Chapter 823 Pavilion Master of Wind Pavilion

“Congratulations, pavilion master!”

When Chi Jing’s clear voice resounded, the countless figures around the lake cupped their fists in salute and bowed respectfully. There were also deafening voices of congratulations.

Many eyes were gathered on Zhou Yuan, curiously studying the new talent of the Tianyuan region who amazed the world with his feat.

Within the Tianyuan Region, the position of the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master wasn’t low and was higher than the prefecture lords’. If one was promoted to pavilion master, one’s status and identity would be equal to an elder of the elder committee.

This situation was quite rare in the Tianyuan Region because the elders of the elder committee were almost all experts of the Nascent Source stage. If it was elsewhere, they would have become an influential leader of an area. Therefore, the pavilion masters of the four pavilions possessed a special status. They could only be chosen from an institution like the four pavilions that gathered the young heaven prides from all around the world.

Zhou Yuan stood in the void without a ripple of emotion on his face and just bowed with a cupped fist salute in each direction.

Then, he landed on the Wind Pavilion’s side.

There, Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui, Liu Zhixuan and many members of the Wind Pavilion quickly greeted him.

“Welcome, pavilion master!”

Everybody bowed one after another with respectful looks on their faces, and even the neutral members immediately showed their loyalty.

Evidently, they were all very clear about the Wind Pavilion’s future, and Chen Beifeng had become the past.

“I didn’t think you’d become my superior.” Ye Bingling revealed a faint smile on her icy cold and beautiful face.

Two months prior, when Zhou Yuan had just come to the Wind Pavilion, Ye Bingling wouldn’t have ever thought of this scene. At that time, she thought it would be very difficult for someone like Zhou Yuan, who had suddenly appeared, to gain a foothold in the Wind Pavilion. Who would have thought that he would not only establish himself, but also win the position of pavilion master!

Zhou Yuan felt a little embarrassed. After all, he could be said to have blocked Ye Bingling’s path and snatched her place.

Although he had achieved this with his own ability, their relationship was pretty good, so it would inevitably become a little awkward.

“Don’t worry, when I become the chief pavilion master, I will give you the position of pavilion master,” Zhou Yuan said.

Ye Bingling rolled her eyes. 

This guy is too ambitious. He has just become the pavilion master and is already coveting the position of chief pavilion master? You really think Lu Xiao, Han Yuan and Mu Liu, the other three pavilion masters, are made of mud?

In front of these three people, Chen Beifeng didn’t even have the qualifications to be arrogant.

On the Fire Pavilion’s side, Lu Xiao remained silent as he gazed at the collapsed platform in the middle of the lake, but anyone could see that his face was growing dark.

His plan had been ruined.

Chen Beifeng’s defeat had not only made his scheme fail, it also cut off their Heavenly Spirit Sect’s best chance of getting their hands on the Wind Pavilion.


However, despite the fury in his heart, Lu Xiao still didn’t lose his temper. He drew a deep breath to suppress his anger and uttered, “Interesting, I didn’t expect to overlook something.”     

Han Yuan also knitted his brows in a frown. “Since a pavilion master has appeared in the Wind Pavilion, it will undoubtedly have an impact on the structure of the four pavilions.”

Previously, the Fire Pavilion had joined forces with the Mountain Pavilion, and the Forest Pavilion was weak by itself. As for the Wind Pavilion, it was like a tray of loose sand, unable to unite. This led to the Fire  and Mountain Pavilions dominating the four pavilions and taking the greatest benefits and speaking rights. 

But now there was a new pavilion master in the Wind Pavilion. Once Zhou Yuan united the Wind Pavilion, the weight that the Wind Pavilion had on other pavilions would also increase as a result.

And that could hurt the benefits of the other pavilions.

“The Wind Pavilion has been in disorder for too long and the talented people have all joined our side. It would be difficult for them to recover, even with Zhou Yuan. There is nothing to fear,” Lu Xiao said indifferently. “And one pavilion master is probably not enough to shake the current structure of the four pavilions.”

Although Zhou Yuan’s victory against Chen Beifeng was wonderful, for Lu Xiao and other people, it was just a good show.

After witnessing Zhou Yuan’s strength, Lu Xiao would pay more attention to Zhou Yuan, but it wasn’t enough to make him fear Zhou Yuan.

Han Yuan nodded and laughed, “Then I hope this new pavilion master knows what to do.”

While clamour rang out all around the lake, in the highest place of the audience, sect master Xuan Kun’s eyes flashed. He stood up slowly and said, “Grand elder Chi Jing, since the Wind Pavilion has a new pavilion master, then the chief pavilion master battle should also be put on the agenda.”

“In the past, you have always put off the chief pavilion master battle on the grounds that there wasn’t a pavilion master in the Wind Pavilion, but now you can’t continue to do so, right? If so, the other three grand elders would most likely disgree.”

Sect master Xuan Kun remained calm and didn’t appear disappointed by the defeat of the Heavenly Spirit Sect; instead, in the blink of an eye, he set his sights higher.    

As long as the position of chief pavilion master was controlled by the Heavenly Spirit Sect, they could still take control of the four pavilions in the future.

Chi Jing cast a sidelong glance at sect master Xuan Kun. She naturally saw through his plan. But this time she didn’t disagree and instead nodded gently. “Then let’s set it for eight months from now.”

Sect master Xuan Kun coveted the position of chief pavilion master, and she was the same.

She had objected in the past because she knew that the position would certainly fall into the hands of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, but now it wasn’t the same. Zhou Yuan’s appearance gave Chi Jing hope.

Although there might be a difference in strength between Zhou Yuan and the other pavilion masters. She believed that if she were to give her little junior brother some time, it would be hard to say who is the stronger and weaker one. No matter what, he was a disciple chosen by her master.

Seeing Chi Jing agree so easily, even someone like sect master Xuan Kun was taken aback for a moment. He immediately cast his abyss-like eyes onto Zhou Yuan’s figure in the distance. 

Could it be that she was counting on the new pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion?

However, although Zhou Yuan was quite capable, how could he be compared to Lu Xiao and Han Yuan?

Suspicious thoughts came to sect master Xuan Kun’s mind. He then said in an indifferent voice, “Eight months is probably too long. I heard that the other regions are already making preparations for the nine regions tournament. No one is sure when the tournament will be scheduled, so it’s best to complete the chief pavilion master battle within two months so that the newly appointed chief pavilion master will have time to unify the four pavilions.”

Although he didn’t know exactly what Chi Jing was planning, the cunning old fox Xuan Kun still didn’t intend to let her do as she wished.

Chi Jing shook her head. “Two months is too soon, then four months it is.”

She stared at sect master Xuan Kun and said with a smile, “Sect master Xuan Kun is too impatient.”

Sect Master Xuan Kun chuckled, “I’m not impatient, I am just worried it will be too late. I don’t want our Tianyuan Region to be ranked last in the nine regions tournament because of this. This would no doubt make our supreme sovereign lose face.

“But since grand elder Chi Jing has said so, let’s set it for four months from now.”

He finally took a slight step back. He had managed to cut the original suggested time by a half, which could already be counted as a small victory.

Finally, Chi Jing stepped forward and scanned the crowd. Her clear voice again rang in everyone’s ears.

“The pavilion master for the Wind Pavilion has been decided, but the position of chief pavilion master of the four pavilions has been vacant for too long. So after a discussion with the other grand elders, four months later we will open the chief pavilion master battle in response to the coming nine regions tournament. 

“And in this battle for the chief pavilion master position, the winner will be rewarded with a little saint technique.”

These words seemed simple, but when it spread out, the originally clamourous crowd fell silent. After a few breaths, a monstrous uproar broke out as if the world was about to be overturned.

The uproar was far greater than when Zhou Yuan won the position of pavilion master.

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