Chapter 806 Divine Light

When the divine light surged in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, he shook his palm, and the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared in his hand. With a slight flick of the snowy white tip, it outlined the air in front of him at lightning speed.

Where the tip of the brush past, mysterious Genesis marks formed.

These Genesis marks intertwined, and they linked or combined together. In the blink of an eye, thousands of changes occurred.

Countless traces of Genesis marks gathered gradually, as though forming a mysterious painting in front of Zhou Yuan. At this moment he was like a painter, constantly repairing flaws to create a complete drawing.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were extremely focused. The Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand brought up blurred images as it swiftly moved but sometimes froze. It was only after a long while did he slowly drop his brush. With great difficulty, a mysterious Genesis mark was outlined.


Half a day passed by very quickly. Beads of sweat constantly surfaced on Zhou Yuan’s forehead, and countless Genesis marks reflected in his eyes. His Spirit power was activated to its peak, continuously carrying out derivations.

Zhou Yuan’s Heavenly Yuan brush finally stopped.

He gasped heavily.

He gazed at the void in front where a light rune of around half a foot was suspended in the air. The light rune was obscure and complex, and each veined pattern was formed from countless Genesis marks.

It was a Genesis Rune prototype and the result of Zhou Yuan’s derivations over the past few days.

“This Genesis Rune is just a shell, but it is a little more marvelous than the Mark Capturing Rune,” Zhou Yuan muttered, his voice slightly proud because he had confidence in his mastery of Genesis Runes.

After all, he had gone through Yaoyao’s strict supervision!


Zhou Yuan knit his brows into a frown. The structure of the Genesis Rune had been formed, but it still lacked a core, the most important part of the rune and the most difficult requirement to fulfill.

For example, the core of the Mark Capturing Rune was a mysterious material that the Fire Pavilion was extremely secretive about. Only by using this material as the core could the Genesis Rune ultimately have an effect.

Since Zhou Yuan didn’t know what the core of the Fire Pavilion’s Mark Capturing Rune was, he had to find a substitute, but it was also the most difficult task to accomplish. In order to figure out what wonderful object could capture Genesis marks, the Fire Pavilion had to have gone through countless trials to complete the Mark Capturing Rune.

“But I don’t have that much time…” Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows. Given the present situation, the longer time was dragged on, the stronger Chen Beifeng would grow.

The function of the Mark Capturing Rune was similar to a spider web. It had a mysterious gluing strength that had an effect on Genesis marks drifting along the astral spirit wind. What special materials could affect Genesis marks?

Several different materials flashed across Zhou Yuan’s mind, but in the end they were all thrown out because they weren’t suitable.

Time flashed by. The night sky shrouded the earth.

Zhou Yuan was still sitting on the bed with bloodshot eyes, constantly muttering to himself.

In the end, he sighed with disappointment and fell powerlessly on the bed. He had derived a new structure for the Genesis Rune but had been stopped at the problem of a lack of core materials. At this time he truly felt exhausted. It was no wonder that the Mark Capturing Rune could dominate the four pavilions. It was indeed unique.

“If I can’t figure it out, I can only wait until next month to defeat Chen Beifeng…”

Zhou Yuan pursed his lips. He didn’t believe that Chen Beifeng would still dare to leap after he beat him.

It was just that if he couldn’t solve the problem of the Mark Capturing Rune, even if he became the pavilion master, he would still suffer some constraints. And there was a possibility that Wang Chen would directly block the sale of Mark Capturing Runes to the Wind Pavilion if Zhou Yuan became the pavilion master. At that time the members of the Wind Pavilion would no doubt be unhappy with him.

Zhou Yuan felt a little suffocated when he thought of this. The feeling of having his throat choked by others was really uncomfortable.

After all, he couldn’t always ask senior sister Chi Jing for help, right?

Zhou Yuan sat up and gritted his teeth. He closed his eyes and operated the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualization Method to restore his consumed Spirit power. He intended to continue into the night!


When the divine grindstone in his mind rotated, mysterious roars echoed.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit stood before the divine grindstone, peering up at the huge divine grindstone. As the divine grindstone crushed down, Zhou Yuan felt a beam of light flashing in his heart.    


The whole bed collapsed.

But Zhou Yuan’s eyes were blazing with joy because he had caught the divine light!

This is…the wind spirit rune’s mother body engraved in the depths of the wind layer in the wind district!

The Genesis marks contained in the astral spirit wind were all reproduced from the mother body of the wind spirit rune. The relationship between the two was like a mother and a child. There was a very mysterious connection and attraction between the two. If…if he could copy a trace of the aura of the wind spirit rune’s mother body and use it as the core of his new Genesis Rune, once activated, it would inevitably form a great attraction to the wind spirit rune’s Genesis marks!

And that effect would definitely be stronger than the Mark Capturing Rune’s!

This was because the Mark Capturing Rune was only passively waiting for Genesis marks to come and adhere to it by luck. But with the aura of the wind spirit rune’s mother body, the Genesis marks would inevitably be drawn to it like a moth to a flame!

One was passive, the other active!

In the world, there was no other material that could attract Genesis marks of the wind spirit rune better than the aura of the wind spirit rune’s mother body!

“Found it!”

Zhou Yuan did not stop trembling. “This is it! This is it!”

Zhou Yuan lifted his head and laughed. The next moment he transformed into a beam of flowing light, left Wind Island and came to the wind district.

He couldn’t wait to test its effect.

After entering the wind district, Zhou Yuan again operated the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualization Method. Not to his surprise, when the rumbling noise sounded, there was a response from the outside world. It was the mottled divine grindstone behind the wind layer.

A light glowed between Zhou Yuan’s eyebrows as his Spirit shot out and transformed into an invisible ball of light. It rapidly soared into the air and came to just below the wind layer.

The wind layer started to swirl, forming a small wind tunnel.

“Thank you, elder divine grindstone.”

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit slightly hesitated before it quickly entered the wind tunnel. As he passed the wind layer, the emptiness and chaotic space came into view. Within the chaos was the mottled divine grindstone that seemed to have existed since ancient times.

The azure ancient Genesis Rune engraved on the mottled divine grindstone immediately caught Zhou Yuan’s eyes. It was the mother body of the wind spirit rune!

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