Chapter 814 The Pavilion Master Selection

When the morning sun illuminated the earth, the Wind Island was already buzzing.

The Wind Pavilion was currently considered the focal point of the four pavilions, and of course the reason wasn’t because of how much attention was focused upon the Wind Pavilion but simply because the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master selection was being held today, and this was a grand event for any of the four pavilions.

And it was said that even Lady Chi Jing would personally attend the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master selection. The event could not be said to be standard.

So when the news came out, not only were the other three pavilions gathered on the Wind Island, even people from the other floating islands in the Tianyuan Utopia flocked there. This undoubtedly made the Wind Pavilion, which was considered the weakest of the four pavilions, the focal point in the Tianyuan Utopia.

Northwest of Wind Island. A huge lake covered the ground like a mirror, and a floating bluestone platform was floating at its center. Around the platform, there were countless bare stone pillars like giant fingers breaking out of the water. The pillars were suddenly filled with crowds of people, which created a lively and buzzing atmosphere.

“The position of pavilion master has been vacant for many years. I didn’t expect a selection would finally be held today.”

“The Wind Pavilion really isn’t as good as it used to be. Now there are only three deputy pavilion masters. In the other three pavilions, there are no fewer than five deputy pavilion masters.”

“Chen Beifeng will certainly win. He is the oldest deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion. He is very strong, and Ye Bingling is probably weaker than him.”

“What about Zhou Yuan?”

“Hey, he’s just a new deputy pavilion master with strength of the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage. But I hear it was Lady Chi Jing who had appointed him.”

“Nobody understands why Lady Chi Jing had done so. Could it be that she also has no hope for the Wind Pavilion?”

“It is said that Chen Beifeng is someone of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. If he were to win the pavilion master selection, wouldn’t that mean Lady Chi Jing would lose the Wind Pavilion?”


A lot of whispers could be heard as everybody studied the three figures standing in front of all the members of the Wind Pavilion. There was a hint of regret in their gazes.

At this time, in addition to the people of the Wind Pavilion, the members of the other three pavilions were also present at different locations.

On the Fire Pavilion’s side, Lu Xiao was standing tall at the front. His handsome face and extraordinary, imposing manner drew looks from many young beautiful women. There was no one in the Tianyuan Region who hadn’t heard of his name.

And at this moment, Lu Xiao’s red eyes were fixed on Zhou Yuan from a distance away. His expression was indifferent, and it made it hard to tell whether or not he was happy or angry.

“That’s the kid who created the Mother Wind Rune?” Suddenly there was a voice beside him. Lu Xiao turned around to see a man in a black robe approaching him. He had ordinary features but always wore a gentle smile that made people feel close.

However, Lu Xiao knew that all this was just an illusion. How would someone who could become the pavilion master of the Mountain Pavilion be easy to get along with?

That’s right. This man was the pavilion master of the Mountain Pavilion, Han Yuan.

Han Yuan was also someone originally from the Wind Pavilion and was someone whom Lady Chi Jing thought highly of, but he had later joined the Profound Crystal clan and had become the pavilion master of the Mountain Pavilion.

In the Tianyuan Region, the Heavenly Spirit Sect, Profound Crystal Clan and the White Clan were considered allies, so Lu Xiao and Han Yuan were also acquainted.

So Lu Xiao slightly nodded. “A boy with his own thoughts. I wanted to recruit him but didn’t expect to be rejected.”

“He didn’t even give face to you? Is he crazy?” Han Yuan chuckled in surprise.

“No wonder Lady Chi Jing thinks highly of him,” Lu Xiao said nonchalantly.

When Chi Jing was mentioned, Han Yuan’s face turned a little unnatural, and he immediately remarked, “But if he has too many of his own thoughts and has no ability to support it, it’s not a good thing.”

He knew about Lu Xiao’s character too well. Since Zhou Yuan hadn’t given him face, he wouldn’t be polite to him.

“He is going to regret his actions, but unfortunately, in this world there isn’t any medicine for regret. You can only reap the fruits of your actions.” Lu Xiao smiled.

Han Yuan was aware of Lu Xiao’s intention when he heard this. He immediately narrowed his eyes and glanced at the three figures in front of the Wind Pavilion members. He focused his gaze on Chen Beifeng and smiled. “You guys really don’t plan to give face to Lady Chi Jing?”

Of the four pavilions, only the Wind Pavilion was still in Chi Jing’s hands. If Chen Beifeng were to win the title of pavilion master, Chi Jing would have no pavilions left. Although for an existence of her level the Wind Pavilion wasn’t considered an important power, it did represent the fresh blood of the future, after all. If she couldn’t grasp a pavilion in her hands, it would undoubtedly cause a loss in the long term. 

“The games between the higher-ups…how would I, a mere Divine Dwelling expert, understand? I just need to do my own thing,” Lu Xiao calmly said.

Han Yuan shrugged. He was also just a pawn. He had to do whatever the people above him said.

On the Wind Pavilion’s side.

The huge crowd was clearly divided into three groups. One side supported Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling, one side supported Chen Beifeng, and the third with the largest number of people were neutral.

Chen Beifeng’s momentum was originally stronger than Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling, but after the appearance of the Mother Wind Rune, the momentum of the two sides had reversed. From the looks of it, Zhou Yuan seemed to now have the advantage.

“Senior sister Ye, you can do it!” Yi Qiushui made a cheering gesture at Ye Bingling. There was clearly a little look of nervousness on her beautiful oval face.

This was because Yi Qiushui knew exactly what the pavilion master selection represented.

If Chen Beifeng were to win, all their previous efforts would likely become nothing.

The others also cheered for Ye Bingling one after another. Although Zhou Yuan had become more and more popular in the Wind Pavilion, almost everyone else, including Yi Qiushui, had put their hope of beating Chen Beifeng on Ye Bingling. After all, in their view, Zhou Yuan was still lacking maturity compared to Chen Beifend and Ye Bingling even if he had made rapid progress.

Ye Bingling wore a white training robe that highlighted her slim waist and slender legs and made her appear even more beautiful than usual. She nodded and cast her beautiful eyes upon Zhou Yuan and said solemnly, “I will face him first. If I am no match for him, I will do my best to wound him as much as possible to create better conditions for you.”

Zhou Yuan said hurriedly, “You just need to do your best, don’t fight a desperate battle.”

Ye Bingling shot a glance at him. “I said if. In this one month of time, my strength has improved greatly with the help of your Mother Wind Rune. I might not necessarily lose to him.

“It’s just that if I win, the position of pavilion master is mine. Don’t be jealous. Of course, you can also take the position when you beat me,” she said casually, casting a glance at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched, and then he couldn’t help but laugh. He could hear the comforting intent hidden in the depth of Ye Bingling’s words. It seemed that she was afraid that their relationship would be ruined after she took the position of pavilion master.

“Senior sister Ye, don’t worry.” Zhou Yuan nodded and then glanced at Chen Beifeng not far away. His eyes narrowed as he muttered, “But you have to be careful. Chen Beifeng has most likely become stronger, too.”

If Chen Beifeng really intended to put an end to everything, he certainly would have come prepared.

Zhou Yuan then turned to look at Lu Xiao in the direction of the Fire Pavilion’s side. Since the last time they had met, Lu Xiao had made no other movements, but Zhou Yuan didn’t believe that he had given up. There was no doubt that the pavilion master selection that day would be an excellent opportunity for Lu Xiao as well.

While they were chatting, suddenly the Genesis Qi between the heavens and the earth was surging. The next moment, countless people were stunned to see that two streams of light had descended from the sky, and on the two most towering stone pillars in the lake, two figures had emerged.

When those two figures were revealed, countless people broke into commotion; they had realised that, in addition to Lady Chi Jing, there was another mighty figure.

It was the sect master of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, Xuan Kun!

This pavilion master selection had unexpectedly attracted two of the most important people of the Tianyuan Region to come!

Countless people gazed in awe as their greeting voices echoed across the world.

“Humble greetings Lady Chi Jing!”

“Humble greetings sect master Xuan Kun!”

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