Chapter 821 Red Demonic Worm Sand

Red sand constantly drilled out from Chen Beifeng’s body and adhered to the surface of his body like liquid glue. His body emitted an indescribable violent intent.

And when everybody around the lake saw this scene, their expressions changed uncontrollably. Many couldn’t help but exclaim out loud, “Red demonic worm sand?!”

“Senior sister Ye, what is red demonic worm sand?” Yi Qiushui asked, her beautiful face changing slightly. Although she didn’t know what it was, she could still feel that Chen Beifeng had become extremely dangerous.

Ye Bingling gritted her teeth and furrowed her brows as she explained, “There is a strange insect in the world called a red demonic worm. If its eggs are planted into flesh and blood, the eggs will become extremely sharp and tough, and they will fill with violent intent. It is a top killing move because the eggs are as small as sand and can swallow Genesis Qi. Therefore, the eggs are called red demonic worm sand.”

“But to obtain red demonic worm sand, one has to let the worms lay eggs in your body. The pain is unimaginable for ordinary people. Once the technique is activated, the eggs will turn berserk and will inevitably swallow the flesh and blood of their master. If one is careless, the countless eggs can swallow one’s body and bones.”

“I didn’t expect Chen Beifeng to be so crazy!”

“But with the red demonic worm sand around one’s body, one can create a terrifying shell of defense, and one’s combat strength will greatly soar. It is impossible for ordinary Genesis Qi attacks to wound such a practitioner.”

Yi Qiushui’s, Liu Zhixuan’s and the others’ expressions grew solemn. Chen Beifeng had indeed come well prepared for the pavilion master selection.


Chen Beifeng let out an incomparably pained roar. While shocked exclamations had been ringing outside the battlefield, his eyes had been gradually turning red, and it was obvious that the red demonic worm sand drilling out his flesh caused him an indescribable, severe pain.

The blood-red worm sand gradually gathered on the surface of his body like a layer of blood-red armour. The appearance was exceedingly vicious, enough to cause one to shiver.

The blood-colored worm sand wasn’t only swallowing Chen Beifeng’s flesh and blood but was also constantly absorbing his Genesis Qi, allowing the blood-red armour to glow with a blood-colored light. An intense stench of blood saturated the air.

Chen Beifeng’s red eyes, which didn’t resemble the eyes of a human being, locked onto Zhou Yuan, and saliva dripped down the corners of his mouth.

“Zhou Yuan, die!”

He made a sharp growl, then slammed his feet, suddenly cracking the ground. His figure appeared in front of Zhou Yuan like a ghost, and he blasted out a punch, causing a sonic boom.

Zhou Yuan clenched his hand, his body glowing with a jade light, and thrust his fist out.


Shock waves visible to the naked eye broke out from their fists. The surrounding ground continued to crack, and monstrous waves were lifted from the lake.

Both Zhou Yuan’s and Chen Beifeng’s bodies trembled before the two reeled back from the impact. Every step they made caused the stone floor to turn to powder.

Zhou Yuan forcibly steadied his body. With his brows knitted together, he peered down at his fist. On his white jade-like fist, there was blood seeping out from the pores. 

“An unusual worm armour,” Zhou Yuan mumbled to himself. He could feel that at least half of his strength had disappeared when he came into contact with the armour. The feeling was as though it had been swallowed by something.


Chen Beifeng roared and immediately clenched his hand. Deep-yellow Genesis Qi frantically gathered, and his arms trembled. The next moment, countless blood-red worm sand detached from his arm to fuse with the yellow Genesis Qi.

As a result, even the deep-yellow Genesis Qi turned blood red.

Chen Beifeng had poured the worm sand into his Genesis Qi!


A torrent of blood-red Genesis Qi tore through the void, aiming directly for Zhou Yuan.

The moment Zhou Yuan lifted his palm, a sword pill flashed out and transformed into a beam of sword light extending hundreds of feet high, and it slashed in the direction of the torrent of red Genesis Qi.


However, after the sword light slashed downward, the torrent of blood-red Genesis Qi split into two and continued toward Zhou Yuan.

Evidently, after integrating with the worm sand, Chen Beifeng’s Genesis Qi had become extremely strange.

Zhou Yuan rapidly retreated to avoid coming into contact with the blood-red Genesis Qi. After all, there were countless bizarre eggs contained inside.

He operated the sword light to continue to slash down, but it was to no avail.

“Haha, Zhou Yuan, don’t do useless things anymore. There is no way you can break my blood Genesis Qi!” Chen Beifeng burst into wild laughter as he watched Zhou Yuan frantically evade his attacks.

Zhou Yuan ignored Chen Beifeng’s laughter and watched the approaching blood-red Genesis Qi with a darkened face. He could feel that his Genesis Qi didn’t have much effect on the eggs because they possessed the ability to swallow Genesis Qi.

Coupled with their unusually tough shell, even pure Genesis Qi had no effect on them.

“If you want to destroy it, you have to kill those eggs first!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered, and his retreating figure suddenly halted. The Spirit light in the space between his eyebrows suddenly flashed, and a formless Spirit Flame shot out to meet the blood-red Genesis Qi head on.


But this time, when the Spirit Flame came into contact with the blood-red Genesis Qi, only a shrill sound could be heard, and countless tiny eggs fell from the Genesis Qi. Their little life force was directly wiped away.   

Zhou Yuan’s eyes lit up. As expected, his guess was correct. Although the worm sand wasn’t afraid of Genesis Qi, it still had a nemesis, and that was Spirit Flame!

The Spirit Flame could ignore the flesh and aim directly for the spirit. Although the worm eggs had an extremely strong shell, their tiny Spirit was weak and vulnerable!


Noticing this scene, Chen Beifeng’s eyes suddenly shrank. He didn’t expect the Spirit Flame to have such a terrifying destructive power against his worm sand.

“Damn it!” he cursed and hurriedly tried to withdraw the blood-red Genesis Qi. After all, it was extremely difficult to cultivate these eggs, and he had suffered indescribable pain to do so.


However, Zhou Yuan simply snorted upon seeing him withdraw his red demonic worm sand. Zhou Yuan’s Spirit Flame rapidly gathered and transformed into a flame serpent that then collided with the blood-red Genesis Qi.


Where the Spirit Flame blazed, the blood red Genesis Qi rapidly faded back to its original deep-yellow color, the eggs inside destroyed.

“You dare burn my worm sand!” Chen Beifeng roared.

“I’m not only going to burn the worm sand today, I’m going to burn you!”

A chilling intent surged in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. He stamped his feet, cracking the ground, and directly flashed to where Chen Beifeng was.

Knowing the weakness of the worm sand, he was no longer afraid.

With the clench of his hand, a sword pill emerged in his palm. And as sword qi gathered, a tremendous sword of several feet was formed. 

“Mythic Saint Body!”

With every step that Zhou Yuan took, the jade light around his body grew brighter and brighter.

“Omega Saint Spirit Art!”

A mysterious shadow shrouded Zhou Yuan’s body.

“Azure Serpent Form!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes glowed with an azure light, like the vertical eyes of a dragon. He wiped the blade with his palm, and azure serpent scales surfaced across its body, glistening with a light that made one shudder.

At the same time, snowy-white hair spread out from Zhou Yuan’s palms, wrapping the sword body.

“Genesis Breaker!”

The snowy-white hair quickly turned a dark color, deep and mysterious.

“Spirit Fire!”

The formless flame rose from the sword body. It was the best way to deal with worm sand.

Mighty Genesis Qi surged behind Zhou Yuan, 14 million Genesis Qi stars flickering.

At this moment, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit and qi had climbed to their peak, and a terrifying imposing air was also steadily rising around him, causing the expressions of all the Divine Dwelling experts to change abruptly. Even Lu Xiao, Han Yuan and Mu Liu, the three pavilion masters, were stunned.

The Zhou Yuan at that moment was enough to make even people of their level feel a little danger.

Zhou Yuan’s footsteps halted when he was ten feet away from Chen Beifeng. At this moment his imposing air had already reached its peak. His eyes locked onto Chen Beifeng’s face, which was twisted with fear, and the next second, the tremendous sword in his hand slashed out.


The sword was incomparably stunning. Its brilliance covered up even the sunlight.

The vast sword light swung down, lifting up thousands of waves. Zhou Yuan’s calm voice resounded throughout the sky.

“If you can withstand my sword, I’ll give you the position of pavilion master. What do you say?!”

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