Chapter 816 80%

On the floating square in the middle of the lake, the two figures faced each other amidst countless blazing gazes.

Chen Beifeng looked at Ye Bingling with a sneer on his face. “Ye Bingling, you have no chance of winning today.”

He slowly folded his hands together, and a gush of mighty deep-yellow Genesis Qi rose from his body. The Genesis Qi shot into the sky like a yellow storm. As it howled, an ear-piercing noise rang out, causing everybody’s spirits to quiver.

Grade-seven Genesis Qi, Spirit Confusion Wind Qi.

At the same time, the Genesis Qi formed three Divine Dwelling halos behind him, and they emitted a faint nine-colored light and swallowed up the Genesis Qi of the world.

The moment Chen Beifeng’s Genesis Qi surged, a tyrannical Genesis Qi pressure could be felt spreading out, making many people present stunned for a moment. 

Grade-seven Genesis Qi, the advanced Divine Dwelling, and the lower nine Divine Dwellings...if ordinary people were to have any one of them, they would have an advantage over others of the same level. But now Chen Beifeng possessed all three, allowing him to reach the peak of the Divine Dwelling stage. He was able to look down on countless Divine Dwelling experts of the world. 

When Chen Beifeng’s Genesis Qi surged and whizzed across the sky, it formed an oppressive pressure. Ye Bingling’s face turned solemn. Snowy-white Genesis Qi gushed from her body and formed layers of wave-like clouds above her head. The temperature between heaven and earth also plummeted.

Grade-seven Genesis Qi, Ocean Netherworld Frosty Qi!

Behind her formed three Divine Dwelling halos exuding nine-colored light.

Regardless of angle, Ye Bingling didn’t seem any weaker than Chen Beifeng.

The gazes of the two collided, and sparks seemed to sputter out.


With a cold sneer on his face, Chen Beifeng made the first move. His fingers flicked repeatedly, and the void rippled. In the sky, thousands of yellow wind blades formed and tore through the air in Ye Bingling’s direction.

The Genesis Qi clouds above Ye Bingling’s head pulsed, then fiercely erupted with countless snowflakes. Each snowflake, containing the coldest qi of the world, collided with one of the thousand wind blades.


The two powerful Genesis Qi collided, causing a deep rumbling noise to erupt, and the air quaked constantly. The wind blades and snowflakes constantly destroyed one another.


While the wind blades and snowflakes were colliding, Chen Beifeng’s figure turned into a blurry silhouette and shot out. He grasped at the air, and mighty Genesis Qi gathered in his palm and transformed into a tremendous dark-yellow blade of wind.

The wind blade was entwined with high-speed rotating wind that could tear apart the void wherever it passed.

Chen Beifeng’s figure appeared above Ye Bingling like a ghost, and he ruthlessly swung down the huge wind blade in his hand.

“The Great Spirit Confusion Wind Blade!”

As the wind blade slashed downward, it emitted shrill sound waves that interfered with the Spirit. Once struck by the sound waves, the Spirit would fall into a slight trance, and the blade would split its prey into two.

However, as Chen Beifeng’s old opponent, Ye Bingling was well aware of his methods. The Genesis Qi within her body surged to block the sound waves. Then, she stomped her foot on the ground, and a wall of ice formed from icy Genesis Qi suddenly rose in front of her.


The huge wind blade slashed the ice wall, causing a loud rumble. Shock waves raged everywhere, and numerous cracks spread across the ice wall. It shattered into countless fragments.


Ye Bingling’s slender figure shot out. She stepped on some ice fragments, and an ice spear emerged in her beautiful hand. Then, she transformed into a shadow wrapped in majestic Genesis Qi, and charged towards Chen Beifeng.

As the spear shadow whizzed forth, countless Genesis Qi stars glistened. They likely numbered over tens of millions. Such power was definitely frightening.


Upon seeing this, Chen Beifeng coldly snorted. He tightened his grip around the wind blade and swung out thousands of blade light. As majestic Genesis Qi whizzed forward, a similar amount of countless Genesis Qi stars lit up. The spectacle was in no way inferior to Ye Bingling’s.


The two figures crisscrossed constantly in midair like ghosts. In just over a dozen breaths, they had already fought hundreds of rounds. The fierce battle set off waves and storms of Genesis Qi, causing countless gasps of astonishment.

Zhou Yuan watched the two figures clash constantly in midair with utmost attention. From his view, Ye Bingling’s and Chen Beifeng’s Genesis Qi foundations were both at least 13 million Genesis Qi stars, but Chen Beifeng’s seemed slightly stronger. No matter what, it was indeed more powerful than his current 11 million.

However, Chen Beifeng was most likely still holding back his strength.

Was this the strength of a deputy pavilion master? It definitely could not be compared to the commanders like Jin Teng.

“Zhou Yuan, can senior sister Ye win?” Yi Qiushui asked nervously.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment before he answered, “From the looks of it, they are similar in strength. It will depend on how well they have refined the wind spirit rune to determine who is victorious.”

Yi Qiushui flushed with excitement and exclaimed, “In the past month, senior sister Ye,, has completed 70% of the wind spirit rune with the help of your Mother Wind Rune, and she will certainly be stronger than Chen Beifeng!”

It should be said that in the past year or so, both Ye Bingling and Chen Beifeng had only managed to increase the wind spirit rune to 50% of completion, but now Ye Bingling had progressed by another 20% in one month. This speed no doubt surpassed Chen Beifeng’s.

However, Zhou Yuan wasn’t as optimistic as her and just stared at Chen Beifeng’s figure. Ye Bingling’s improvement that month was indeed great, but he knew that Chen Beifeng wouldn’t have come unprepared.

While the two were discussing, the fierce battle on the battlefield suddenly changed.

An azure light bloomed on the back of Ye Bingling’s hand, and a nearly completed wind spirit rune gradually emerged. Evidently, she also understood that without the power of the wind spirit rune, she wouldn’t be able to defeat Chen Beifeng that day.

Following the appearance of the wind spirit rune, the Genesis Qi that broke out from Ye Bingling’s body soared at an astonishing speed.

In just a few seconds, her Genesis Qi foundation climbed to more than 14 million stars!

And Ye Bingling’s changes drew astonished exclamations from the audience.

“High-grade Heaven Genesis technique, Heavenly Lotus Ice Jade Palm!”

Ye Bingling’s speed had also skyrocketed. In the blink of an eye she appeared in front of Chen Beifeng as though she had teleported. She thrust her beautiful palm forward, and majestic icy Genesis Qi rapidly gathered to form a white jade palm hundreds of feet tall.

In the palm of the hand was a lotus flower rune exuding mysterious power.

At this moment, Ye Bingling’s expression was solemn. The white jade palm aggressively slammed down toward Chen Beifeng.

Ye Bingling’s palm, which could be said to have been brewing for a long time, contained astonishing power.

A terrifying cold air shrouded the area, and Chen Beifeng, watching Ye Bingling’s full-strength attack approach, curved the corners of his lips in a strange arc. 

“Ye Bingling, is this all your power? A 70% completed wind spirit rune isn’t bad.

“But, do you really think I have only completed 50% of the wind spirit rune?”

At his words Ye Bingling’s expression changed uncontrollably, and a feeling of uneasiness rose in her heart, but the force of her palm strike was even fiercer.

Chen Beifeng paid no attention to the icy palm that shrouded him, and said, “I didn’t want to expose it before, because once exposed, I was worried that the pavilion master selection wouldn’t go ahead. But now, I don’t have such worries anymore.”

On the back of his hand, an azure light was emerging.

At the same time, multiple specks of azure light flashed within the flesh and blood of the arm. These light specks rapidly gathered on the back of his hand, and an incomplete light rune began to grow brighter and brighter.

The wind spirit rune was rapidly being completed.

50%, 60%,...70%!

In the blink of an eye, the wind spirit rune was 70% complete, the same as Ye Bingling’s. And what was even more shocking was that light specks were constantly gathering, all of which were Genesis marks of the wind spirit rune. They had originally been sealed within Chen Beifeng’s body.

As more and more specks of Genesis marks gathered, the wind spirit rune on the back of Chen Beifeng’s hand reached 80% completion!


Between heaven and the earth, there were countless gasps of astonishment. No one thought that Chen Beifeng could conceal his strength so well!

His wind spirit rune had reached 80% completion!

At the same time, his Genesis Qi foundation also began to skyrocket.

His Genesis Qi illuminated the void behind him, revealing countless Genesis Qi stars. At a glance, there was at least a terrifying number of 15 million!

It was clear that Chen Beifeng was finally revealing his strength completely and unreservedly.

Yi Qiushui, Liu Zhixuan and the others who supported Ye Bingling all paled at the 15 million Genesis Qi stars illuminated in the void. On the other hand, Chen Beifeng’s supporters cheered out loud.

Those who were neutral all sighed inwardly.

It seemed that the outcome of the pavilion master selection had already been decided.

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