Chapter 832 Complete Defeat

The newcomer recruitment area was abuzz with activity as a sea of black swarmed towards the Wind Pavilion’s stage.

The members of the other three pavilions watched this scene with stupefied expressions. They were a little unable to believe that the very same Wind Pavilion known as the ‘dumping grounds’ would be so crazily popular...

Previously, this was something that only the Fire Pavilion got to enjoy.

However, when they recalled the benefits Zhou Yuan had promised, even their hearts began to stir a little.

The allure was far too great!

Not only would a normal member get 70 origin coins, even the upper echelons like the deputy commanders, commanders and deputy pavilion masters would receive a share of from the sales of the four Mother Runes! This was definitely no small amount!

Under such temptation, how could the members of the other three pavilions not be moved?

A dazzling smile hung from the corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips as he watched the crowd surge towards him. He took a few steps back as Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling quickly moved forward to welcome and assess the newcomers.

Nearby, Lu Xiao’s and Han Yuan’s expressions had turned exceptionally stormy. In fact, the former’s usually handsome face had begun to contort a little.

The truth was that although Zhou Yuan had defeated Chen Beifeng a few days before, Lu Xiao had never treated him as much of a threat.

Though Lu Xiao usually wore a smile when facing Zhou Yuan, there was a hidden trace of indifference and disdain behind this mask.

It was precisely this state of mind that Lu Xiao was unafraid of angering Zhou Yuan and dared to use whatever methods he wanted.

He was ranked nine on Hunyuan Heaven’s Divine Dwelling List, and in addition to being the number one Divine Dwelling stage expert among the Tianyuan Region’s younger generation, he was also very famous even in the entire Hunyuan Heaven. Zhou Yuan, on the other hand, was merely a newly promoted wind pavilion master. Even if Zhou Yuan was aware of his tactics, what would he dare to do? What could he possibly do to the mighty Lu Xiao?

He had never imagined that the counter attack by someone he looked down on would be so ruthless.

The appearance of the four Mother Runes would basically checkmate the Fire Pavilion!

Lu Xiao drew a deep breath, suppressing the rage deep in his heart as he watched the newcomers swarm towards the Wind Pavilion side. He knew that he could not allow it to continue or the Fire Pavilion would become a joke and the Heavenly Spirit Sect would reprimand him.

He clearly understood how important the four pavilions were to the Heavenly Spirit Sect. Although they were merely Divine Dwelling stage heaven prides, they represented the future of the Tianyuan Region. It was already considered a great success if the pavilions could produce a few elders in the future.

“Well done, I never imagined that pavilion master Zhou Yuan would have the charisma to conceal the four Mother Runes till now.”

Lu Xiao’s icy voice rang out amidst the excited atmosphere.

The numerous newcomers recovered a little of their wits upon hearing his voice as their gazes began to faintly flicker in thought. They knew that the Fire Pavilion and Lu Xiao were currently the strongest amongst the four pavilions.

Zhou Yuan calmly said, “I honestly did not plan to reveal them, but pavilion master Lu Xiao’s overbearing methods forced my hand. You really can’t blame me for this.”

Originally, he had not wanted to take things too far such that it would destroy any chance of reconciliation between them. He would at most reveal the Mother Wind Rune and Mother Forest Rune and leave half of the market to Lu Xiao.

Unfortunately, Lu Xiao had seemed to completely disregard him and had repeatedly tested Zhou Yuan’s limits through petty little trick after trick. In fact, Lu Xiao had even engaged in the lowly tactic of spreading rumors.

Since the other party did not intend to show any mercy, there was no longer any reason for Zhou Yuan to try to be the better man. Else they would only step on his face time and time again. After all, his temper wasn’t that great either.

Lu Xiao let out a carefree chuckle as he said, “I made a mistake this time.

“But I hope that pavilion master Zhou Yuan will still have such amazing moves to use in the chief pavilion master battle four months later. Otherwise…”

The hearts of the numerous newcomers shivered at these words, evidently understanding the deeper meaning within Lu Xiao’s words.

Once Lu Xiao took the position of chief pavilion master in four months, all four of the pavilions would be under his control. Even the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master would be subordinate to Lu Xiao.

When that happened, Zhou Yuan would no longer have the initiative no matter what Lu Xiao did, because the chief pavilion master always had the last word.

Lu Xiao was threatening Zhou Yuan while also informing the newcomers to be more prudent in their decisions.

A bucket of cold water had been poured over the originally excited atmosphere.

Hesitation emerged in the eyes of many individuals.

Even Ling Feng’s, Feng Si’s and Yuan Tiegang’s eyes flashed in thought.

Feng Si softly said, “My friends, Shang Xiaoling’s choice seems to be a little rash. We should not make any impulsive decisions but also consider the future.”

Ling Feng shot a glance at him and said, “You’re saying this because the Fire Pavilion talked to you before.”

Feng Si revealed a helpless smile. “But can any of you deny that pavilion master Lu Xiao is the strongest candidate?”

Feng Ling and Yuan Tiegang fell silent. They were not from any powerful factions and had suffered untold hardships in order to obtain the opportunity to enter the four pavilions. If Lu Xiao did become the chief pavilion master in the future, would offending him here be a wise decision?

But the Wind Pavilion’s benefits were extremely tempting...they were just far too attractive!

Zhou Yuan calmly observed the now somewhat doused atmosphere, and he indifferently said, “Pavilion master Lu Xiao, there are no absolutes. Chen Beifeng also believed previously that the position of being the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master would be his.”

Lu Xiao shook his head as he sighed. “It will cost you dearly if you compare me with Chen Beifeng.”

Zhou Yuan could not be bothered to waste any more words on Lu Xiao. His gaze shifted towards the newcomer crowd and said, “That’s right, there’s something I forgot to mention earlier. I have to thank pavilion master Lu Xiao for jogging my memory.

“The truth is that the 40% increase in effectiveness is only with regards to regular Mother Runes. I can also manufacture a higher-grade rune that will raise the effectiveness by another 10%. Hehe, but I won’t be able to make a large amount, so I can’t really sell them to outsiders. I can only reserve them as welfare for some of the more outstanding Wind Pavilion members and the higher- ups.

“Oh, that should be all…”

After finishing, he sat down on a chair, and a quick-witted Wind Pavilion member immediately offered him a cup of hot tea.

The place fell silent once more.

Next, everyone could only watch as over twenty individuals walked out from the group of thirty or so newcomer Divine Dwelling List rankers. They slowly but determinedly headed towards the Wind Pavilion side.

The other newcomers also crowded over. Although there was less passion than before, anyone could tell that their resolve was much firmer.

Ling Feng and Yuan Tiegang sighed deeply before they said to Feng Si, “Our apologies, we can’t refuse such an offer.”

Hence, the two of them quickly turned around and walked towards the Wind Pavilion.

Feng Si’s expression fluctuated indeterminately as he gazed at their backs. Even he felt unable to resist such a temptation. However, he ultimately sighed in disappointment because he had already promised Lu Xiao that he would join the Fire Pavilion. If he went back on his word now, Lu Xiao would definitely be angered, and Lu Xiao was someone he could not afford to offend.

Despite this, he really did not want to think about the regret he now felt.

After all, even if Lu Xiao became the chief pavilion master in the future, he could not possibly get rid of an entire batch of them just like that, right?

More and more newcomers converged towards the Wind Pavilion side.

Lu Xiao tightly clenched his fists as his body faintly trembled. The emotions in his heart nearly made him explode in rage. At this very moment, he dearly wished that he could kill Zhou Yuan right then and there.

But he ultimately managed to forcibly restrain himself.

He looked deeply at Zhou Yuan, the frost in his eyes so intense that it could freeze one’s blood.

Lu Xiao knew that he had been utterly defeated this day.

But it does not matter. This is only the beginning...Zhou Yuan, after four months, you will understand how foolish your actions today were. When that happens, you will wish that you never offended me.


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