Chapter 834 Sixth Divine Dwelling

When Zhou Yuan’s figure appeared at the entrance to the fire district the next day, the many passing Fire Pavilion members were shocked inside. Their expressions were a splendid sight.

They held very complicated feelings towards the wind pavilion master. The four Mother Runes he invented had essentially put an end to the happy days of the Fire Pavilion, but these runes were truly top-tier products that far outclassed the Mark Capturing Rune. If they could use the four Mother Runes, their cultivation speed would surely double or more!

Unfortunately for them, the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion were strictly regulating the four Mother Runes. In the face of Lu Xiao and Han Yuan’s influence and power, the members of the two pavilions did not dare to openly purchase or use them.

However, it was impossible to fully cut off the four Mother Runes.

Increasing the rate of completing a Genesis Rune weighed heavily in the hearts of the members of the four pavilions. Hence, whenever there was no one around, someone would secretly retrieve a four Mother Rune of unknown origins...

This was why the Fire Pavilion members both hated yet loved Zhou Yuan.

As they watched him walk into the entrance of the fire district, they realized that the wind pavilion master had already chosen the fire spirit rune as his second rune...



A fist slammed into a metal-wood table, instantly shattering it to pieces. A savage look surged onto the owner’s face as he icily said, “Does that brat want to die?

“He actually dares to come to our fire district to cultivate at such a time? Is he trying to start a fight?”

Several figures were also present in the room. They were the higher ups of the Fire Pavilion, and Lu Xiao was sitting on the chief’s seat with an expressionless face.

“No, we can’t let this bastard continue to act so arrogantly. I will go to the fire district and teach him a lesson!

“Watch how I’ll break both his legs!”

Fang Ao rose to his feet with a dark and vicious look in his eyes.

Lu Xiao icily said with an ice-cold face, “You’d better stop right there!”

Fang Ao’s foot paused as he angrily said, “Boss, that bastard is stepping on our faces!”

Lu Xiao frostily replied, “He’s the current wind pavilion master. No one will be able to protect you if you lay a hand on him here! Use your damn brain! Do you really believe our Heavenly Spirit Sect can do whatever we please in the Tianyuan Region?”

Fang Ao’s expression turned green with frustration as cracking noises sounded from his tightly clenched fists. In the end, he could only fall back into his seat. He knew that Lu Xiao was right. If he dared to touch Zhou Yuan in Tianyuan Utopia, he would surely pay a very painful price.

Lu Xiao ignored the sullen look on Fang Ao’s face as he looked towards Zhu Lian. “Have you found anything after researching the four Mother Runes?”

Zhu Lian slowly shook his head with a somewhat ugly expression. “The core of the four Mother Runes is very well hidden, and even a slight touch will cause it to dissipate. I can’t do anything at all.”

“What if we ask the Genesis Rune masters from the sect?” asked Lu Xiao in a low voice.

“It won’t work. That brat is very cunning, and his four Mother Runes are extremely sensitive. Even the tiniest touch will cause the rune to self-destruct. Hence, even if someone with stronger Spirit cultivation comes, it will still be very difficult to find out the core ingredient,” answered Zhu Lian.

Even someone like Lu Xiao felt a little vexed.

The top-selling four Mother Runes had caused a huge headache for him over the past few days.

Additionally, the elders of the Heavenly Spirit Sect had already reprimanded him due to what had happened during the newcomer ceremony. 


Lu Xiao sucked in a deep breath of cool air, suppressing the frustration in his heart. After a long silence, he said, “We’ll lie low for the time being. But don’t worry, there will be a chance for payback.”

He raised his head and looked towards the direction of the fire district as a chilling look flashed in his eyes.

He had never felt this sullen for many years.

Moreover, his opponent was merely an intermediate Diviner Dwelling stage practitioner that he looked down on.

Don’t be too happy Zhou Yuan, our fight has just begun!


The fire district was red like the inside of a furnace.

Zhou Yuan leisurely walked on the red land as he gazed at the thick fiery-red cloud layer in the sky. To his surprise, he saw lava flowing within.

That was fire spirit lava.

Contained inside the lava was countless fire spirit rune Genesis marks. The lava could be summoned by burning origin coins, and while the lava burned the body, some of the fire spirit rune Genesis marks would be left behind.

Zhou Yuan hopped onto a cliff and seated himself before retrieving a handful of origin coins to burn.


A big ball of magma swiftly descended from the sky and landed on Zhou Yuan’s body.

Intense burning pain flooded his senses, but Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged. He had already numbed himself to this level of pain in the wind district.

He crushed a Mother Fire Rune between his fingers, and a Genesis Rune immediately began to form on his chest as a small vortex appeared.

Several glowing red dots swiftly rushed towards the vortex on Zhou Yuan’s chest from the lava covering his body. After an incense stick of time, the lava cooled, turning into pitch-black rock that soon fell from his body layer by layer.

Zhou Yuan opened his eyes and looked at the back of his hand. Several glowing scarlet-red dots had appeared slightly above the wind spirit rune. These were the Genesis marks of the fire spirit rune.

“Pretty good.” Zhou Yuan softly chuckled.

“Looks like I’ll be staying here for some time…”

He stretched his back and rested for a short period before grabbing two handfuls of origin coins. He lit them on fire.


A large ball of lava plummeted from the sky like a shooting star streaking across the horizon.


Zhou Yuan spent an entire month in the fire district.

With a seemingly endless supply of origin coins, the Mother Fire Rune and his vigorous Spirit power, Zhou Yuan completed almost 70% of his fire spirit rune over this period of time!

Such speed made even Zhou Yuan himself feel a little fearful. At this rate, he would complete the fire spirit rune in another month at most.

Completing two runes in less than half a year was extremely rare even in the entire history of the Four Spirits Origin Tower.

While training in the fire district, Zhou Yuan did not encounter any hindrances from the Fire Pavilion, which slightly surprised him. It seems that Lu Xiao was a smart person and knew that he would not be able to escape responsibility if something happened to Zhou Yuan in the fire district.

Zhou Yuan was more than happy with this peaceful atmosphere and placed all his energy into completing the fire spirit rune.

On a certain day.


Countless glowing scarlet-red specks flowed out from the lava that coiled around Zhou Yuan like a python and agilely darted towards Zhou Yuan’s chest like sparrows. After a long time, the lava began to cool down, turning to black rock fragments as it fell from his body.

A breath of scarlet red was huffed out from Zhou Yuan’s nostrils as he slowly opened his eyes. His gaze looked towards the back of his arm as a satisfied smile flowed out on his lips.

His fire spirit rune had finally reached the 70% mark!

Zhou Yuan stretched his back in a satisfied manner and began to rise to his feet. However, his expression suddenly changed a split second later as ecstasy surged out from the depths of his eyes.

He had felt a disturbance from the Divine Dwelling in his body.

His Spirit senses reached inwards and found that the wall between the fifth and sixth Divine Dwellings had turned translucent!

It was the sign that the sixth Divine Dwelling was about to be connected!

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed. While concentrating on the fire spirit rune, he had not ignored the polishing of his Divine Dwellings, but he had not expected the fifth Divine Dwelling to finally achieve its complete state that day, enabling him to begin linking to the sixth Divine Dwelling!

Once the sixth Divine Dwelling was connected, he would have stepped into the peak of the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage! From there, a single step would be all that separated him from the advanced Divine Dwelling stage!

Most importantly, his Genesis Qi foundations would soar once more after the sixth Divine Dwelling was connected!

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