Chapter 820 Counterattack and Counterattack


When Zhou Yuan’s voice faded, a loud sword roar resounded throughout heaven and earth, and a biting cold aura flowed along the air.

Multiple tiny marks constantly appeared across the surface of the surrounding lake. These were caused by the wisps of sword qi released.

At this moment, the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb that Zhou Yuan activated again was undoubtedly much more powerful than before.

There wasn’t a wave of emotion on Zhou Yuan’s face, and his eyes were as sharp as a sword. He didn’t utter a word, but lifted his hand and sent the sword pill in his palm shooting out, tearing through the void.

Majestic sword qi frantically gathered around the sword pill and formed a beam of sword light several hundred feet long. The sword light exuded a terrifying cold qi that abruptly changed the expressions of countless advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts.


The beam of sword light cut through the void and directly locked onto Chen Beifeng.

Chen Beifeng wore a solemn face and rapidly folded his hands into a seal. Mighty Genesis Qi surged, forming multiple huge deep-yellow wind blades in the void before him.


The wind blades whizzed out, colliding with the sword light.


This time, however, several yellow wind blades were immediately broken into countless specks of light where the sword light passed by.

Chen Beifeng couldn’t stop his complexion from changing. Before he could block Zhou Yuan’s sword pill with his wind blades, even after several repeated attacks, the wind blades were all destroyed when they met the sword light. This showed how powerful Zhou Yuan was at this moment.

Chen Beifeng frantically retreated as he folded his hands together and roared, “High-grade Heaven Genesis technique, Dragon Demon Drill!”


A gust of deep-yellow wind sped out like a wind dragon baring its teeth and claws. The tip spun frantically, releasing terrifying destructive power.

Evidently, in the face of Zhou Yuan’s attack, Chen Beifeng no longer dared to act arrogantly, and he had no choice but to display his most skillful killing move, which was also the move that had defeated Ye Bingling.

The huge sword light swung down, and the wind drill rushed up directly like a tornado. The two fiercely collided.


The impact reverberated throughout the world with an earthshaking rumble, and its shock wave wreaked havoc like a storm.


Waves of thousands of feet tall were lifted from the lake, but fortunately, the several experts on the stone pillars around the lake swiftly suppressed the huge waves.

A huge wave blasted up into the sky, turned into a rainstorm and pelted those below.

But countless people shielded their eyes from the rain and tightly fixed their lines of sight on the two figures on the battlefield.

There, the sword light had already shattered the violent wind drill, and the remaining sword light continued towards Chen Beifeng, but the three Divine Dwelling halos behind Chen Beifeng countered the slash in the end. 

As he deflected and shot the sword pill away, Chen Beifeng himself reeled back into the void. His face grew dark because he was unexpectedly at a disadvantage in the head-to-head just now.

If the Dragon Demon Drill hadn’t consumed the majority of the sword pill’s power, even the three Divine Dwelling halos behind him would have been shattered when the sword slashed down.

Zhou Yuan’s 14 million Genesis Qi foundation was even fiercer than his 15 million!

“Could it be that the bastard’s Genesis Qi is grade eight?” His Spirit Confusion Wind Qi was already grade seven, but it was still repeatedly suppressed by Zhou Yuan, suggesting that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi was of a higher grade than his! 

“You can’t hold on any longer?” Zhou Yuan said indifferently as he lifted his head and fixed a knife-like stare on Chen Beifeng.

The corners of Chen Beifeng’s mouth visibly twitched. He was embarrassed to be suppressed by Zhou Yuan because he had never regarded Zhou Yuan as an opponent. He previously felt that Zhou Yuan didn’t have the qualification to be his opponent.

Zhou Yuan remained indifferent, but there was a bright light blooming in the middle of his eyebrows.

He strode forward.


The stone ground constantly cracked, turning into countless fragments that whirled into the sky.

“Spirit Flame!”

A formless flame formed, wrapping the fragments. The next moment, countless fragments directly tore through the air and whizzed toward Chen Beifeng.

“Spirit Fire?!”

Zhou Yuan’s move drew gasps of astonishment. To be able to refine a Spirit Flame signified that Zhou Yuan’s Spirit realm had reached the Transformative stage!

Chen Beifeng’s pupils shrank. He had expected Zhou Yuan’s Spirit level to be quite high, but never would he have thought that Zhou Yuan had reached the Transformative stage!

The difference between the Spirit of the Transformative stage and the Spirit of the Corporeal stage was undoubtedly tremendous. The most obvious was the formation of Spirit Flame.

Once the flame contaminated someone, it would directly burn the Spirit, and the pain could be said to be worse than death.

So Chen Beifeng naturally didn’t want the fragments contaminated with Spirit Flames to touch his body. He frantically retreated as a majestic Genesis Qi gathered to form a mighty wind blade to withstand the fragments as much as possible.


The void constantly crackled.

But just as Chen Beifeng was using all his strength to counter Zhou Yuan’s Spirit Flame, he found that Zhou Yuan had vanished.

“This isn’t good!” His heart trembled.

“Mythic Saint Body!”

The moment Chen Beifeng cried out, a deep voice sounded directly behind him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Zhou Yuan appear behind him. Zhou Yuan’s skin glowed like jade, and his bones were as bright as silver. The blood in his body moved like a torrent.

His body enlarged, like that of a small giant, and the stone slabs at his feet exploded.

Moreover, invisible Spirit Flames rose around Zhou Yuan’s body.

His imposing manner was terrifying like a ferocious beast pouncing for food.

Even the hair all over Chen Beifeng’s body stood on their ends.


Zhou Yuan’s eyes were icy cold, and countless fist shadows shrouded Chen Beifeng as if they were a towering, berserk monster.

Chen Beifeng frantically and unreservedly erupted with Genesis Qi, forming numerous tough defenses around him.


Shock waves of Genesis Qi continued to erupt, but Zhou Yuan’s offensive directly tore Chen Beifeng’s Genesis Qi defense apart. Despite his frantic defenses, fist shadows still bombarded his body.

The fists were as heavy as mountains, and most terrifying, they blazed with Spirit Flames. Therefore, each time they struck Chen Beifeng’s body, even if it was only a slight contact, it brought him indescribable pain. His face contorted into a grimace of pain.


Jets of blood continuously spurted from Chen Beifeng’s mouth.


When the last fist shadow struck Chen Beifeng, the void cracked, and his body, like a rolling gourd, blasted across the ground and tore deep marks into the platform.

Dust and smoke buried his body.

It was only then that many people around the square woke up from Zhou Yuan’s ferocious and beast-like offensive. Immediately, clamour broke out.

No one had thought that Zhou Yuan would be so powerful and would almost crush Chen Beifeng like a gourd!

On the Forest Pavilion’s side, Jiang Man’s mouth dropped open, and he gaped in shock, “I didn’t expect deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan to be so ferocious from his gentle and refined outward appearance.”

“Spirit Flames are painful. Chen Beifeng probably can’t stand back up again.” Mu Qingyan sighed. One of the most painful things in the world to strike your body would definitely be Spirit Fire.

Mu Liu stroked his chin thoughtfully and then looked at Chen Beifeng who was buried by dust. He muttered with a frown, “There’s something wrong with Chen Beifeng.”

On the Fire Pavilion’s side, Han Yuan also pursed his lips and said to Lu Xiao, “It seems that your calculation was wrong, Chen Beifeng can’t win against Zhou Yuan.”

“That’s not necessarily the case,” Lu Xiao said calmly. “We’re far better prepared than you think.”


Han Yuan curiously looked at the battlefield with his brows raised.

Zhou Yuan slowly relaxed his palms and gazed at the distant dispersing smoke with a calm expression, but a hint of puzzlement came to his eyes.

When he had struck Chen Beifeng, he had felt something strange.

There seemed to be something protecting Chen Beifeng.


He suddenly heard a faint sound coming from the smoke and dust, and he immediately flicked his sleeve. His Genesis Qi brought up a gust of wind and swept away all the smoke and dust.

The scene within was revealed.

Exclamations rang out around the square.

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes.

In the distance, Chen Beifeng was kneeling on one knee, his body dripping with blood, and was panting rapidly. His body was riddled with scars, and something was drilling out from his flesh and blood.

It seemed to be blood-red sand.

On the Wind Pavilion’s side, Ye Bingling, Yiu Qiushui and the others all gasped.

“Is that red demonic worm sand?”

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