Chapter 822 That Sword Again

Zhou Yuan’s cold voice reverberated and fell in the ears of many people of the Wind Pavilion. This sentence sounded familiar. Thinking carefully, they realized that when Zhou Yuan had first come to the Wind Pavilion two months ago, he had said the same thing when faced with Jin Teng’s provocation.

At that time the Zhou Yuan’s sword defeated Jin Teng and established Zhou Yuan as a deputy pavilion master. And today, would the sword be as powerful as it was that day?! Could it help him obtain the position of pavilion master this time?!


The monstrous sword light was wrapped in terrifying power. As it slashed down, the entire sky seemed to be sliced into two, drawing countless horrified gazes.

No one thought that the sword Zhou Yuan had prepared would be this strong!

A look of fear came to Chen Beifeng’s red eyes, but he also knew that this was his last chance. If he couldn’t withstand Zhou Yuan’s sword, he shouldn’t even think about touching the position of pavilion master!

If he failed, the Heavenly Spirit Sect would inevitably abandon him. He had already gained Lady Chi Jing’s ill will, so at that time how could he remain around?

His future could be said to be completely destroyed if he lost!

So he couldn’t fail!


Chen Beifeng roared out, suppressing the fear in his heart, and the Genesis Qi within his body erupted out unreservedly, fusing with the worm sand. His flesh shriveled as the worm sand swallowed his blood and essence.

But Chen Beifeng couldn’t care about this. The worm sand and Genesis Qi frantically compressed together and formed an incredibly thick layer of blood armor around his body.

His flesh dried up, but his body grew tens of feet and emitted a violent bloody aura, making him look like an asura giant that had climbed out from an abyss.

“You think I’m Jin Teng?!

“Indestructible red demonic armor!”

He lifted his head and roared, causing the void to quake violently.


And it was at that moment that the monstrous sword light slashed down.

The blood-red giant crossed his arms, and blood-colored light bloomed.


Under countless stunned gazes, the sword light struck the red giant’s arm, and a clear metallic clang reverberated throughout the sky.


Waves of incomparably berserk Genesis Qi swept out.

The solid stone slabs on the huge platform cracked and crumbled, splitting the platform.

The impact sent monstrous waves crashing endlessly towards the surroundings. The power was astonishing. But the giant waves automatically dissipated when they approached the spectators, as if neutralised by a powerful invisible force.

Some people glanced at the two figures at the highest point of the audience, knowing that it had to have been the two Law Domain experts who had easily neutralised the impact.

But there were more people who didn’t notice. Their eyes were intently fixed on the flooded platform in the middle of the lake.

They wanted to know whether Zhou Yuan’s sword was sharper or whether Chen Beifeng’s demonic armor, which Chen Beifeng had brought out with all his strength, was tougher. 

On the Fire Pavilion’s side, Lu Xiao and Han Yuan stopped talking and stared at the battlefield.

Facing this situation, Lu Xiao, who had always acted indifferent, slowly clenched his hand.

This battle would decide the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion!

On the Forest Pavilion’s side, Mu Qingyan asked in a nervous whisper, “Who will win?”

Mu Liu stroked his chin. He couldn’t answer, because Chen Beifeng’s desperate struggle at the last moment had been unexpected. So it was indeed difficult to determine the outcome of the battle.

The most nervous people were of course the members of the Wind Pavilion. After all, the result would have a real impact on them.

But whether it was Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui or those who supported Chen Beifeng, none of them dared to take a deep breath. They just stared unblinkingly at the water screen blocking the battlefield.


In the almost silent world, the water screen faded, and a huge splash of water dropped down from the sky.

The battlefield was slowly revealed, gradually becoming clearer.

The first thing that caught everyone’s attention was the platform in disarray. It had almost split into two.

Zhou Yuan’s figure hovered in the air, and the sword pill that had dimmed by a lot circled him before returning and entering his body. The terrifying aura he exuded gradually faded.

At the end of the huge sword mark across the platform was a giant blood-red figure standing like an iron tower. His arms were crossed, and he didn’t move an inch.

There was a powerful aura flowing around his body as before.

“Chen Beifeng withstood the sword?!”

The audience burst into exclamations of disbelief.

Lu Xiao inwardly breathed a sigh of relief, while Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and the others paled visibly, because they knew that Zhou Yuan’s sword strike had been at the pinnacle of his power and it would be impossible for him to do deliver another strike so soon.

Countless disappointed sighs could be heard.

Zhou Yuan, the dark horse, was it going to end like this?

But Zhou Yuan seemed to not care about the disappointed cries. He calmly peered down at Chen Beifeng, who resembled an asura, and turned around. Stepping through the air, he walked away from the platform.

Seeing his behaviour, someone muttered, “Is he giving up?”

But the moment Zhou Yuan stepped off the platform, the entire platform quaked violently and collapsed into the lake.

And on Chen Beifeng’s blood-red demonic armor emerged tiny cracks.

In just a few breaths, the armor turned to ashes, revealing Chen Beifeng’s corpse-like body.

The redness in his eyes receded, replaced by intense fear.

A gash appeared on his body but seeped no blood.This was because the worm eggs had swallowed all his blood.

Chen Beifeng peered down at the gash. He knew that the previous sword had not only destroyed his demonic worm armor but had also nearly cut him into two. It was obvious that Zhou Yuan had held back his strength in the end.

“I can’t accept this result…

“I’ve been working hard for years. Why, why would I lose at the last step?!”

He remembered that two months ago, when Zhou Yuan had first come to the Wind Pavilion, he had defeated Jin Teng with one sword strike. At that time Chen Beifeng had looked down on Zhou Yuan and thought he was trying to show off his powers through a clumsy way, but who would have thought that he would lose to the same sword technique two months later?

Endless exhaustion and unwillingness surged in his heart. His dessicated body tottered and then finally plunged into the lake.

For a moment, the lake was peaceful and quiet.

Then, countless gazes instantly turned to the young figure striding across the air, and deafening cheers rang out over Wind Island.

Lu Xiao’s face grew overcast, and Han Yuan frowned deeply.

On the Wind Pavilion’s side, Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and the others were crying tears of joy. They almost couldn’t bear such ups and downs. Around them, those who supported Zhou Yuan were roaring with joy.

The people who remained neutral also cheered immediately and confidently.

Countless eyes gathered on that young figure. In those eyes were different emotions, including curiosity, anger, and joy.

In any case, they couldn’t deny that the pavilion master selection had been a wonderful show.

At the highest place, Chi Jing and sect master Xuan Kun were watching this scene calmly.

Sect master Xuan Kun’s eyes paused on Zhou Yuan for a long while before he slowly closed his eyes. His face was devoid of emotion, like an abyss.

Chi Jing didn’t pay any attention to sect master Xuan Kun and continued to stare at Zhou Yuan with her clear eyes. A smiling expression flashed across the depths of her eyes. 

Little junior brother does indeed have some ability. No wonder our master chose him as a disciple.

She stood up, and a clear and pleasant voice resounded across the world. She was met with loud cheers.

“The result of the pavilion master selection of Wind Pavilion is already out…

“From now on, the Wind Pavilion’s new pavilion master is...Zhou Yuan!”

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