Chapter 827 Pavilion Master Conference

The next day.

The giant central disk of the four spirits origin tower.

Zhou Yuan skimmed across the air with Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui and landed on the center of the disc where people were buzzing around. Then, led by Yi Qiushui, they headed towards a tall towering restaurant.

Many of the people they passed by were members of the wind pavilion, and they all bowed respectfully to Zhou Yuan.

The members of the other three pavilions all had strange expressions on their faces. After all, Zhou Yuan was now famous among the four pavilions.

Zhou Yuan and the others came to the towering restaurant amidst all the attention. The restaurant was empty that day, and there were many members of the Fire Pavilion standing in front of the entrance to maintain order.

“The Fire Pavilion reserved the whole place today,” Yi Qiushui whispered.

“Those with wealth do indeed speak louder than others.” Ye Bingling raised her brows. It most likely cost at least one thousand origin coins to reserve the restaurant.

“They really think they are the master,” Zhou Yuan remarked. The Fire Pavilion’s imposing manner was undoubtedly a signal, a signal that they were above the other three pavilions.

However, given the power that the Fire Pavilion had over the years, coupled with the fact that they held the Mark Capturer Rune, they indeed had this qualification.

“Hey, pavilion master Zhou Yuan is an understanding man.” A burst of laughter sounded behind Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan turned his head to see a slender and handsome man smiling at him. Behind the man was a beautiful girl and a tall, burly man.

The two smiled at each other. Although it was their first formal meeting, they could feel the hint of goodwill released by the other. This wasn’t surprising. After all, it was difficult for the Forest Pavilion to deal with the Fire and Mountain Pavilions alone. Since a pavilion master had finally appeared in the Wind Pavilion, Zhou Yuan naturally could help ease some of their pressure.

“The pavilion master conference today most likely won’t be too friendly to pavilion master Zhou Yuan,” Mu Liu reminded.

Zhou Yuan calmly nodded. “The Wind Pavilion doesn’t want anything extra, but what belongs to the Wind Pavilion must be returned.”

“Then I hope pavilion master Zhou Yuan succeeds.” Mu Liu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he nodded gently and introduced Mu Qingyan and Jiang Man.

Zhou Yuan also nodded with a smile and became acquainted with them. The two groups entered the restaurant together, and under the direction of a member of the Fire Pavilion, they arrived at the top floor lobby where Lu Xiao and Han Yuan were already seated.

Next to Lu Xiao was Zhu Liang, the number two person of the Fire Pavilion. He was staring at Zhou Yuan with a scrutinising gaze.

Seated to Zhu Lian’s right was a pale and feminine man. His eyes were narrowed, and there was a sinister chill in his eyes. The Genesis Qi pulsing around his body was unexpectedly more powerful than Zhu Lian’s.

He never raised his head to look at Zhou Yuan and the others once; he kept his head low and casually played with a silver iron ball in his palm.

Zhou Yuan glanced at the man, who should be the number three person of the Fire Pavilion, Fang Ao.

Although Fang Ao was the number three person of the Fire Pavilion, in terms of strength, he was far superior to Zhu Lian. Zhu Lian only obtained the number two position because of the existence of the Mark Capturing Rune.

Fang Ao was known to have a fierce personality and use ruthless methods. He had a very well-known reputation in the four pavilions, and even Wang Chen, who Zhou Yuan had met before, acted submissive in front of Fang Ao and dared not create any trouble.

Lu Xiao, who was sitting on the main seat, smiled faintly when he saw Zhou Yuan and Mu Liu. “We’ve been waiting for you two.”

Zhou Yuan, Mu Liu and others each took their seats.

Lu Xiao clapped his hands, and someone slowly closed the door. Suddenly the light in the hall dimmed a little, and the atmosphere turned solemn.

“Everyone must know what this four-pavilion conference is for, because in seven days is the newcomer ceremony.”

Lu Xiao had an extraordinary manner as he scanned the audience and smiled. “In previous years, because the Wind Pavilion didn’t have a pavilion master, the Wind Pavilion’s share was temporarily taken by the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion, but this has changed, and we have decided to increase the Wind Pavilion’s share to 10%.”

Zhou Yuan interrupted, “Pavilion master Lu, if I remember correctly, the share of newcomers in the newcomer ceremony should be 25% for each of the four pavilions.”

“Pavilion master Zhou Yuan, don’t be impatient. After all, you have just become a pavilion master, and there are a lot of things you don’t understand. I am worried that if the Wind Pavilion were to take on so many new people all of a sudden, it would cause chaos for the Wind Pavilion. I suggest you take it step by step. Why don’t you wait until next year’s newcomer ceremony? The wind pavilion can have its 25% then,” Lu Xiao said indifferently.

“We understand pavilion master Lu’s kind intention, but we want 25%,” Zhou Yuan said with a smile.

Lu Xiao frowned. “Pavilion master Zhou Yuan, I have made a decision on this matter, you should give face to me.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyelids drooped. “Pavilion master Lu, this isn’t a problem with face, but the 25% is a rule set when the four pavilions were established. You already took our share when the Wind Pavilion didn’t have a pavilion master for the past few years. I don’t plan to pursue this, but in the future I think it should be 25%.

“If pavilion master Lu disagrees, you can report the matter to the five grand elders for them to decide.”

His voice was calm but unyielding. He knew that he shouldn’t retreat; otherwise the Fire Pavilion would try to demand more in the future.

The atmosphere in the hall suddenly turned tense.

Lu Xiao’s expression was indifferent, but in the depths of his eyes, a cold light emerged.

The Fire Pavilion’s deputy pavilion master Fang Ao finally lifted his long and narrow eyes, staring at Zhou Yuan coldly, “The new master of the Wind Pavilion really has a temper.

“But what qualifications do you have to negotiate terms with the Fire Pavilion?!” he thundered; his eyes were violent, and the silver iron ball in his hand suddenly transformed into a silver shadow and shot out, aiming directly for Zhou Yuan.

The silver shadow was wrapped in powerful Genesis Qi that made even the air tremble slightly.


Seeing this, Ye Bingling suddenly roared angrily and stepped forward, stretching out her beautiful hand. Snowy white Genesis Qi gathered in her palm, turned into an icy claw and clutched the silver shadow.


The two collided, their clash suddenly sputtering countless ice fragments.

Ye Bingling’s pretty face also changed slightly during the moment of contact. The tremendous force had unexpectedly torn the Genesis Qi in her palm, and the sharp qi around the silver ball directly pierced her palm multiple times. There were mainly specks of blood in her palm.

Ye Bingling was blasted back one step.

The silver shadow light ball took advantage of the opportunity to attack Zhou Yuan.

As before, there wasn’t a ripple of emotion on Zhou Yuan’s face, and when the silver ball appeared in front of him, he swiftly stretched out his hand. Azure scales surfaced around his palm, and the skin underneath glowed with a jade-colored light.


Zhou Yuan grabbed the silver ball and squeezed tight.


The silver ball slowly shattered in his hand.

Silver iron fragments fluttered in front of him as he looked up at Fang Ao. His calm and unrelenting voice sounded.

“This is a pavilion master conference. Are you, a deputy pavilion master, qualified to speak?”

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