Chapter 818 Is that enough?


When Zhou Yuan’s figure rose into the sky and landed on the platform in the middle of the lake like a cannonball, countless people were filled with surprise.

“Is that the Wind Pavilion’s new deputy pavilion master, Zhou Yuan?”

“Is he going on the battlefield?”

“Even Ye Bingling lost, what use would he, an intermediate Divine Dwelling stage expert, be? He’s just asking for humiliation.”

“It seems he’s reluctant to accept the result.”

“There is an evident difference in strength, so what if he’s reluctant?”


Many whispering voices spread around the lake, but it was clear that not many people were optimistic about Zhou Yuan’s victory. Although Zhou Yuan had created the Mother Wind Rune that had made him rise to fame in the four pavilions, in the pavilion master selection it was real strength that was most important.

So in their view, Zhou Yuan was only coming onto the stage because he was reluctant to accept the result.

But what could this reluctance change?

On the Fire Pavilion’s side, Lu Xiao watched the scene with a calm expression and then said to Han Yuan next to him, “He indeed couldn’t stand it.”

Han Yuan curiously smiled. “That boy is brave. To think he even dared to provoke Chen Beifeng, who is in such a state.”

“That’s because he knows that he has to stand up; otherwise, once Chen Beifeng becomes the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master, his days will be much more difficult,” Lu Xiao explained.

“But although he’s only at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage, his fighting strength is quite strong. It is said that he possesses variant Divine Dwellings and his Genesis Qi foundation isn’t weak at all. If he was at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage, then perhaps Chen Beifeng might be no match for him.”

“Variant Divine Dwellings?” Han Yuan was a little surprised to hear this since it was rare to see someone with mutated Divine Dwellings. “This is indeed interesting.”

Han Yuan smiled, but his expression still seemed indifferent. Both he and Lu Xiao were considered top experts of the Divine Dwelling stage in the Tianyuan Region, and there was a huge gap between them and Chen Beifeng. Therefore, even if Zhou Yuan possessed variant Divine Dwellings, they still wouldn’t attach any importance to him.

But that might change after Zhou Yuan reached the advanced Divine Dwelling stage. However, what would that change? By then, they might have reached the Heavenly Sun stage.

When it came to Genesis Qi cultivation, one fast step made all subsequent steps faster. After all, if it was based on talents and resources, could they lose to Zhou Yuan?

“Hopefully that person with variant Divine Dwellings will be able to hold on a little longer; otherwise, it will be too boring.” There was a hint of malice in Han Yuan’s smile. He didn’t have any grudges against Zhou Yuan, but he knew Chi Jing valued Zhou Yuan. He could not help but coldly sneer in his heart at seeing him trying so hard.

“Hey, that person is really going on stage?” Mu Qingyan, on the Forest Pavilion’s side, said to Mu Liu in surprise.

“Don’t be defeated by that Chen Beifeng in one move.” The burly man Jiang Man’s voice sounded muffled.

Mu Liu shook his head. “That guy won’t be that simple.”

He glanced over at Lu Xiao and Han Yuan not far away and remarked with a half smile, “Lu Xiao and Han Yuan aren’t weak, but their vision isn’t as good as mine. I wonder what expression they will have when they see Zhou Yuan crush Chen Beifeng.”

Seeing his solemn expression, Mu Qingyan and Jiang Man exchanged a glance and were still in a state of half belief and half doubt.

“I didn’t think you would have the courage to come onto the battlefield.” Chen Beifeng’s figure slowly descended from midair. His arms were crossed, and he stared playfully at Zhou Yuan. He couldn’t hide the feeling of joy in his heart, however, because now he would have a good reason to get back at Zhou Yuan for what had happened previously.

Zhou Yuan clenched his hand and then relaxed as he asked nonchalantly, “This isn’t a dragon’s lair, so what courage is needed?”

Chen Beifeng coldly snorted, “I hope you will still think so later.”

He had already made up his mind to utterly defeat Zhou Yuan in front of everyone and make him unable to lift his head high in the Wind Pavilion again!


Monstrous yellow Genesis Qi and an earth shaking pressure flooded the sky behind Chen Beifeng. The number of Genesis Qi stars illuminated in the sky was at least a terrifying 15 million.

“Come on, let me see what strength you have,” Chen Beifeng mocked.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged when he felt the Genesis Qi pressure filling the air. The next moment, a long roar of a dragon rang out from his body, and azure- and gold-colored Genesis Qi shot skywards like an azure serpent soaring in the air. 

He clenched his hand, and a sword pill formed.

“Devil Sweeping Sword Orb!”

Zhou Yuan didn’t hold back at all. Sharp and powerful sword qi whizzed across the void, and a beam of sword light broke out like a bolt of lightning, aiming directly for Chen Beifeng.

However, facing the sword speeding down, Chen Beifeng folded his arms and lifted his feet off the ground. There wasn’t a ripple of emotion on his face.

Just when the sword light transformed from the sword pill was dozens of feet away from Chen Beifeng, a violent wind howled between the sky and the earth. A deep-yellow wind blade formed out of thin air, colliding with the sword light.


A metallic clang rang out, stirring up shock waves of Genesis Qi.

The sword light and wind blade were almost swept back at the same time.

The wind blade rotated around Chen Beifeng and dissipated from the air.

The first exchange between the two caught a lot of attention and unexpectedly caused an uproar. Zhou Yuan’s sword was indeed quite fierce, but it was a pity that Chen Beifeng’s Genesis Qi foundation had surpassed his by a total of four million!

With this gap in Genesis Qi, even if Zhou Yuan used a high-grade Heaven Genesis technique, it was still impossible for him to have any advantage.    

“Although it is quite extraordinary to possess this strength at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage, it is still impossible for him to defeat Chen Beifeng,” Han Yuan said.

He shrugged at Lu Xiao. “It seems that the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master position is finally going to fall to your Heavenly Spirit Sect.”

Lu Xiao remained calm and composed and didn’t seem surprised in the slightest.

On the Forest Pavilion’s side, Mu Qinyan knitted her beautiful brows. “He seems a little weak?”

“Keep watching,” Mu Liu said calmly.

On the platform in the center of the lake.

“A foundation of almost 11 million Genesis Qi stars…” Chen Beifeng smiled faintly, as if a little disappointed. “Is this all you have? If that’s the case, you’re not even as good as Ye Bingling.”

Zhou Yuan flung his sleeve, withdrawing the sword pill that was shot out. He paid no attention to Chen Beifeng’s taunts. His previous attack was just to test how strong Chen Beifeng’s 15 million Genesis Qi stars were.

But the result did surprise him a little. His Devil Sweeping Sword Orb technique had been withstood without any effort.

The gap of four million Genesis Qi stars was indeed shocking.

If that was the case, he needed to strengthen his Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan remained calm, and at this moment, everyone could see a faint azure light emerging on the back of his hand.

“Are you going to activate the wind spirit rune?”

However, some people still shook their heads and sighed. Zhou Yuan had only been in the Wind Pavilion for two months. He had at most completed 50% of the wind spirit rune, right? An increase of that much wouldn’t have much impact on the overall situation.

Chen Beifeng couldn’t help laughing out loud. “With your wind spirit rune, how much would your Genesis Qi increase by?

The azure light on the back of Zhou Yuan’s hand grew brighter and brighter.

There seemed to be wind roaring all over Zhou Yuan’s body, and the Genesis Qi of the universe was pulsing violently. 

Such a scene made some people’s eyes turn puzzled—the situation didn’t look right. When Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling operated their wind spirit rune, there wasn’t such a scene.

Countless people cast their gazes to the back of Zhou Yuan’s hand only to see an ancient Genesis Rune slowly emerging where the azure light was brightest and most intense.

The Genesis rune appeared to be a blue-green color, and every line was extremely complete without the slightest flaw.

Everybody’s pupils shrank immediately, and a look of horror came onto their faces.

“A complete wind spirit rune?!”

Shrill voices abruptly sounded.

Around the lake, Lu Xiao’s and Han Yuan’s expressions changed drastically.


The Genesis Qi within Zhou Yuan’s body suddenly skyrocketed, and his imposing manner steadily rose. His Genesis Qi swept outward, illuminating and dotting the void with countless stars.

More than 14 million!

The complete form of the wind spirit rune had increased Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi by almost three million stars!

The uproar around the lake came to an abrupt end. The area became deathly silent, and countless people widened their eyes in disbelief, including Chen Beifeng. The mocking smile on his face had stiffened.

Amidst the silence, Zhou Yuan felt his body grow extremely light, and a satisfied smile tugged at the corners of his lips. He lifted his head to look at Chen Beifeng’s stiffened face.

“Now, is that enough?”

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