Chapter 809 Counterattack

Wind Island, in front of a small building.

There was a constant stream of people forming a long queue and a very buzzing and lively atmosphere.

Chen Beifeng stood on the second floor, watching the scene below with a wide smile. He also couldn’t help but marvel at the attractive power of the Mark Capturing Rune. Most likely, nine out of ten people of the Wind Pavilion were currently gathered here.

“Li Jian, you really know how to adapt to circumstances.” Chen Beifeng titled his head and looked at a man behind him with a smile.

The man’s complexion was pale, his nose wide, and there was a serious expression on his face. When he heard what Chen Beifeng said, he bowed respectfully and revealed a humble smile. “A good bird knows which tree to choose to live on. The entire Wind Pavilion belongs to the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master, and I just came to report in advance.”

He implied Chen Beifeng would be the future pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion.

Chen Beifeng gave a hearty laugh and pointed to Li Jian. “You know how to talk.”

“Deputy pavilion master Ye Bingling won’t be a match for you. I have tried to advise her, but she is too stubborn.”

Chen Beifeng smiled. “No hurry, she won’t shed a tear until she sees the coffin.”

Chen Beifeng ran his eyes across the long stream of people below and said proudly, “The heart of the Wind Pavilion is now in my hands. No matter what they do now, they can’t win against me.”

Li Jian also nodded in agreement. As long as Chen Beifeng held the Mark Capturing Rune, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. He knew about the attractive power of the Mark Capturing Rune, which was also why he had decided to abandon Ye Bingling and join Chen Beifeng’s side.

“Actually, it was the new deputy pavilion master who created trouble for you. Otherwise your relationship with deputy pavilion master Ye Bingling wouldn’t have become like this,” Li Jian uttered, a trace of jealousy flashing across his eyes.

Ever since Zhou Yuan arrived at the Wind Pavilion, Ye Bingling had trusted him to the extreme, which had made Li Jian very uncomfortable. He had even persuaded Ye Bingling to keep away from Zhou Yuan when he angered Chen Beifeng and Wang Chen, but she had refused to listen and had even tried to protect Zhou Yuan.

Ye Bingling’s reckless behaviour was also one of the reasons for Li Jian’s betrayal. Of course, there was also a man’s jealousy, which outsiders wouldn’t know about.

Chen Beifeng’s eyes turned biting cold when Zhou Yuan was mentioned. “Don’t worry, he’s just a grasshopper. He won’t be jumping for long.”

Feeling the icy coldness in Chen Beifeng’s words, the corners of Li Jian’s mouth curved upwards. He was very happy to see the new deputy pavilion master’s misfortune.    

While the two were talking, suddenly there was a commotion, and chaos erupted in the long queue below, and then, some people left hesitantly one after another.

Chen Beifeng wrinkled his brows and beckoned Jin Teng over. “What’s going on?”

Before Jin Teng could speak, there were already some gasps of astonishment below.

“I heard that deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan has created a Genesis Rune that also has an effect on the wind spirit rune’s Genesis marks, and its effect is 40%!”

“Forty percent?! How is that possible? Wouldn’t that be twice as much as the Mark Capturing Rune?”

“That’s nonsense, isn’t it? Nobody has been able to reproduce the Mark Capturing Rune in so many years, let alone recreate a Genesis Rune that has an effect superior to the Mark Capturing Rune!”

“I don’t know, but the price is said to be the same as the Mark Capturing Rune!”

“Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling took people with them to sell it by the Wind Lake. It is said that the quantity isn’t much.”

“Is this for real?”

“Go, go and see first!”


As the whispering spread, more wind pavilion members who had lined up to purchase Mark Capturing Runes continued to leave in droves. Soon, the small building’s popularity reduced by at least half.

On the second floor, as Chen Beifeng watched more and more people leave, his face darkened, and he immediately mocked, “What is that Zhou Yuan doing? He thinks he can solve the problem by tricking people to the lake?”

He didn’t believe a word those people said!

You created your own Genesis Rune? And the effect is twice as much as the Mark Capturing Rune?! You can only deceive children with that lie. The Mark Capturing Rune is the main reason for the growth of the Fire Pavilion in recent years. The Fire Pavilion made a huge amount of origin coins from the other three pavilions due to the Mark Capturing Rune. There are many people among the three pavilions who are envious of them.

Haven’t many tried to get rid of the suppression of the Mark Capturing Rune over all these years? But did anyone succeed in the end?

Not one of them!

But a new deputy pavilion master, who came to the Wind Pavilion less than one month ago, had said that he created a Genesis Rune that is twice as effective as the Mark Capturing Rune?

Who do you think you can deceive?!

Are all the people stupid? They even believed that?

However, as more and more people below left, a flame of anger began to rise in Chen Beifeng’s heart. He kicked the door and left it shattered in pieces. Perhaps even he himself didn’t realise that his heart was palpitating with the truth he dared not believe.

“Deputy pavilion master, do we need to see what trick Zhou Yuan is playing?” Jin Teng whispered, his eyes flashing with suspicion.

Li Jian also nodded. “Zhou Yuan is clearly deceiving people. It is absolutely impossible that he created a Genesis Rune better than the Mark Capturing Rune!”

Chen Beifeng’s countenance turned cold. Immediately he waved his hand and commanded, “Go, let’s go, if this boy is spreading false news, I will make him suffer the consequence!”

As his voice faded, his figure had already soared to the sky with Jin Teng, Li Jian and others closely following behind.

In the middle of Wind Island was a huge lake. It was like a mirror surrounded by an endless training ground.

But at this moment, on a square near the lake was a crowd of people, and in the distance were silhouettes breaking through the air from time to time.

All the people who came gathered around the center of the square where a small shed was built. Zhou Yuan, Ye Bingling and others were standing behind the shed, and on the stone platform in front of them was a jade bamboo slip engraved with a Genesis Rune. It was the Mother Wind Rune.

Around the shed were crowds of people, but they were all suspiciously studying the jade bamboo slip, and nobody had come forward yet.

Zhou Yuan ran his eyes across the crowd and spoke in a loud and clear voice. “Everybody, the Genesis Rune I created is called the Mother Wind Rune. I have made it very clear before that within the wind district, it can increase the absorption effect of the wind spirit rune’s Genesis marks to 40%. The price is the same as the Mark Capturing Rune.”

The crowd broke into commotion. Everybody was shocked by what he said, but among those shocked, there were more people sceptical. After all, a 40% effect was really amazing and double that of the Mark Capturing Rune.

“Hmph, that’s nonsense!”

A cold snort suddenly sounded as silhouettes descended from the sky, led by Chen Beifeng.

Chen Beifeng fixed a cold stare at Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling. “The Mark Capturing Rune is unique in the four pavilions. Can I ask how long deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan took to create the Mother Wind Rune?”

Zhou Yuan faintly smiled. “Four or five days.”

Chen Beifeng burst into laughter, “You created a Genesis Rune superior to the Mark Capturing Rune in four or five days?! I think you have lost your mind!”

The others looked at each other, the doubt in their eyes growing stronger. They of course knew how many Genesis masters had tried to recreate the Mark Capturing Runes over the years. But in the end they all failed, and the Mark Capturing Rune remained standing to that day. That was the reason for the Fire Pavilion’s strong foundation.

But Zhou Yuan had said that he created a Genesis Rune stronger than the Mark Capturing Rune in just four or five days?

“Everyone, deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan must have been too anxious and desperate that he had to do this. But don’t worry, if someone is deceived by him, just tell me. I, Chen Beifeng, will teach him a lesson today!” Chen Beifeng shouted righteously.

The crowd broke into cheers, making Chen Beifeng’s figure appear imposing and outstanding.

Zhou Yuan watched Chen Beifeng’s performance with a disgusted look on his face and was too lazy to say anything. Instead he said to the crowd, “Some people have taken some free Mother Wind Runes to the wind district and will be back soon.”

He also knew how unbelievable it was to create the Mother Wind Rune in just a few days, so he didn’t blame anyone for not believing him. So for the moment, it was useless to say anything else, and he should instead let the facts speak for themselves.

Chen Beifeng frowned. Zhou Yuan’s attitude made a hint of uneasiness surface in the depths of his heart.

But he still gritted his teeth and turned to say to Ye Bingling, who hadn’t uttered a word. “Deputy pavilion master Ye, you are one of the seasoned members of our Wind Pavilion, but you’re also playing along with this boy’s nonsense?”

But Ye Bingling didn’t pay any attention to him and continued to stare at Li Jian beside him with frosty eyes.

Li Jian felt a little uncomfortably when he met Ye Bingling’s gaze. He immediately glanced at Zhou Yuan and said, “Deputy pavilion master Ye, Zhou Yuan has lost his mind, you shouldn’t follow him. Otherwise, you will also be affected.”

Ye Bingling just glanced at him in disgust when she heard those words.

Her gaze pierced Li Jian’s heart like a knife. His eyes drooped, but a look of resentment shot out from his eyes. 

Stupid woman, your lie will be exposed later. Let’s see whether or not you will have the face to participate in the pavilion master selection!


Dozens of figures descended from the sky.

Their faces were flushed, and their eyes seemed to be in a trance-like state. They were panting crazily, as if they had suffered some kind of strong shock.

They were the ones who had taken the free Mother Wind Runes to test them.

The others immediately frowned when they saw the expression on their faces. Could Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling really be playing tricks on them?

Chen Beifeng was overjoyed to see their expressions. He looked at them with a gentle gaze and said solemnly, “They tricked you? Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid because of their identities. I am here today. They won’t dare to do anything!”

However, the arriving people didn’t pay attention to Chen Beifeng. They took a deep breath and roared with flushed faces, “The Mother Wind Rune is invincible!

“The 40% effect isn’t a lie!

“The Mark Capturing Rune can’t be compared to it!”

As uncontrollable roars rang out, the commotion in the square suddenly halted.

The smile on Chen Beifeng’s face also stiffened. His heart began to sink, making him tremble all over as if he was in a bottomless abyss.

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