Chapter 825 Newcomer Ceremony

The Wind Pavilion was undoubtedly shrouded in a festive atmosphere the past few days. After all, the position of wind pavilion master had been left vacant for years, resulting in the Wind Pavilion becoming like a tray of loose sand. Without the commandership of a pavilion master, the Wind Pavilion ranked last in status among all four pavilions.

The other three pavilions, especially the Fire Pavilion and Mountain Pavilion, were constantly stealing young talents from the Wind Pavilion, which was the main reason why the Wind Pavilion was growing weaker over the years.

And now, there was finally a new pavilion master, and his strength was quite extraordinary. This was obviously a great thing for the Wind Pavilion.

As for the groups that had originally supported Chen Beifeng, they began to quickly break up, including pavilion commander Jin Teng, who previously followed Chen Beifeng’s command. At this moment they were in a very awkward situation, so they wisely stayed quiet and didn’t dare to create trouble.

They all understand that from then on, the Wind Pavilion would belong to Zhou Yuan. And even if Chen Beifeng recovered from his severe injuries, he would most likely also be suppressed. Perhaps he couldn’t even protect his position of deputy pavilion master. If Chen Beifeng was in such a situation, what about them?

Jin Teng and the rest prayed that Zhou Yuan would forget about them, so how could they dare to create trouble?

The center of Wind Island, Mirror Lake.

On the small island in the middle of Mirror Lake, there were two tall towers, one of which was a general affairs building for members of the Wind Pavilion to take up tasks and receive their salary. The other was the pavilion master tower, but this building had been vacant for several years, and was only now opened again after Zhou Yuan was promoted to pavilion master.

The pavilion master tower had been carefully cleaned during these two days, and Zhou Yuan had moved in from his small building.

In the courtyard on the roof of the building, Zhou Yuan stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He surveyed the area. Around the clear and glistening lake were a number of training grounds. At this moment, there were many Wind Pavilion members doing their daily routines, practicing and learning from each other.

After a moment, he retracted his gaze and glanced at the outside of the pavilion master building, where there was someone lingering around.

“That man is called Li Jian, right? Is he looking for you?” Zhou Yuan turned his head and glanced at Ye Bingling who was next to him.

“You don’t need to care about an ungrateful wolf like him. He now wants to turn his back on Chen Beifeng and come back.” Ye Bingling sneered coldly.

When Chen Beifeng had tried to attack them using the Mark Capturer Rune, Li Jian was the first to join his side. If other people had done this, Ye Bingling would have understood; but she was the one who had helped Li Jian get promoted to pavilion commander, and he had still betrayed her in the end, which undoubtedly angered her. 

Seeing this, Zhou Yuan casually said to Yi Qiushui next to him, “Then find a chance to remove him from the pavilion commander position.”

In the Wind Pavilion, his words decided everything. Even if he wanted to deal with a pavilion commander, he didn’t need anyone’s consent.

Yi Qiushui nodded. Zhou Yuan seemed to be the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion, but in truth she was the one who dealt with the numerous affairs. She originally thought that she had gone beyond her authority, so she tried to report everything to Zhou Yuan to let him make a decision.

But Zhou Yuan only tried for half a day and then refused again and again because he found that, compared to these trivial matters, he would rather go find someone to fight.

Back when he was a deputy pavilion master, he didn’t have so many things to pay attention to, but now he realised that controlling a pavilion didn’t seem to be as pleasant as he had expected.

After seeing Zhou Yuan’s resistance to these matters, Yi Qiushui had no choice but to let him become an off-hand manager.

When Xiao Hong, Lu Mingyue and the other pavilion commanders saw Zhou Yuan remove a pavilion commander at will, they couldn’t help but let emotions of reverence rise in their hearts.

“Qiushui, you really are a treasure,” Zhou Yuan couldn’t help but compliment Yi Qiushui for taking care of the many matters of the Wind Pavilion in an orderly manner. Without Yi Qiushui, it was unknown what a sorry state he would end up in.

Yi Qiushui darted an angry look at him. But although the affairs of the Wind Pavilion were a bit cumbersome, it wasn’t a big deal to her. She had secretly controlled Xiaoxuan Prefecture before, so she could easily handle these affairs.

“I can help you with these little things, but for the four pavilions conference tomorrow, you have to attend it yourself,” she said.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly when the four pavilion conference was mentioned. “I feel that it’s not anything good. “Do you know what the four pavilion conference is for?”

Ye Bingling pondered for a moment and said, “I think it has something to do with the next newcomer ceremony.”

“Newcomer ceremony?” Zhou Yuan blinked.

Seeing Zhou Yuan’s puzzled look, Yi Qiushui couldn’t help but clutch her head and grit her teeth. “Didn’t I collect all the information yesterday and put it on your desk? Didn’t you read it?”

Zhou Yuan awkwardly chuckled and yawned towards the sky.

Yi Qiushui didn’t have the energy to criticise the irresponsibility of the pavilion master anymore. She explained, “Every year, new heaven prides from various areas will come to Tianyuan Utopia. They will come to the four pavilions after being reviewed. This is the newcomer ceremony.

“The newcomer ceremony is extremely important to the four pavilions, because it represents fresh blood, and there are also some good seedlings among them. If you can take them in, they will greatly enhance the strength of the Wind Pavilion.

“So the four pavilions will always compete for a share at every newcomer ceremony.

“But not the wind pavilion.”

“What do you mean?”

“Previously, according to the rules, each of the four pavilions had a share of 25%, which couldn’t be exceeded. However, since the Wind Pavilion didn’t have a pavilion master, it naturally wasn’t eligible to participate in the pavilion master conference. In the end, Lu Xiao and Han Yuan swallowed the Wind Pavilion’s share of newcomers,” Ye Qiushui explained.

Zhou Yuan frowned. “How much have they swallowed?”

“Almost all,” Ye Bingling answered, her face a little troubled. “In the annual newcomer ceremony, the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion were always the fastest to grab people. In the end, some unattractive talents were thrown to the Wind Pavilion’s side. So in the past two years, our foundation has gotten worse and worse.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched. Lu Xiao and Han Yuan’s manners were too ugly.

Zhou Yuan thought for a moment and then said calmly, “I can’t manage how they were in the past, but now that I am the pavilion master, they have to return everything that belongs to us.

“I don’t take advantage of anyone, so no one can take advantage of me.”

He had now become the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master, so this was his territory. Even if they were only Divine Dwelling stage experts, in the future, someone amongst them might occupy a high position in the Tianyun Region. He naturally had to defend his share.

Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling exchanged a glance. If this was the case, the pavilion master conference the next day would be a huge event.

“There’s one more problem.”

Yi Qiushui bit her red lips lightly and said, “Even if we get back our share, I’m worried that there is still no way to win against the Fire Pavilion and Mountain Pavilion in the newcomer ceremony. Nine out of ten of the outstanding talents will choose them. As a result, we can only get the newcomers they don’t want.”

“Why?” Zhou Yuan asked.

Ye Bingling sighed helplessly and said in a heavy voice: “Because of salary.”

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