their Heavenly Spirit Sect was currently a rapidly rising power in the Tianyuan Region, and it should not cause much problems for them as long as they left no loose ends. A mere wind pavilion master was honestly nothing to Tianyuan Utopia.

Lu Xiao originally had not intended to use such methods, but the four Mother Runes were far too fatal to their Fire Pavilion. In the long run, it would destroy the Fire Pavilion’s foundations. Hence, Lu Xiao could no longer sit by and wait another four months.

Since Zhou Yuan foolishly gave him such a good opportunity, he would naturally not hold back.

Lu Xiao said, “I originally intended to go myself, but I will draw too much attention as the Fire Pavilion’s pavilion master. Thus, I need to stay here to draw everyone’s attention.”

“There’s no need for you, boss, to personally take action for a mere wind pavilion master.”

Fan Ao clearly did not mind as he revealed an icy smile. “I will use this chance to teach him that no stray dog or cat has the qualifications to jump around before our Fire Pavilion!”

Lu Xiao cautioned, “Don’t be careless. The fact that he managed to beat Chen Beifeng at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage means there’s something strange about him.”

Fang Ao frowned a little but still nodded in acknowledgement.

Lu Xiao felt somewhat helpless about his attitude. However, there was nothing to nitpick about Fang Ao’s strength. In Lu Xiao’s eyes, if he did not include himself, Han Yuan and Mu Liu, Fang Ao was likely the strongest among those of the four pavilions. 

Even Chen Beifeng was nothing before Fang Ao.

Lu Xiao waved his hand and said, “Go gather your team.”

Fang Ao nodded and impatiently turned around to leave. A cruel light seemed to radiate from his eyes.

Lu Xiao let out a soft sigh as he watched Fang Ao and Zhu Lian leave. His eyes narrowed as he peered into the distance and muttered, “Zhou Yuan, ah, Zhou Yuan, since you can’t appreciate my kind intentions, don’t blame me for what happens next.

“Don’t worry, I will properly circulate the four Mother Runes once I get their manufacturing method.”

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