Chapter 811 Lu Xiao

The atmosphere in the hall was tense and stifling.

Wang Chen was silent for a good while before he said, “Senior brother Zhu Lian, you are most proficient in Genesis Runes among the young generation of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. How can you not recreate the Genesis Rune that kid made casually?”

“From the structure of the Genesis marks of the Mother Wind Rune, that kid didn’t mess around. Moreover, the grades of both the Mark Capturing Rune and the Mother Wind Rune aren’t particularly high, but they are unusual. The reason I was able to create the Mark Capturing Rune back then was also because of a bit of luck,” Zhu Lian answered indifferently.

“If it weren’t for the fact that I had accidentally obtained the silk of a white spirit spider and incorporated it into the Mark Capturing Rune, it wouldn’t have had such an effect.”

Lu Xiao, to his right, whispered, “Then what is the core of his rune? Is it also the white spirit spider’s silk?”

Zhu Lian shook his head. “It’s certainly not, but its Genesis marks are far stronger than the white spirit spider’s silk. This is the main reason why the Mother Wind Rune is stronger than the Mark Capturing Rune. If we know what he’s using as the core, it won’t be hard to recreate the Mother Wind Rune.”

“The appearance of the Mother Wind Rune has cut the sales of the Mark Capturing Rune in the Wind Pavilion. In the long term, the loss of my Fire Pavilion will be extremely serious,” Lu Xiao said.

He glanced at Wang Chen with his red eyes and asked, “I heard you transferred the selling rights of the Mark Capturing Runes to Chen Beifeng, which forced Zhou Yuan to create the Mother Wind Rune?”

Wang Chen quivered when he met Lu Xiao’s gaze and quickly explained, “Brother Lu Xiao, I received a message from teacher uncle Gu Xi that Zhou Yuan has angered our Heavenly Spirit Sect, and he wants me to find a chance to teach him a lesson.”

“What he should have angered was your Scarlet Flame Hall, isn’t that right?” Lu Xiao frowned.

There were nine halls in the Heavenly Spirit Sect, and Lu Xiao wasn’t part of the Scarlet Flame Hall.

But he also didn’t say much about this. No matter what, the nine halls were all part of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, so he waved his hand and said, “This matter started because of you, and it has made my Fire Pavilion suffer great losses. I have to punish you, so I will fine you two months of salary.”

Wang Chen dared not object and just nodded bitterly. He immediately gritted his teeth and said, “Then, what do we do about the Mother Wind Rune? If we really let that kid continue to sell it…”

“I have told you earlier to invite that Zhou Yuan over,” Lu Xiao said, his eyelids drooping slightly.

“I have sent someone to pass over the message, but the kid refused with the reason that he has to refine Mother Wind Runes and has no time,” Wang Chen explained.

The others in the hall were all unhappy when they heard this. The Fire Pavilion was like the sun among the four pavilions, absorbing heaven prides from various sects and forces. Vaguely, there were even signs that the Fire Pavilion was the head of the four pavilions. Zhou Yuan was just a deputy pavilion master of the deteriorating Wind Pavilion, yet he dared to act arrogantly in front of them.

If that kid hadn’t successfully created the Mother Wind Rune, then he, a deputy pavilion master, wouldn’t be qualified to make all the higher-ups of the Fire Pavilion gather together to discuss him.

There wasn’t a ripple of expression on Lu Xiao’s face, making it hard for people to see whether he was angry or happy. He lightly patted the palm of his hand with a red fan and said indifferently after a while, “Since we can’t invite deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan over, I’ll just go to the Wind Pavilion to meet him in person.” 

“Senior brother Lu Xiao, you have such an important identity, how can you lower yourself to see that kid? Give me a few more days, I’ll make that boy come and see you!” Wang Chen persuaded in a dissatisfied tone.

Lu Xiao smiled. “Although a deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion doesn’t have the qualification, the Mother Wind Rune does.”

He stood up, his posture tall and straight, his aura extraordinary. In the depths of his red eyes, there was a condescending and indifferent look that came from possessing a high position.

“The Mother Wind Rune has made my Fire Pavilion lose origin coins each passing day.

“I’ll go and talk to deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan first. If he gives face to me, that would of course be for the best. After all, harmony brings wealth.”

When his laughter faded, his figure gradually blurred and disappeared from the hall.

Wind District.

On a bare mountain peak, Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged. But his Spirit had already left his body and was refining Mother Wind Runes behind the wind layer.

In these few days he had spent the majority of his time refining Mother Wind Runes. The demand for Mother Wind Rune was extremely high during this period of time, but as time goes on, he shouldn’t be so busy anymore.

This refining consumed half a day of time. His Spirit finally descended and returned to his body.

Descending with his Spirit was a large number of Mother Wind Runes. At a glance, there was most likely almost one thousand.

With a wave of his sleeve, Zhou Yuan stored away the Mother Wind Runes. As he became more proficient, the refinement of Mother Wind Runes also became faster.

“More than 500 origin coins are earned each day. It’s such a huge, sudden profit.” Zhou Yuan couldn’t help sighing emotionally. In the past few days, the number of origin coins on him had already reached two thousand!

He also shared the profit with Ye Bingling, Yi Qiuhui, Liu Zhixuan and others.

And after creating the Mother Wind Rune, Zhou Yuan obviously was no longer troubled about origin coins. Now, every time he practiced, he could burn origin coins one after another!

Of course, even though Zhou Yuan had spent the majority of his time refining Mother Wind Runes these days, the Wine Spirit Rune on the back of his hand had also quietly, without him noticing, reached 60% completion!

According to this progress, it was very likely that he could refine a complete wind spirit rune before the pavilion master selection!

If he were to complete a wind spirit rune in two months’ time, that speed would most likely shock all four pavilions.

A satisfied smile curved Zhou Yuan’s lip. Just as he was about to get up, something caught his attention in the distance. He turned and saw that the air was rippling and a white robed figure was gradually emerging.

“Zhou Yuan?” The white robe man peered at Zhou Yuan and smiled.

Zhou Yuan swept a look over him, and a flicker of surprise came to his face. “If I’m not mistaken, you are pavilion master Lu Xiao of the Fire Pavilion?”

Although he hadn’t met Lu Xiao before, he had heard of his characteristics from Ye Bingling, which were a white robe and a flame lotus pattern at the center between his eyebrows.

Of course, more importantly, Zhou Yuan could feel an extremely dangerous aura from Lu Xiao, which caused him to feel a tingling pain in his skin.

Lu Xiao took one step forward and appeared directly in front of Zhou Yuan. He scanned Zhou Yuan up and down and smiled. “I didn’t expect there to be such a remarkable person in the Wind Pavilion.”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “Pavilion master Lu, did you come here for something?”

He evidently didn’t come to exchange pleasantries with him.

Lu Xiao smiled when he heard this. “The Mother Wind Rune that deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan created has caused heavy losses to the Fire Pavilion.”

When he said these words, the surrounding Genesis Qi seemed to become hotter, and an oppressive pressure that made people breathless spread out.

The Heavenly Serpent Qi within Zhou Yuan’s body was also activated. While deafening dragon roars rang inside his body, a Spirit light flashed between his brows. “I apologise. But I shouldn’t be blamed for having the ability to create Mother Wind Runes, right?”

Lu Xiao waved his hand with a smile. “To be able to create Mother Wind Runes is indeed because of your ability.”

The powerful aura around his body slightly diminished. He stared at Zhou Yuan and chuckled, “Actually I am here to ask you if you are interested in coming to my Fire Pavilion as a deputy pavilion master. You should know that the Fire Pavilion is now the leader of the four pavilions, and if I become the chief pavilion master of the four pavilions, the position of pavilion master will be vacant. At that time, that position may perhaps fall on your head.”

He spoke in a casual tone and with a smile on his face. He didn’t seem to worry that Zhou Yuan would decline, since anyone knew the gap between the Fire and Wind Pavilions.

Additionally, he had thrown out the great temptation of becoming the Fire Pavilion’s pavilion master, which ordinary people shouldn’t be able to refuse.

“What does deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan think of this?”

Zhou Yuan was indeed first taken aback. He hadn’t expected Lu Xiao to use the position of pavilion master to rope him in. But he immediately chuckled inwardly. If he were to join the Fire Pavilion, he would most likely have to hand over the refining method of the Mother Wind Rune.

Lu Xiao was indeed cunning.

In the end, he shook his head with a smile.

“That offer does not tempt me much. In the future, I also want to compete for the position of chief pavilion master of the four pavilions.”

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