Chapter 810 The Influence of the Mother Wind Rune

Silence continued in the square by the lake, but there were monstrous waves surging in everybody’s heart. The shock they felt made them wonder what kind of expression they should show at this time.

Deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan had truly created a Genesis Rune stronger than the Mark Capturing Rune?!

Seeing that the dozens of testers had returned, all eyes were blazing to the point that they almost melted Zhou Yuan. All members of the Wind Pavilion could feel their hearts pounding wildly. If this was true…then in the Four Pavilions, there was going to be stormy waves!

The icy cold Chen Beifeng also gradually awakened; his mouth was dry as he let out a shrill laughter and said in a hoarse voice, “Did you invite these people here to act?”

He was still making the final struggle.

But this time nobody agreed with him because many knew that of the dozens of people who had returned, many had always kept a neutral position in the Wind Pavilion. Given their character, they wouldn’t deliberately deceive the other people since the lie would be seen through very easily. 

Zhou Yuan also ignored him. He glanced around and said indifferently, “The price of one Mother Wind Rune is half an origin coin and is sold in pairs. Because of the time limit, I have only produced two hundred. So if I were to sell it, it will be limited to two per person.”

“Due to the limited number, this time it will only be sold to some of our supporters or to neutral members. As for the people supporting deputy pavilion master Chen Beifeng, we will think about it later.

“In addition, we’ll be able to make a lot of production later, and for some of our old friends, the price will be discounted.”

While Zhou Yuan’s voice faded, Chen Beifeng’s face turned extremely ugly. Zhou Yuan was blatantly targeting them!

Some of Chen Beifeng’s supporters also had an abrupt change of expression. Moments ago they were still laughing at Zhou Yuan and the others, but who would have thought the situation would change in the blink of an eye?

“Let’s get started.” Zhou Yuan clapped his hands.


Clamour broke out, and crowds of people suddenly pounced over frantically. 

Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling stepped back quickly when they saw the frantic crowd, and Yi Qiushui brought people up to try to maintain order.

He swept his eyes across the crowd and saw that Chen Beifeng’s face had darkened frighteningly and that his eyes were fixed intently on him like a knife. But Zhou Yuan wasn’t afraid, and he responded with an indifferent smile.

You brought everything on yourself!

Two hundred Mother Wind Runes were sold out in a few minutes, and many people were left disappointed. But when Zhou Yuan promised that there would be more Mother Wind Runes the next day, the buzzing crowd gradually dispersed.

Yi Qiushui’s beautiful face was filled with excitement. They had easily earned one hundred origin coins in a few minutes.

Zhou Yuan was very calm because he knew that this was just an appetizer. As the news of the Mother Wind Rune spread out, it would no doubt defeat the Mark Capturing Rune and stop it from being sold in the Wind Pavilion in the future.

Moreover, after gaining the experience of making Mother Wind Runes, he could even make Mother Fire Runes, Mother Forest Runes, and Mother Mountain Runes in the future…. At that time, there would no longer be a market for the Mark Capturing Rune in any of the four pavilions.

Of course, a meal should be eaten a mouthful at a time. Zhou Yuan didn’t intend to release the other three Genesis Runes in one go at this time. At the very least, he had to wait until he became pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion first.

As the crowd dispersed, Chen Beifeng stormed over with his people, glowering at Zhou Yuan as he remarked, “Zhou Yuan, you are indeed a genius.”

It was clear that Zhou Yuan had a great mastery of Genesis Runes from the fact that he was able to toss out the Mother Wind Rune in just a few days of time.

“But…now that you have come up with the Mother Wind Rune, it is most likely going to bring you more trouble. I hope you won’t regret it then,” Chen Beifeng said through gritted teeth before he turned away. It was just that his figure left awkwardly and in a sorry state.

Zhou Yuan calmly gazed in the direction that they were leaving. He knew that the trouble that Chen Beifeng mentioned was connected to the Fire Pavilion. After all, the appearance of the Mother Wind Rune would steal the market from the Mark Capturing Rune.

However, he hoped that the Fire Pavilion wouldn’t do anything stupid. Otherwise if he was angered, he would bring out the other three mother runes, and the Mark Capturing Rune would really have to leave the market of the four pavilions.


After the Mother Wind Rune was sold out within minutes, more and more people began to announce its effect, which shook the entire Wind Pavilion. Everybody was flushed with excitement as they discussed the same topic—the Mother Wind Rune!

Its 40% improvement effect was undoubtedly a shock to everyone. If not confirmed through experience, some would still be unconvinced.

What was a 40% effect?

This would almost allow people to form the wind spirit rune in nearly half the time than before!

And for the four pavilions, time was the most important thing.

Because of the three-year time limit, many people in the four pavilions were racing against time. If the training time could be halved, how great of a benefit would that bring?

Many people who weren’t able to purchase Mother Wind Runes were filled with envy when they saw the people who had experienced the mysterious power of the Mother Wind Rune dancing in excitement. 

The growing excitement soon spread out of the Wind Pavilion and caused an even greater shock in the other three pavilions.

Especially so in the Fire Pavilion. Many members of the Fire Pavilion looked puzzledly at each other. If the Mother Wind Rune really was as powerful as the rumours said, then nobody within the Wind Pavilion would ask for their Mark Capturing Rune anymore.

This would undoubtedly have a huge impact on the Fire Pavilion.

After all, the Fire Pavilion had always been treated far better than the other three pavilions because of the unique skill of the Mark Capturing Rune.

But the new Mother Wind Rune had already appeared in the Wind Pavilion and was much more superior…


In the next few days, as Zhou Yuan became more skilled, his daily production of the Mother Wind Rune reached an average of 1,000. However, even so, they were all rapidly sold out whenever they appeared. Its popularity was simply astonishing.

And while the Mother Wind Rune was sold incredibly well in the Wind Pavilion, the sales of the Mark Capturing Rune plummeted. After all, many people would rather wait for the Mother Wind Rune the next day than to buy the Mark Capturing Rune again.

When this information reached the Fire Pavilion, it undoubtedly shocked the higher-ups of the Fire Pavilion.

Fire Island. 

The entire Fire Island was filled with a crimson red color and covered in flame stones  emitting scorching heat that made the temperature around the island very high.

At this moment, in a pavilion on the island, all the Fire Pavilion’s commanders and deputy pavilion masters were gathered.

Wang Chen was also present, but given his identity, he was only in the sixth position. The atmosphere in the hall was somewhat tense, and all eyes were on the two figures that were sitting upright.

The one on the right was a young man in a white robe. His eyes were slightly red, and there was a strange fire lotus pattern between his eyebrows.

He didn’t have the slightest wave of Genesis Qi around him, but the oppressive pressure he exuded made everybody present look at him with awe.

This was because he was the Fire Pavilion’s pavilion master, Lu Xiao.

He was also the person ranked highest among the young generation of the Tianyuan Region and was ranked ninth on the divine dwelling list of Hunyuan Heaven.

In Lu Xiao’s hand, there was a red fan gently tapping the palm of his hand. He tilted his head slightly and looked at the person beside him. It was a man in a red robe. The Genesis Qi exuded from his body wasn’t particularly strong, but at the center of his brows was a divine light that revealed his powerful spirit cultivation level.

Zhu Ling, the second strongest person of the Fire Pavilion and also the creator of the Mark Capturing Rune.

In the quiet hall, Lu Xiao suddenly spoke. “How is it?”

Zhu Ling’s slightly closed eyes slowly opened, and he placed a bamboo slip gently onto the table.

His complexion didn’t look too good, but in the end he slowly shook his head and said, “The Mother Wind Rune has a self-destruct setting, which is extremely sensitive. I tried to study it, and it directly erased all the traces…but judging from the technique, this person has a good mastery of Genesis Runes.”

“The Mother Wind Rune…I can’t recreate it.” There was anger and bitterness in his tone of voice.

As soon as these words came out, the already stifling atmosphere in the hall suddenly became more intense, making it almost impossible to breathe.

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