Chapter 813 The Eve of the Great Battle

The number of Mother Wind Runes sold continued to rise, and it was always sold out. On the other hand, the Mark Capturing Rune gradually disappeared from the Wind Pavilion, and nobody mentioned it anymore.

After all, they were the same price but one had double the effect. The Mark Capturing Rune was simply hammered to the ground by the Mother Wind Rune without any strength to fight back.

The popularity of the Mother Wind Rune also made Zhou Yuan’s reputation soar.

Those who had experienced the efficiency of the Mother Wind Rune were particularly grateful to Zhou Yuan, because they were aware of how much time the Mother Wind Rune had saved them. In three years’ time, the number of people in the Wind Pavilion who could refine a wind spirit rune would no doubt increase significantly.

This was the ultimate goal for many people who came to the four pavilions. Therefore, the birth of the Mother Wind Rune didn’t make their feelings towards Zhou Yuan reach the level of deep gratitude. After all, it wasn’t a free gift, and they had bought it with origin coins. Still, the members of the Wind Pavilion had now finally acknowledged Zhou Yuan and no longer excluded him because he was an outsider.

As a result, Zhou Yuan’s reputation in the Wind Pavilion naturally grew everyday.

Comparedared with Zhou Yuan, who was at the peak of power, Chen Beifeng was much sadder. Because of Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling, the people supporting him couldn’t purchase any Mother Wind Runes. Of course, they also knew the reason: Zhou Yuan’s revenge for their previous actions.

Despite knowing the reason, there was nothing Chen Beifeng could do, and he had no other choice but to grit his teeth and endure.

Even if he could stand it, of those who supported him, some gradually couldn’t stand it anymore.

After all, they had already begun to feel that, with the Mother Wind Rune, others were gradually surpassing them in completing the wind spirit rune…

They had only supported Chen Beifeng because he was strong and because there were benefits from following him. But now the Mother Wind Rune had appeared, Chen Beifeng had been beaten to a miserable state. If this were to continue, they would probably gradually sink to nothing in the Wind Pavilion.

They evidently couldn’t accept that.

So, in the next few days, the Wind Pavilion members who had supported Chen Beifeng also began to go on strike.

Chen Beifeng’s influence in the Wind Pavilion plummeted rapidly.

However, under this unfavourable circumstance, Chen Beifeng didn’t carry out any counterattacks, and he strangely seemed to have relented. He rarely appeared and became much more low profile. Contrary to expectations, Zhou Yuan didn’t relax, and he instead became more cautious.

He knew that Chen Beifeng wasn’t the kind of person who would willingly admit defeat, so even if Chen Beifeng was silent now, there had to be a great storm brewing.

With just a little thought, Zhou Yuan knew that the storm would break out during the approaching pavilion master selection.

If Chen Beifeng became the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion, Chen Beifeng would no longer be constrained by Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling and would be able to issue them both orders. At that time, if they refused to listen, he could strip them of their deputy pavilion master positions.

Evidently, Chen Beifeng had put his last chance of a comeback on this.

After learning Chen Beifeng’s intention, Zhou Yuan began to slow down the refinement of the Mother Wind Runes and focused on training in the wind district, because his goal was also to become the pavilion master!

Only by achieving this position could he achieve his greatest ambitions.

With the position of chief pavilion master, he could participate in the Nine Region Meeting and get his hands on the Ancestral Dragon Lantern!

And the Mother Wind Rune was just a little means for him to achieve his goals…


Half a month of time passed in the blink of an eye.

Wind District.

On a lonely peak, Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged. He made a grabbing motion, and a handful of origin coins flashed to his hand. As blood and qi surged, they were lit in flames.

The origin coins turned into wisps of smoke and rose into the air. The wind layer above him suddenly turned violent, and a huge blue storm came roaring down like an angry dragon, aiming directly for Zhou Yuan with tremendous power.

But Zhou Yuan remained surprisingly calm because he was used to seeing this strange sight during this half a month of time.

After all, every time he came to practice in the wind district, he didn’t feel comfortable without burning two or three hundred origin coins...

Wu! Wu!

The azure storm whizzed down, ruthlessly striking Zhou Yuan’s body and tearing thousands of marks into his skin.

On Zhou Yuan’s chest a Genesis Rune vortex formed—the Mother Wind Rune.

The astral wind swept over his body. Although the wind drew strands of blood, the Genesis marks contained within poured into his chest through the Genesis Rune vortex.

The huge storm lasted for almost an hour before it slowly dissipated, leaving Zhou Yuan covered in blood.

His injuries looked terrifying, but as he operated the Taiyi Green Wood Mark, the wounds rapidly recovered one after another.

Zhou Yuan didn’t care about the scars left on his body, and he urgently took a look at the back of his hand to see that rays of azure light were gathered and that an azure Genesis mark was faintly discernible. Streams of light continued to gather endlessly, and the Genesis Rune became increasingly complete.

When the last speck of azure light sank in, the Genesis Rune erupted in a blaze of light.

At that moment, Zhou Yuan could clearly feel that his body had become lighter, as if there was a spirit around his body. Without even operating Genesis Qi, his body could hover in the air.

As he felt the changes within his body, a look of unconcealable joy came bursting forth from his eyes, because on the eve of the pavilion master selection, he had completed the refinement of the wind spirit rune!

And for this, it was unknown how many origin coins Zhou Yuan had consumed. After all, the closer he was to completion, the more origin coins he had needed.

If he hadn’t been able to do whatever he wanted with the sales of the Mother Wind Runes, then, even if he had the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone to restore his spirit, it wouldn’t have been possible to form a complete wind spirit rune in just two months!

However, the good thing was that heaven wouldn’t disappoint the person who tried. All the efforts he had made were met with satisfactory returns.

The Genesis Rune light on the back of his hand gradually dispersed. Zhou Yuan was so happy that he lifted his head and let out a loud scream. With a slight movement, he transformed into a stream of light and shot into the sky, speeding towards the exit of the wind district.

After half an hour, Zhou Yuan’s figure landed on the exit’s suspended stone platform.

The members of the Wind Pavilion all bowed respectfully when they saw Zhou Yuan. The treatment was completely different from when Zhou Yuan had first come to the Wind Pavilion.

Zhou Yuan responded with a smile. He looked up to see a beautiful figure exuding an icy cold aura. It was Ye Bingling.

And when Ye Bingling’s beautiful eyes saw Zhou Yuan, the cold frost around her melted a lot. A slight smile came to her face as she said softly, “Qiushui said she got a private room in the wind restaurant to cheer for us for the pavilion master selection tomorrow.”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “It’s good to relax a little before the great battle.”

The two headed towards the exit as they spoke.

But before they took a few steps, Zhou Yuan heard something streaking across the air, followed by a fierce gush of Genesis Qi. The surrounding voices suddenly became much quieter.

Zhou Yuan knitted his brows because the person who had come was Chen Beifeng. It was said that he had been training in the wind district like crazy these days.

Chen Beifeng was expressionless, and his entirety exuded an icy coldness. When he landed on the stone platform, he also saw Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling.

Their gazes met, and a shower of sparks sputtered out from the gazes.

But in the end Chen Beifeng simply snorted and strode forward. As he brushed past Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling, he said indifferently, “You won’t be happy for too long. After tomorrow, everything you have will be taken away from you and returned to its original owner.”

He pitifully looked at Zhou Yuan because he knew that Zhou Yuan had gone to find Lu Xiao, which meant that Lu Xiao wouldn’t show the slightest mercy to him.

Idiot, you must not know the consequences of angering Lu Xiao.

During the last half month, Zhou Yuan probably viewed himself as a central figure, right? Haha, wait until tomorrow. Then he will discover that everything he did was to be given to me, Chen Beifeng, as a gift.

At that time, will this kid still be laughing?

A carefree feeling was bubbling in Chen Beifeng’s heart, and the corners of his mouth were curved in a disdainful smile. He strode forward and stepped out of the light screen before disappearing without a trace.

He was very eagerly anticipating such a scene.

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