Chapter 835 Sky Obscurer Beast Heart

Dazzling light spewed out in the Divine Dwelling as over ten million Genesis Qi stars shot forth. Like a giant torrent, it continuously crashed into the wall between the fifth and sixth Diviner Dwellings.


The Divine Dwellings shook under the repeated collisions.

A faint crack appeared on the wall and rapidly extended, covering the entire wall after several dozen breaths. Due to Zhou Yuan’s polishing over the past month, the Divine Dwelling wall had become extremely thin.


When a torrent of Genesis Qi struck once again, the barrier that had obstructed Zhou Yuan for a long time finally crumbled.

The door to the sixth Divine Dwelling was now open!

A giant torrent made from over ten million Genesis Qi stars flooded into the sixth Divine Dwelling. Pure mystical energy sprinkled down in the Divine Dwelling, swiftly entering and fusing with the Genesis Qi torrent.


The Genesis Qi torrent began to grow at an alarming speed. It swept through the sixth Divine Dwelling like a tsunami as countless Genesis Qi stars were created...

Boundless power surged out, spreading to his four limbs.

In the outside world, Zhou Yuan slowly opened his eyes. Extremely powerful Genesis Qi undulations pulsed around his body, and his aura grew at an astonishing speed.

As he felt the boundless Genesis Qi surging in his Divine Dwelling, happiness flashed in his eyes.

He could sense that the number of Genesis Qi stars in his Divine Dwelling had risen by four million!

As a result, his Genesis Qi foundations had reached the astonishing level of fifteen million Genesis Qi stars!

If he activated the wind spirit rune on top of this, his Genesis Qi foundations would reach the terrifying level of eighteen million!

“Eighteen million…”

Zhou Yuan’s heart was akin to a raging sea. With such Genesis Qi foundations, he was confident of defeating Chen Beifeng in a single move.

“As more and more Divine Dwellings are linked, the increase in Genesis Qi seems to grow!” Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed in thought. He recalled that when he connected to the fifth Divine Dwelling, his Genesis Qi foundations had only increased by three million, while the sixth Divine Dwelling had given him much more.

Only three Divine Dwellings remained. If Zhou Yuan connected all three, his Genesis Qi foundations would increase by over ten million!

In other words, even without borrowing any external power, after unlocking the ninth Divine Dwelling, his Genesis Qi foundations might even surpass thirty million!

A Genesis Qi foundation of thirty million!

Even the mere thought of it made Zhou Yuan involuntarily lick his lips. Although he did not know precisely how strong Lu Xiao’s Genesis Qi foundations were after unlocking the ninth Divine Dwelling, he guessed that it would at most be twenty million.

But Lu Xiao had only established a high-grade nine heavens Divine Dwelling.

The disparity was evidently due to the enormous advantages brought by Zhou Yuan’s chaos Divine Dwelling and his World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi.

Zhou Yuan released a long drawn out breath of satisfaction.

While Zhou Yuan glowed with joy due to the tremendous growth of his Genesis Qi foundations, his body suddenly trembled as a flash of black shot out and floated in front of him.

“Heavenly Yuan Brush?!”

Zhou Yuan was first stunned by the sight of the Heavenly Yuan Brush appearing without his permission before he suddenly saw the sixth ancient rune on the brush’s mottled body give off a faint light.

“The sixth rune is about to awaken?!”

Zhou Yuan was stunned for a few more seconds before he once again lost his composure due to happiness. One must know that the Heavenly Yuan Brush had been stuck at the sixth rune for a long time. No matter how much nourishment he provided, the six rune refused to show any signs of awakening.

Zhou Yuan felt troubled by this for a long time and never expected to finally see some activity from the brush that day.

Could a double fortune be heading my way today?

Zhou Yuan’s gaze burned with anticipation as he stared at the brush. As the sixth rune gave off a faint light, a mysterious undulation spread. However, just as it was about to complete the final step, the Heavenly Yuan Brush suddenly shook violently before the sixth ancient rune swiftly began to dim.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush slowly dropped in the air as the light withdrew back into it.

It disheartened Zhou Yuan, and he mumbled, “The awakening failed?


Zhou Yuan clasped the brush with both hands with a disappointed face, his brows tightly knitted together. The Heavenly Yuan Brush was clearly about to awaken the sixth rune earlier but had failed at the final juncture.

“Why does it feel as if something is missing?” mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself.

The awakening of the previous five runes had never appeared so difficult.

Zhou Yuan was at a loss. He held the Heavenly Yuan Brush as he smiled bitterly and said, “Heavenly Yuan Brush, ah, Heavenly Yuan Brush, what do I have to do to help you awaken the sixth rune?”

He was only mumbling to himself, but as his words rang out, the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand began to buzz in response. Under Zhou Yuan’s shocked gaze, it slowly rose into the air again as its snow white brush hairs slowly cut across the air, drawing a few words.


“Sky Obscurer Beast heart?”

Zhou Yuan stared intently at the four words before his eyes lit up. “Are you saying that you need this Sky Obscurer Beast heart to awaken the sixth rune?!”

After drawing these four words, the brush silently landed in Zhou Yuan’s hands and did not move any more.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes glowed brightly. The Heavenly Yuan Brush had been a Saint-level treasure at its peak and naturally possessed extremely high spirituality. However, it had been badly damaged, rendering it incapable of communication. But as Zhou Yuan continued to nourish it, it began to recover some of its spirituality, and it had finally managed to give him a hint this time.

Without its hint, there was no way Zhou Yuan would have guessed that a Sky Obscurer Beast heart would be needed to awaken the sixth rune.

“Bro, you should have told me earlier!” Zhou Yuan shook his head. If he knew this ingredient was required, he would have done all he could to search for it much earlier and would not have wasted so much time.

A Sky Obscurer Beast heart should be the heart of a Sky Obscurer Beast, right?

But what kind of Genesis Beast was that? And what grade was it?

Zhou Yuan pondered for a while before keeping the Heavenly Yuan Brush back into his body. His figure moved, transforming into a streak of light as he shot towards the exit of the fire district.

No matter what it was, it was naturally impossible for Zhou Yuan to give up now that he had a clue.

Once the Heavenly Yuan Brush awakened the sixth rune, even without mentioning the magical ability it would bestow, the brush itself would evolve and become a true high-grade Heaven-tier Genesis Weapon!

A weapon of such level was second only to the Saint-tier treasures with world destroying capabilities.

If Zhou Yuan managed to evolve the brush before the chief pavilion master selection, his chances against Lu Xiao would undoubtedly increase.

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