Chapter 831 Completely New Benefits

After Zhou Yuan’s words rang out, the entire recruitment area went silent as amusement slowly began to spread.

The shock value of Zhou Yuan’s words had been far too great.

Even the many Wind Pavilion members could only look at each other in confusion, while commanders like Xiao Hong were at a complete loss. None of them knew why Zhou Yuan would say such...self-humiliating words.

One must know that in previous years, the Wind Pavilion was only able to select from the leftovers after the other three pavilions finished choosing the best seedlings—this was also why the Wind Pavilion was often known as a rubbish dump.

And yet, Zhou Yuan had declared their recruitment criteria to be the top 150. Was this aimed at getting no harvest in the newcomer ceremony this year?

Why would the higher-ranked newcomers give up on the generous benefits promised by the Fire Pavilion and choose the Wind Pavilion instead?

Lu Xiao slowly returned to his senses and said with a soft laugh, “Does pavilion master Zhou Yuan intend to give up this year?”

His voice broke the silence, causing everyone in the area to recover from their shock. Several individuals tried their best to stifle their laughter.

However, Zhou Yuan ignored Lu Xiao’s teasing, continuing in a composed voice as if there had been no interruption, “I have something else to add to my earlier statement. In the future, there will be a strict yearly assessment in the Wind Pavilion. The members who do not perform well will have their statuses revoked.”


Even the expressions of the Wind Pavilion members could not help but change as astonishment and confusion lit up their eyes.

The consequence of a poor result was far too dire!

Upon seeing the shift in expressions of several Wind Pavilion members, Liu Zhixuan could not help but say in a low voice, “Pavilion master, isn’t this too stringent?”

He could sense anger brewing in some of the Wind Pavilion members. After all, no one would be willing to accept such a strict test out of nowhere. If this information spread to the Wind Island, it would surely cause quite a commotion.

Lu Xiao and Han Yuan looked at each other, seeing the bewilderment in each other’s eyes. In their view, Zhou Yuan’s actions were basically destroying the Wind Pavilion.

Could he have really gone mad?

Mu Liu’s brows also knitted together. Beside him, Mu Qingyan muttered, “Didn’t he want to revitalize the Wind Pavilion? But his thinking is too simple. Does he believe that threatening them with a stick will be able to tame them? If this matter escalates, even a pavilion master like him may not be able to quell it.”

Amidst the surrounding commotion, Zhou Yuan’s expression did not even ripple as he continued, “Now that I’m done with the criteria, I shall elaborate on the benefits of our Wind Pavilion in the future.

“Wind Pavilion members will receive 70 origin coins every month.”

These simple words were akin to a tsunami, causing everyone present to be dumbstruck.

The originally dissenting Wind Pavilion members stared in shock at Zhou Yuan. Our origin coin allowance was only 20 previously, isn’t this more than a three times rise?! What the hell is going on?

Even the expressions of Liu Zhixuan, Xiao Hong and the others froze.

With the exception of Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui, everyone else was unable to speak as a buzzing noise filled their heads.

All the newcomers, even the 30 plus Divine Dwelling rankers, were thoroughly shocked and filled with disbelief.

Seventy coins?! Wasn’t this a whole 20 more than the Fire Pavilion?!

How could this be?!

Lu Xiao was likewise stunned for several seconds. Soon after, his expression darkened as he icily said, “Pavilion master Zhou Yuan, are you purposely trying to cause a ruckus? On what basis can your Wind Pavilion afford to give out such benefits? Do you think everyone here is an idiot?

“If your confidence comes from the Mother Wind Rune, I can only say that you’re a joke!”

Han Yuan also laughed mockingly, under the impression that Zhou Yuan was merely trying to create a sensation.

Mu Liu’s brows were tightly knitted together as the expression in his eyes fluctuated indeterminately.

The newcomers stared at Zhou Yuan in bewilderment. However, from their appearances, they clearly did not believe his words were true. After all, Lu Xiao did make sense, the Wind Pavilion could not possibly afford to give out such benefits.

Under the crowds’ skeptical gazes, Zhou Yuan slowly said, “The Mother Wind Rune is indeed not enough to support such an expenditure, that’s why I still have something else to announce. From today onwards, our Wind Pavilion will begin selling three other types of Genesis Runes.”

With a wave of his sleeve, three jade pieces each inscribed with a Genesis Rune flew out and floated in front of him.

“These three are the Mother Fire Rune, the Mother Forest Rune and the Mother Mountain Rune.

“They are from the same vein as the Mother Wind Rune, and I call them the four Mother Runes. Their effects are similar to the Mother Wind Rune, and they can raise the effectiveness of gathering Genesis marks by 40 percent. They’re specially made for the other three districts of the Four Spirits Origin Tower.”

Zhou Yuan’s voice was calm, but it felt akin to thunder as it boomed across the place.

This time, Lu Xiao’s and Han Yuan’s expressions finally changed as horror surfaced in their eyes.

An ashen-faced Lu Xiao shouted, “Impossible!

“Zhou Yuan do you know the consequences of lying to the newcomers?!”

The normally confident and never-flustered Lu Xiao had lost his composure because he clearly understood what Zhou Yuan’s words would herald. If the Mother Wind Rune could be said to be a little painful to the Fire Pavilion, then the three new Genesis Runes would completely yank them out from the roots!

The strong foundations of the Fire Pavilion was based on the sale of Mark Capturing Runes!

But with the revelation of the four Mother Runes, which were essentially twice as effective as the Mark Capturing Rune, the interest in the Mark Capturing Rune would surely drop to zero!

Zhou Yuan merely laughed as he waved his sleeve. Several jade pieces flew towards the three pavilions and were caught by their members.

“These are freebies and everyone can feel free to test their effect. You’ll then know whether I am lying or not.”

His nonchalant attitude made the hearts of Lu Xiao and Han Yuan sink. Was Zhou Yuan really not bluffing?

The Fire Pavilion and Mountain Pavilion members were at a loss after receiving the jade pieces.

In contrast, the Forest Pavilion members happily grabbed the jade pieces, even Mu Liu and Mu Qingyan snatching one for themselves as they exchanged a look of excitement. They already understood how huge of a wave this would cause in the four pavilions.

So this was Zhou Yuan’s secret trump card!

It was fatally ruthless!

The entire place turned rather chaotic.

However, from Zhou Yuan’s attitude and Lu Xiao’s and Han Yuan’s expressions, the numerous newcomers were able to arrive at their own conclusions. After all, lying in such a situation could easily be reported to the superiors, and Zhou Yuan would surely suffer terrible consequences.

Hence, everything Zhou Yuan had said should be true.

With these four Mother Runes, the Wind Pavilion would have unlimited potential in the future.

In contrast, once the Fire Pavilion’s Mark Capturing Rune was suppressed, could they still afford to give such benefits?

Only now did they understand why Zhou Yuan had announced the strict assessments earlier.

The Wind Pavilion members that were previously discontent with Zhou Yuan’s actions were now panting heavily as their eyes burned with excitement and anticipation. What was a mere assessment under the temptation of 70 origin coins per month? They were willing to go for it even if they had to put their lives on the line!

Moreover, they agreed that ordinary people did not deserve to enjoy such treatment!

Zhou Yuan ignored Lu Xiao’s ashen expression as he continued, “Seventy percent of the sales from the four Mother Runes will go to the Wind Pavilion to pay for the benefits of its members. I’ll keep 20% for myself, while the remaining 10% shall be rewarded to the deputy pavilion masters, commanders and deputy commanders for their contributions.

“If anyone feels that they are capable enough to be a commander in my Wind Pavilion, or even a deputy pavilion master, we gladly welcome you.”

These words were clearly aimed at the thirty or so Divine Dwelling List rankers, and its effectiveness ended up surpassing his expectations. Zhou Yuan immediately saw ambition spark in their eyes.

Even Shang Xiaoling and the other three were clearly tempted.

Zhou Yuan nonchalantly clapped and said, “Let’s begin the selection, then. Any interested newcomers that meet our criteria can go ahead and sign up.”

The place fell silent for a moment.

However, it only lasted for an instant, and a split second later, everyone saw the girl called Shang Xiaoling decisively scramble towards the Wind Pavilion booth.

“I hope to join the Wind Pavilion!” her somewhat hoarse voice rang out without hesitation.

Shang Xiaoling’s actions were undoubtedly akin to lighting a fuse. The silence was instantly torn apart as several hundred figures frantically surged forward, flooding towards the Wind Pavilion’s stone stage.

“I also wish to join!”

“I want to enter the Wind Pavilion!”

“Pavilion master Zhou Yuan, please accept me!”


The atmosphere completely exploded.

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