Chapter 826 The Richest


On the roof of the pavilion master building, Zhou Yuan looked at Ye Bingling with a ruminative expression and asked, “The Fire Pavilion’s salary is much better?”

“The ordinary members of our Wind Pavilion receive twenty origin coins a month, but do you know how much the Fire Pavilion gives? Forty!

“There they receive twenty more every month, and two hundred in a year. That’s not a small number.

“The reason those heaven prides come to the four pavilions is for the four ancient Genesis runes of the Four Spirits Origin Tower, and the number of origin coins they have will determine their final achievements. So it’s useless to talk to them with words; it is most direct to use origin coins!

“But the Fire Pavilion can be so generous because they have the earnings from the Mark Capturing Rune. Only those huge profits can support the Fire Pavilion’s huge expenditure!

“But given our Wind Pavilion’s foundation, if we do the same we will collapse in a few days,” Ye Bingling said in a solemn voice.

At the end of the day, poverty affects ambition.

Yi Qiushui also nodded. “Every year, some resources are allocated to the four pavilions, but they are fixed. So if you want more, each pavilion has to figure out a solution themselves.

“And the Fire Pavilion’s way is the Mark Capturing Rune.”

Zhou Yuan tapped the railings gently with his fingers and said, “The income made from selling Mark Capturing Runes is all provided to the Fire Pavilion?”

Ye Bingling shook her head, “Sixty percent of the earnings from the Mark Capturing Rune is provided to the Fire Pavilion, and of the remaining 40%, Lu Xiao and Zhu Lian each have 20%.”

Zhou Yuan estimated that 20% was a very large number and completely sufficient for the cultivation training of someone of Lu Xiao’s level. Since the Mark Capturing Runes could be sold to all four pavilions, its earnings were naturally higher than the Mother Wind Runes.

According to his calculations, 10% each year was still no less than tens of thousands of origin coins, and 20% was hundreds of thousands or more.

Since 60% was given to the Fire Pavilion, it was no wonder that the Fire Pavilion was so rich and arrogant.

“I didn’t expect Lu Xiao and the others to be so selfless,” Zhao Yuan said mockingly.

“I heard from Grandpa that someone of the Heavenly Spirit Sect helped them create the Mark Capturing Rune, so Lu Xiao and Zhu Lian don’t dare to take all the credit,” Yi Qiushui whispered.

Zhou Yuan nodded and said after pondering, “From today on, I will only take 20% from the sales of the Mother Wind Rune, and 70% will be directly provided to the Wind Pavilion. The remaining 10% will be allocated to the deputy pavilion master, pavilion commanders and deputy pavilion commanders according to ranking.”

Everybody responded with stunned disbelief.

Yi Qiushui hurriedly persuaded, “Zhou Yuan, you don’t have to do this. You are the one who created the Mother Wind Rune, and you should take credit for it.”

The reason that Lu Xiao and Zhu Lian had split the profits was because the Heavenly Spirit Sect had tasked them with strengthening the Fire Pavilion. Zhou Yuan didn’t have such worries, so there was no need for him to do so.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “What use is there for me to hold so many origin coins? Those things are nothing when I leave the four pavilions.”

Yi Qiushui shook her head and said in a serious tone, “That’s not true. When you leave the four pavilions, you can exchange the origin coins for many good things.”

“Can they be exchanged for a little saint art?” Zhou Yuan said casually.

But he didn’t expect Yi Qiushui to nod. “You can exchange for one with 800,000 origin coins.”

Zhou Yuan was immediately frozen in disbelief. “Can I really exchange for one? With 800,000 origin coins?”

Eight hundred thousand seemed to be a terrifying number, but from the sales of the Mother Wind Runes, the amount accumulated in three years’ time wasn’t small at all. After all, from selling Mother Wind Runes, Zhou Yuan almost earned one thousand origin coins every day.

Ye Bingling couldn’t help laughing, “Is your heart aching now?”

Zhou Yuan was somewhat annoyed, but he immediately sighed, “Forget it, I’m not a stingy person. Do I really plan to save up for three years to exchange for a little saint art? Instead, isn’t it better to win the chief pavilion master position?

“Just follow what I said earlier.”

In truth, Zhou Yuan already had this plan in mind when he won the position of pavilion master. After all, if he were to take all the earnings made from the sales of the Mother Wind Runes, the others couldn’t blame him or say anything, but it would become an obstacle to him winning the hearts of the people of the Wind Pavilion.

And in Zhou Yuan’s view, it was enough to have sufficient origin coins for cultivation. If he could use the excess to completely control the Wind Pavilion’s heart, it would still be worthwhile.

Seeing that Zhou Yuan finally made a decision, even Ye Bingling looked at Zhou Yuan in a daze this time.

That’s up to one million origin coins!

He was just giving it away like that? 

Seeing this kind of boldness, even Ye Bingling, who had always been cold and arrogant, couldn’t help but admire him a little.

As for Xiao Hong and the other pavilion commanders with him, they were already flushing with excitement and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Our pavilion master is so generous!”

They were well aware of how much benefit Zhou Yuan had given them. At this very moment, they really had deep respect for Zhou Yuan. After all, not everybody would be willing to share these benefits to the people below them.

“If you make this decision, the Wind Pavilion will most likely erupt in excitement,” Yi Qiushui said.

This was equal to everyone of the Wind Pavilion accepting Zhou Yuan’s kindness. If anyone wanted to touch Zhou Yuan’s pavilion master position, even the people who had remained neutral before would jump out to defend him. Zhou Yuan’s move to win everyone’s heart was simply perfect.

Ye Bingling gave a wry smile. “From the current situation, you becoming the master of the Wind Pavilion is the fortune of our pavilion.”

If it were her, she wouldn’t have had such boldness, and of course, she didn’t have this kind of capital.

Zhou Yuan grinned. The fact that he was a disciple of his master Cang Yuan, in a sense, meant that he was a higher-up of the Tianyuan Region. After all, according to his master’s rules, his official disciples were eligible to become grand elders in charge.

This meant his status should be equal to sect master Xuan Kun’s!

Part of the Tianyuan Region is mine! How could I be reluctant to give away origin coins?

Zhou Yuan comforted himself. Then with the wave of his hand, he said, “In addition, I will announce the new salary for Wind Pavilion at the newcomer ceremony. From now on, the Wind Pavilion will no longer be a garbage shelter. I want those heaven prides to push others aside to join my Wind Pavilion.

“But there is a price. In the future, the Wind Pavilion will establish a strict assessment, and anybody unsuccessful in the annual assessment will be eliminated.

“I don’t want to use the origin coins to raise some useless bugs. If they don’t have the ability, they should leave as soon as possible and not waste resources.”

Yi Qiushui was a little surprised to hear Zhou Yuan’s grand ambition. She hurriedly reminded, “Don’t mess around. Although the income from the Mother Wind Runes is good, it’s only limited to the Wind Pavilion, so our financial ability still can’t be compared to the Fire Pavilion’s.”

The fire pavilion could raise its salary because they had the support of the Mark Capturing Rune, which was applicable to the four pavilions. Although its effect in the Wind Pavilion wasn’t as good as the Mother Wind Rune, it was still irreplaceable for the other three pavilions.

She was worried that Zhou Yuan was forcibly holding on to protect his face and would inevitably be consumed by the Fire Pavilion in the end. If they came to that point, everything would be ruined.

As for the strict assessment, she was very supportive of it since it would bring healthy competition to the Wind Pavilion.

Zhou Yuan nodded, a mysterious smile curving the corners of his mouth.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan.

“In the future, our Wind Pavilion will be the richest of the four pavilions!”

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