Chapter 829 Flexible

Several days after the pavilion master conference.

The wind district.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit was seated behind the azure wind stratum. A black brush was flying in front of him in a very natural manner, ultimately drawing a mystical Genesis Rune.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power surged out, condensing into a warm stream of energy that flowed into the center of the Genesis Rune.


Scarlet-red light blossomed from the Genesis Rune.

Zhou Yuan retrieved a small piece of jade and imprinted the Genesis Rune on it. The scarlet rays slowly receded as a jade with a fiery-red Genesis Rune imprinted on it appeared.

Zhou Yuan reached out and grabbed it as a satisfied smile appeared at the corners of his lips.

“The Mother Fire Rune is a success.”

That was right. This was not the Mother Wind Rune but the Mother Fire Rune.

When activated in the fire district it would increase the rate of accumulating fire spirit rune Genesis marks.

Its effectiveness was on par with the Mother Wind Rune. The highest quality rune would increase one’s efficiency by fifty percent.

Another two jade pieces landed in his hand. One gave off a dark green glow, while the other shone with faint ash-yellow light.

The Mother Forest Rune and the Mother Mountain Rune.

Over the past few days, Zhou Yuan had not only manufactured a large number of Mother Wind Runes but also a batch of the other three Genesis Runes.

Even with such rapid production speed, no issues had cropped up. It was exactly as he had envisioned in the beginning: with the main bodies of the four ancient Genesis Runes, he could copy a tiny hint of their auras to use as the cores of these three Genesis Runes.

Zhou Yuan toyed with the jade pieces as he softly chuckled.

With these three Genesis Runes, there would no longer be any need for the Mark Capturing Rune in the future.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power flowed out, sweeping up all of the jade pieces as he swiftly descended.

A valley in the wind district.

A bundle of Spirit light descended from the sky into the body that was silently seated within the valley. Zhou Yuan’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened.

He stretched his back before stowing all the jade pieces. His figure then rose into the sky.


Wind Island, the pavilion master’s lodging.

When Zhou Yuan appeared in the building, Ye Bingling and Yi Quishui swiftly appeared in front of him.

“You’ve come out at last. Did you know that some rumors have begun spreading in the newcomer lodgings two days ago? These rumors are clearly aimed at belittling our Wind Pavilion. They’re saying that our Wind Pavilion is a garbage dump!

“Moreover, these rumors have also been spreading that the fire pavilion master, Lu Xiao, is going to become the chief pavilion master of the four pavilions in four months, becoming the leader of the four pavilions!

“I’m afraid that this new batch won’t have a good impression of our Wind Pavilion!”

Zhou Yuan’s footsteps paused as he frowned deeply. “The Fire Pavilion’s methods are so lowly.”

These rumors were clearly the handiwork of the Fire Pavilion.

Yi Quishui helplessly sighed. “Although such tactics are lowly, they are also very effective.”

A cold smile emerged from the corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips. It seemed Lu Xiao was truly as he had expected. Fine, since you guys want to play like this, don’t blame me for showing no mercy.

“How’s the quality of the new batch?” asked Zhou Yuan.

Ye Bingling sighed and answered, “Not bad. According to our investigations, there are more than thirty rankers on the Divine Dwelling List this year, though most of them barely made the cut.”

“Oh?” Zhou Yuan was rather surprised.

He knew that these individuals did not have powerful backgrounds and were mostly unaffiliated cultivators. They were from the various regions of Hunyuan Heaven and had likely come to the Tianyuan Region because of the Four Spirits Origin Tower.

Having such a remarkable achievement despite the conditions was more than enough proof of their talent. After joining the four pavilions, they would likely make rapid progress in their cultivation, and a few of them may even rank amongst the top hundred of the Divine Dwelling List in the future.

The top hundred of the Divine Dwelling List were basically equivalent to the likes of Ye Bingling.

“Although the newcomer ceremony is tomorrow, the other three pavilions have already secretly made contact with these thirty or so individuals in an attempt to recruit them. We likewise tried to do the same in the past few days you were not around, but we did not achieve much results. Most of them become rather hesitant upon hearing about our Wind Pavilion.”

Yi Qiushui somewhat angrily said, “It’s because of those rumors the Fire Pavilion has been spreading!”

Some anger was also visible on Ye Bingling’s face. She was evidently quite disgusted by such tactics.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained composed as he pondered for a while. He said, “No need to be too anxious. As individuals who managed to achieve such heights despite not belonging to any factions, they should be quite prudent. They will not carelessly make any decisions until the very last moment.

“Everything will be decided at the newcomers ceremony tomorrow.”

Yi Qiushui nodded. Soon after, she smiled bitterly and said, “But, but even if we wait till tomorrow, our Wind Pavilion is still far less attractive than the Fire Pavilion.”

When the four pavilions revealed themselves tomorrow, the newcomers would naturally realize that the Fire Pavilion was indeed the strongest of the four pavilions and had the best conditions.

Ye Bingling’s face also dimmed somewhat.

“That may not be so.” Zhou Yuan smiled mysteriously.

Yi Qiushui was still somewhat anxious as she worriedly said, “Zhou Yuan, if you think the Mother Wind Rune will be enough to fight against the Fire Pavilion, I’ll have to inform you that you’re wrong. The Mother Wind Rune can only be sold in the Wind Pavilion, while the Mark Capturing Rune is highly sought after even in the other three pavilions!

“Our Wind Pavilion will only suffer if you use the Mother Wind Rune to compete with them!”

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded. “The Mother Wind Rune alone is indeed insufficient.”

“Then…” Li Qiushui and Ye Bingling raised their brows. Since he knew the Mother Wind Rune was not enough, why was Zhou Yuan still being so insistent?

However, from his mysterious and confident expression, the two young ladies knew that he certainly had some kind of trump card. As such, their brows furrowed as they pressed him, “What other tricks do you have up your sleeve? Tell us!”

Zhou Yuan could only awkwardly laugh in response, not bothering to hide his preparations any further. It would all be revealed the next day, anyways. If he did not put them at ease, they would likely be unable to sleep that night.

Hence, he retrieved three jade pieces and offered them to the two young ladies.

“What are these?” The girls received the jade pieces in confusion.

“Mother Wind Rune? Doesn’t appear to be…”

Zhou Yuan softly chuckled. “These are the Mother Fire Rune, the Mother Forest Rune and the Mother Mountain Rune.”

They froze, holding the jade pieces in their hands, then jerked their heads upwards and stared at Zhou Yuan in disbelief.

They already understood everything from the names.

“These, these...have the same effect as the Mother Wind Rune?” Yi Qiushui’s voice faintly trembled.

“Exactly the same.” Zhou Yuan grinned as he nodded.

Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling were silent for a moment. In the next instant, killing intent suddenly blossomed in their eyes as they each threw a punch at Zhou Yuan’s face.

Zhou Yuan bafflingly took their punches as a stupefied expression appeared on his face. He did not understand why they reacted in such a manner after revealing such amazing treasure. Weren’t they supposed to jump into his arms in joy?

“Bastard, you dare to hide such a thing. How dare you make us worry so long for nothing!” Ye Bingling gnashed her teeth.

“Humph, do you feel very happy watching us stress like scattering ants?” The usually gentle-mannered Yi Qiushui also glared at him.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips twitched. Were all women so terrifying?

This was completely unreasonable!

He needed to teach them a lesson! They completely did not respect him as the pavilion master!

Zhou Yuan glared at the two girls.

Ye Bingling said, “Looks like we should let him handle the newcomer ceremony tomorrow alone.”

Yi Qiushui added, “He can also handle all the affairs of the Wind Pavilion by himself in the future.”

Zhou Yuan let out an awkward cough. He lowered his gaze as he gently said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have hidden this from you two.”

Forget it, men should be flexible. There was no need for him to kick up a fuss.

Nearby, Xiao Hong, Liu Zhixuan and the other watching Wind Pavilion commanders stealthily turned around and left.

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