Chapter 808 Shock

Wind Island, in the small building where Ye Bingling lived.

Ye Bingling sat upright; her beautiful face looked a little haggard, and her tightly clamped lips revealed that she was in a very bad mood.

And beside her, in addition to Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan, were more than a dozen of figures with a darkened face. These people were Ye Bingling’s core supporters, who also occupied a high position in the Wind Pavilion.

Ye Bingling rubbed her beautiful brows and ran her eyes across the crowd, asking suddenly, “Where is Li Jian?”

Some of their expressions changed. It was after a moment when someone suppressed his anger and replied, “That bastard has joined Chen Beifeng’s side.”

Ye Bingling couldn’t help clenching her beautiful hands. Her countenance turned cold, and in the end, she slammed the table without saying anything.

Anyone could tell that Ye Bingling was inwardly furious, because Li Jian was one of Ye Bingling’s only two supporters before Zhou Yuan had come to the Wind Island.

She wouldn’t be so furious if it was someone else who had chosen to support Chen Beifeng for the benefits of the Mark Capturing Runes. After all, they hadn’t received any real benefits from her. They only supported her because of her charm, but Li Jian was different. If it weren’t for her, it would have been impossible for Li Jian to become a commander.

She didn’t expect the person who had received great favours from her to betray her for Mark Capturing Runes. It should be said that even Xiao Hong, Li Fa and Lu Mingyue—the latest to join them—did not show signs of wavering as of yet. 

“Ingrate!” someone hissed.

“Commander Li Jian most likely had the intention to change sides long ago, and the Mark Capturing Rune was just an excuse,” Yi Qiushui said softly.

The others were even more furious when they heard her, and even Ye Bingling couldn’t help but grit her teeth in anger.

But in the end, Ye Bingling could only let out a long sigh. Given the present situation, there was simply nothing she could do. The influence of the Mark Capture Runes was indeed too great for ordinary members.

Now, she could only wait for the pavilion master selection. If she won and obtained the position of pavilion master, she could directly order a stop to Chen Beifeng’s actions. wouldn’t be that easy to beat Chen Beifeng in the pavilion master selection.

“Where’s Zhou Yuan?” Ye Bingling asked.

Yi Qiushui gave a bitter smile. “It seems he is still in secluded cultivation. I haven’t heard anything from him.”

Hearing this, some of Ye Bingling’s hardcore supporters couldn’t help remarking in a dissatisfied tone, “Deputy pavilion master Zhou is too unreliable. He is clearly the one who had angered Wang Chen, but he has hidden himself when something has happened...”

Yi Qiushui didn’t know what to say, because Zhou Yuan was indeed mostly responsible for this matter. It was understandable for other people to have complaints.

Ye Bingling waved her hand and said, “There’s no use saying such meaningless words now. Zhou Yuan isn’t hiding. He is just trying to figure out the mystery of the Mark Capturing Rune and then reproduce it.”

The others looked at one another and in the end shook their heads with wry smiles. “If the Mark Capturing Rune is so easy to recreate, how could the Fire Pavilion become so powerful?”

And how could they end up in such a miserable state?

Deputy pavilion master Zhou was too naive.

Ye Bingling also sighed inwardly. In truth, she also didn’t have too much expectation for Zhou Yuan. It was inevitable that she felt a little disappointed since there hadn’t been any news of him in days.

“Never mind, let Chen Beifeng do what he wants for the time being. When the pavilion master selection comes, we will decide the winner and the loser.” Ye Bingling forcibly mustered her energy.

Everybody nodded silently. There was nothing else they could do.


But at this moment, the living room door suddenly swung open, and a figure strode in with a smile. “I don’t like to endure. If there is enmity, I have to get revenge right away.”

Everybody turned around to see Zhou Yuan, who had been absent for days.

Ye Bingling rolled her eyes and said snappily, “What else can you do if you don’t endure it? Are you going to snatch their Mark Capturing Runes?”

Zhou Yuan sat down on a chair next to Ye Bingling and stretched his waist, a trace of tiredness in his eyes. The last few days of deriving a similar rune had evidently exhausted him. He picked up a cup of tea and gulped it down completely.

But when he set the cup down, he smelled a faint fragrance at the rim of the cup.

He choked and looked up to see Ye Bingling’s beautiful but cold eyes staring at him. Her beautiful hand against the table was also emitting cold frost.

Evidently, the cup belonged to Ye Bingling.

“Zhou Yuan, you have been gone for several days, and as a result you have become leisurely and carefree.” Ye Bingling gritted her teeth. She really wanted to teach him a lesson.

Zhou Yuan gave an embarrassed smile. “Don’t get angry...”

He coughed and said, “Also why would I take the Mark Capturing Runes? I don’t want it even if they were to give me it as a gift.”

Ye Bingling sneered, “Stop talking big!”

The others, including Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan, were also somewhat speechless when they looked at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan smiled when he saw the puzzled and helpless gazes in the room. He took out a jade bamboo slip and placed it on the table. “This is the ‘Mother Wind Rune’ that I created, and it also improves the efficiency of absorbing Genesis marks.

“The effect is greater than the Fire Pavilion’s Mark Capturing Rune. Theirs have a 20% increase, but my Mother Wind Rune should be able to reach a 40% increase.”


As soon as his voice faded, a number of teacups could be heard shattering in the room. Everyone looked dumbfounded at Zhou Yuan. Even Ye Bingling gaped at him, and a stunned expression froze on her cold face.

“Mother Wind Rune?!”


It was only after several seconds that a number of exclamations of disbelief rang out. Everybody was incomparably stunned.

“You, what are you talking about?” Ye Bingling stared at the jade bamboo slip on the table, finding it hard to believe what Zhou Yuan said to be true.

It was already unbelievable that Zhou Yuan could create a Genesis Rune that could absorb Genesis marks, but he had told them that the Genesis Rune he had created possessed double the effect of the Fire Pavilion’s Mark Capturing Rune?!

If it weren’t for the trust Ye Bingling had in Zhou Yuan, she really would have thought he was deliberately playing with her.

“Zhou Yuan, in these days of secluded cultivation, you really created a Genesis Rune that can absorb Genesis marks?” Yi Qiushui also couldn’t help asking. She was worried that Zhou Yuan was deliberately lying to reassure them.

Noticing their suspicious gazes, Zhou Yuan also felt a little helpless. He didn’t say anything more but flicked his fingers, sending a jade bamboo slip engraved with a Genesis Rune floating towards each person present. “Go and try it in the wind district yourself. It won’t take long.”

Ye Bingling grabbed the bamboo jade slip. She gritted her teeth and warned, “If I find out that you are tricking me, Zhou Yuan, you are dead!”

She hurriedly got up to try it for herself. Otherwise, she really couldn’t believe in Zhou Yuan’s words.

Yi Qiushui, Liu Zhixuan and the others also took one bamboo jade slip each and darted out.

So, in the blink of an eye,the room was empty.

Zhou Yuan was also a little depressed when he saw this. No one believed him? Even Yi Qiushui ran away so fast!

He shook his head and sat there drinking tea alone.

When he finished the pot of tea, the sound of Genesis Qi streaking through the air could be heard from outside again. Then, the door of the room slammed open, and Ye Bingling rushed in with a group of people. On their faces were looks of joy and excitement.

Their eyes gathered on Zhou Yuan. At this moment, there was even a sparkle of light in the proud Ye Bingling’s beautiful eyes.

“How was it? It’s better than the Mark Capturing Rune, right?” Zhou Yuan put down the cup and asked curiously. After all, he hadn’t tried it before himself.

Everyone looked at him with blazing eyes and nodded enthusiastically. Xiao Hong couldn’t help but exclaim with excitement, “The Mark Capturing Rune compared to Brother Yuan’s Mother Wind Rune is simply rubbish!”

With the Mother Wind Rune, the efficiency of their cultivation in the future would undoubtedly greatly improve.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “These are the Mother Wind Runes for sale, so the effect is only 40%. Later I will produce some special Mother Wind Runes for you all. Its effect can be increased by another 10%.”

He knew that those who remained here until now were all considered hardcore supporters, so he of course didn’t mind giving them some sweetness.

Everyone gasped with astonishment when they heard this. The blazing look in their eyes was already close to admiration and worship. The effect could be increased to 50%? What sort of Genesis Rune was that?

Ye Bingling walked up to Zhou Yuan and sat down. She still had a slightly dazed expression, but in the end she still looked at Zhou Yuan, bit her red lips and complimented, “Zhou are too amazing.”

Even someone as prideful as Ye Bingling had no choice but to admit defeat.

Zhou Yuan smiled and immediately placed the cup in his hand heavily on the table, his countenance turning cold.

“Everyone, spread the news out. They’ve been happy for too long, it’s time to see them cry.”

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