Chapter 805 Derive

Zhou Yuan sat quietly on the bed, fiddling with the jade bamboo slip engraved with the Mark Capturing Runes in deep thought. A moment later, Spirit light suddenly glowed in the middle of his brows, and a wisp of Spirit power silently penetrated the bamboo slip.

However, as soon as the wisp of Spirit power entered, it triggered a very sensitive reaction. A subtle power erupted from the bamboo slip, and within seconds, the Genesis Rune on the scroll rapidly faded like melting snow.

“The self-destruct setting is so sensitive.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed, but he wasn’t too surprised. After all, this was only his first attempt. If it were that simple, he would find it even more unbelievable.

He crushed the jade bamboo slip and took out another Mark Capturing Rune.

Zhou Yuan directly shattered the bamboo slip against his chest, and suddenly a beam of light erupted out, gradually forming a bizarre Genesis Rune on his chest.

The Genesis Rune penetrated right into his flesh and blood, and streams of light spread around to form a strange network, like a cobweb at a glance. 

The cobweb spread all over his upper body, and each connection was very clever. Although it looked extremely fragile and didn’t seem to have any defense or attack power, Zhou Yuan knew that if he was in the Four Spirits Origin Tower, there would be cobwebs stuck inside his body once this Genesis Rune penetrated his body.  

“What a marvelous Genesis Rune.” Zhou Yuan marveled as he observed with his Spirit and nodded repeatedly.

The Mark Capturing Rune appeared simple but was in fact very complicated because the veins were changing constantly, which was also the main reason why it was difficult to reproduce.

Moreover, Zhou Yuan keenly felt that he needed to use some kind of special material as the medium to engrave the Mark Capturing Rune, but he couldn’t figure out the specific materials. This was presumably the Fire Pavilion’s biggest secret.

If he was to reproduce the Mark Capturing Rune, he had to figure out what the materials were, and that was obviously not an easy thing to do.

Moreover, the Mark Capturing Rune was so fragile it would crumble with the slightest touch. This was the reason why Zhou Yuan couldn’t let his Spirit penetrate it directly for observation.

After an hour, Zhou Yuan retracted his Spirit and saw that the Mark Capturing Rune had gradually faded from his chest.

Zhou Yuan’s face took on a thoughtful expression. In truth, the principles of the Mark Capturing Rune weren’t particularly complex, but some of the key areas were indeed difficult to figure out, such as the special materials contained.

Therefore the difficulty in reproducing it was quite high.

“Since it is impossible to reproduce, I’ll create one myself!” Zhou Yuan coldly snorted. Before his eight meridians were opened, he had practiced Genesis Runes as his main skill. And even if he had begun to practice Genesis Qi, he still hadn’t let go of his cultivation of Genesis Runes.

Adding to this, because Yaoyao, a Genesis Rune master, was always around him, his mastery in Genesis Runes had constantly deepened.

Since someone of the Fire Pavilion with a Spirit of the Transformative stage could produce the Mark Capturing Rune, he believed he could also do the same.

However, thinking of Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan’s eyes suddenly dimmed a little. If she were around, they could have solved the Mark Capturing Rune within minutes.

“Yaoyao, wait for me, I’m trying my best. I’m working hard to get the Ancestral Dragon Lantern and the ancestral dragon blood and flesh so that you can recover,” Zhou Yuan whispered to himself, his hands uncontrollably clenching tight. He really missed the days when Yaoyao and Tuntun were always beside him.

Compared with those times, he was indeed a little lonely by himself in Hunyuan Heaven.    

But Zhou Yuan wasn’t a person who would be immersed in the past. He took a deep breath and suppressed the emotions in his heart. Since he couldn’t return to his previous life, he had to continue to work hard, rather than meaninglessly fantasising here.

Zhou Yuan gradually closed his eyes, and the Spirit between his eyebrows began to flash again. He intended to try the deriving method to see if he could create a Genesis Rune with a similar effect to the Mark Capturing Rune.

Zhou Yuan went into secluded cultivation and didn’t appear for three days.

And in these three days, the matter of the Mark Capturing Rune had caused a lot of storm. In order to calm the situation down, Ye Bingling almost had no time to train in the wind district. But even so, it wasn’t of much use because origin coins were too important and the three years time limit meant that many people couldn’t afford to waste any time.

Some people who originally supported Ye Bingling were starting to waver.

For this reason, Ye Bingling was exhausted and could only listen to the bad news that was constantly being reported.

While Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and the others were having a headache because of this matter, Chen Beifeng was grinning in another little building of the Wind Pavilion. Standing in front of the railing, he scanned over the members of the Wind Pavilion who had come to purchase the Mark Capturing Rune. Many of them were once Ye Bingling’s supporters.

It was clear that there weren’t any supporters who could resist the temptation of origin coins.

“Brother Chen, in these three days, almost half of the people on Ye Bingling’s side have left,” Jin Teng exclaimed joyfully.

Chen Beifeng smiled. “As time goes on, there will most likely only be two or three wild cats left on her side.

“After I defeat her at the pavilion master selection, I will like to see whether the ice beauty will surrender or not!”

He was in high spirits, and the embarrassment he felt before because of Zhou Yuan had vanished.

“By the way, where’s Zhou Yuan?” Chen Beifeng suddenly asked.

Jin Teng grinned. “I heard that he has been hiding in a building for several days and hasn’t appeared once. He must have no face to show up. After all, this situation is now a mess. It will be better to pretend to know nothing and hide.”

“Ye Bingling is really blind to support him so much.”

Chen Beifeng shook his head, saying disdainfully, “That wretch who doesn’t know the immensity of the sky has finally realised that he has kicked an iron plate? Hmph, it’s too late now!

“Ignore him for now. When I become the pavilion master, I will find a way to remove him from the deputy pavilion master position. He had offended and angered me, Chen Beifeng. He thinks the deputy pavilion master identity can protect him?”

“Then congratulations to the new pavilion master in advance.” Jin Teng smiled, his eyes flashing with hatred. 

When that guy loses the position of deputy pavilion master, I will be sure to humiliate him properly.

“Continue to advertise the Mark Capturing Rune. Let’s see how many more days they can hold on.” Chen Beifeng clapped Jin Teng on the shoulder and then turned into a building.

When Zhou Yuan’s attempts at deriving the Mark Capturing Rune reached the fifth day, his closed eyes finally slowly opened.

From his eyes,rays of divine light burst forth.

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