Chapter 824 Chief Pavilion Master Selection

When Chi Jing’s voice faded, it was as though cold water had fallen into a pot of hot oil. It caused huge waves.

All members of the four pavilions were shocked. Even Lu Xiao and Han Yuan were taken aback for a moment before a look of wild joy lit up their faces.

“Is it finally time to start the chief pavilion master battle?!”

Lu Xiao could feel a river overturning in his heart. He had coveted the position of chief pavilion master for a long time, but Chi Jing had always postponed the chief pavilion master battle on the grounds that the Wind Pavilion had no pavilion master. But who would have thought that Chi Jing would unexpectedly announce the opening of the chief pavilion master battle! 

Compared with the position of chief pavilion master, the position of wind pavilion master was considered nothing.

After becoming the chief pavilion master, he could officially control the four pavilions, rather than be in charge of only one pavilion as he did now. Moreover, the status and salary that the chief pavilion master had in the Tianyuan Region weren’t something that a pavilion master could compare to.

Lu Xiao stared at the two figures standing above everyone with blazing eyes. In his view, the reason Chi Jing agreed was because the sect master Xuan Kun had pressured her.

After all, in the past, Chi Jing had stopped the chief pavilion master battle from going ahead with the reason that the Wind Pavilion didn’t have a pavilion master. But that reason wasn’t valid anymore.

“This time Lady Chi Jing  can be said to have picked up a sesame seed but lost a watermelon.” Lu Xiao sneered. He was a little upset by Chen Beifeng’s failure, but now he was very impressed by sect master Xuan Kun’s great skill.

“And this time, the chief pavilion master will be rewarded with a little saint art!”

Lu Xiao’s eyes blazed. Although a little saint art had the word little, it still reached the scope of Saint Genesis Art. Moreover, this type of Genesis technique was incredibly rare, even in the entire Hunyuan Heaven.

Therefore, let alone people of the Divine Dwelling stage, even Heavenly Sun stage experts would find it difficult to contain their desire and longing in the face of a little saint art.

On the Forest Pavilion’s side, Mu Liu’s expression grew solemn, and he sighed, “The four pavilions won’t be peaceful anymore for a period of time.”

Anybody would covet the position of chief pavilion master as well as a little saint technique.

Compared with such a battle, Zhou Yuan’s achievement of becoming the master of the Wind Pavilion dimmed in an instant.

On the Wind Pavilion’s side, Ye Bingling, Ye Qiushui and the others were similarly stunned, and they were so shocked by the news that they still hadn’t snapped out of it after a good while.

“I didn’t expect the battle for the position of chief pavilion master would finally start after having been untouched for years.”

Ye Bingling gradually awakened and then looked at Zhou Yuan with a complicated look in her beautiful eyes. “You jinxed it.”

Zhou Yuan laughed: “Isn’t that a good thing?”

“How could it be good?” Ye Bingling furrowed her eyebrows and explained, “In the past, Lady Chi Jing has always prevented the chief pavilion master battle because she knew that the position would fall into the hands of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. But now she has suddenly agreed. This is most likely because sect master Xuan Kun’s pressured her to do so.”

Her brows furrowed in worry. If Lu Xiao really became the chief pavilion master, then, even if Zhou Yuan had become the master of Wind Pavilion, they would still ultimately be suppressed by Lu Xiao, which wouldn’t be good for them.

Zhou Yuan smiled. He didn’t think that Chi Jing agreeing to the chief pavilion master battle was a compromise with sect master Xuan Kun, because she also knew that his goal wasn’t to become the wind pavilion master. The chief pavilion master position was his ultimate goal.

Perhaps that sect master Xuan Kun had intended to force her to agree, but his senior sister Chi Jing might have had other thoughts, and her thought might have been that he was equally capable of competing for the position of chief pavilion master.

“My senior sister Chi Jing must think highly of me.”

With Chi Jing’s trust and attention, the pressure that Zhou Yuan felt wasn’t small. It seemed that he shouldn’t feel proud of his victory over Chen Beifeng this time. After all, as Ye Bingling had said, there was a huge gap between Chen Beifeng and Lu Xiao and Han Yuan.

At least Zhou Yuan understood that if he were to face Lu Xiao now, his probability of losing was greater than winning. It wasn’t embarrassing to admit this now because Zhou Yuan’s potential in the Divine Dwelling stage was far greater than Lu Xiao’s.

He had only polished and connected five of the nine Divine Dwellings. If he were to connect the four remaining Divine Dwellings, his Genesis qi foundation would inevitably reach an astonishing level that Lu Xiao couldn’t reach.

Of course, potential couldn’t be turned into strength to fill the gap between them. Therefore, for the next four months, he couldn’t relax at all. Otherwise if he were to fail, he would greatly disappoint his senior sister Chi Jing.

Moreover, Zhou Yuan also had great interest in the little saint art.

He possessed a variety of high-grade Heaven Genesis techniques, but had never touched any Saint Genesis technique before. But he knew that any Saint Genesis technique possessed unimaginable powers and, once mastered, would significantly improve his strength. 

He possessed the Seven Cangxuan arts, and if he cultivated the seven arts to great success, he could merge them and turn them into Saint Genesis techniques, but the difficulty of this was too great. Currently, there were only two techniques that Zhou Yuan could be said to have mastered, and they were the Mythic Saint Body and Omega Saint Spirit Art. 

He hadn’t quite mastered the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb, let alone the other high-grade Heaven Genesis techniques that he hadn’t had time to practice. 

One day, when he merged the seven arts, it should be a true Saint Genesis art, which would be far superior to a little Saint Genesis technique.

At the highest point, Chi Jing’s burgundy hair flowed lightly in the wind, and her gaze flickered toward Zhou Yuan. The two gazes met, and they both smiled as though they understood each other’s mind.

Chi Jing ran her eyes across the entire audience, and her voice rang out: “Everyone, practice hard for the chief pavilion master battle in four months. “Compared to today, it will be a major event for my Tianyuan Region.”

“We will follow Lady Chi Jing’s words.”

Countless people bowed respectfully.

Chi Jing nodded. She knew it wasn’t good to show Zhou Yuan too much attention in public. After all, given her identity, even if Zhou Yuan had become the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master, the gap in status between them was still huge. So, with the wave of his hand, her slender body blurred and quickly vanished.

When Chi Jing left, the figure of sect master Xuan Kun also faded away, but before he disappeared, he seemed to cast a glance in Zhou Yuan’s direction.

Following the departure of the two grand elders, the pressure that shrouded the world also dissipated, and countless people secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Yi Qiushui looked at Zhou Yuan and teased, “Pavilion master Zhou Yuan, you have won today. Do you plan on treating your brothers to a feast?”

Zhou Yuan glanced at the surrounding members of the Wind Pavilion who were looking at him eagerly. He knew that Yi Qiushui was suggesting that this was the best time to win people’s hearts, so he didn’t refuse and nodded with a smile.  “Tonight at Wind Restaurant, we won’t return without getting drunk.”

Upon hearing his words, the members of the Wind Pavilion cheered, and the atmosphere turned warm and joyous.

But that was when a figure came over. It was one of the deputy pavilion masters of the Fire Pavilion, Wang Chen.

Ye Bingling frowned and said, “Is there something wrong, deputy pavilion master Wang Chen?”

Wang Chen remained expressionless, then gave a cupped first salute to Zhou Yuan and smiled insincerely. “Congratulations to pavilion master Zhou Yuan.”

It was clear that he was extremely unhappy. After all, he had previously looked at Zhou Yuan condescendingly, but now, Zhou Yuan’s status was much higher than his own.

“I came here to inform pavilion master Zhou Yuan that since the Wind Pavilion now has a pavilion master, I hope that you won’t be absent from the four pavilion conference in three days. After all, the pavilion master conference has always been hosted by our pavilion master, Lu Xiao,” Wang Chen said indifferently.

There was a hint of arrogance in his tone of voice, and in Wang Chen’s view, there was still a huge gap in strength between Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao.

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. “Four pavilions masters conference? As far as I know, this should be presided over by the chief pavilion master?”

Lu Xiao really wasn’t polite. He was clearly just the pavilion master of the Fire Pavilion but had stretched his hand so far.

The corners of Wang Chen’s mouth slightly tugged upward in a sneer. “Is there a difference? It’s going to happen sooner or later.

“I have delivered the message, so farewell.”

When his voice faded, he turned and left.

“The Fire Pavilion is too arrogant.”

“They consider everyone else beneath them!”

Many other members of the Wind Pavilion were all a little unhappy when they saw Wang Chen being rude to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan calmly waved his hand. “Don’t let a fly ruin the good mood. Let’s go celebrate.”

When the crowd cheered again, he narrowed his eyes in the direction Wang Chen left.

The pavilion master conference most likely wasn’t anything good, but of course he wouldn’t be absent. When they do see each other at the conference, he would likely clash with Lu Xiao.

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