Chapter 804 Wind Island’s Situation

Four Spirits Origin Tower, wind district.

Zhou Yuan looked at the Wind Spirit Rune flashing an azure color on his arm. It was already 40% complete. If other people were to see this speed, they would have been ecstatic, but Zhou Yuan seemed a little troubled.

This was because he had already used up more than 300 origin coins.

And there were still three days before the next month’s pay!

In other words, for the next three days, he wouldn’t be able to come to the wind district to practice again, and even if he received next month’s salary, it would only be 80 origin coins. Given his consumption speed, it would most likely be used up in a few days.

The lack of origin coins had become Zhou Yuan’s biggest constraint.

Zhou Yuan in the end could only let out a long sigh. He stood up, and his figure streaked across the air. Without any origin coins it was useless to stay any longer in the wind district.

Zhou Yuan left the wind district and the Four Spirit Origin Tower and headed straight for the Wind Pavilion.

Zhou Yuan returned to Wind Island but noticed that the atmosphere was somewhat strange. Many people wore an anxious expression, especially when they saw Zhou Yuan, and their expressions turned a little complicated, their gazes becoming evasive.

Zhou Yuan ran his eyes over those slightly familiar people and frowned slightly.

His footsteps halted suddenly when he saw a group of people not far away. The leader was Jin Teng, who seemed to be advertising something. When Jin Teng saw him, a gloating expression immediately surfaced on his face. Then he left with the group of people in a great mood.

What happened? Zhou Yuan thought to himself and then quickly rushed to the small building.

And when he reached the small building, he stood stunned for a moment because he saw three figures standing in front of the building. They were Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan, all with solemn expressions on their faces.

“What’s going on?” Zhou Yuan quickly darted forward.

“Zhou Yuan, you’re finally out!” Yi Qiushui exclaimed when she saw Zhou Yuan. “Something big has happened!”

“Slowly tell me.” Zhou Yuan tried to calm her down.

Ye Bingling came forward, her beautiful face covered with frost. She explained, “Today, the Fire Pavilion announced that they will temporarily transfer the selling rights of the Mark Capturing Rune in the Wing Pavilion to Chen Beifeng. If the people of the Wind Pavilion want to make a purchase they will have to ask Chen Beifeng. But Chen Beifeng has let out word that anyone who supports you and me will have to pay double the price; otherwise, they won’t sell to them!”

“Mark Capturing Runes…,” Zhou Yuan uttered. He had heard about these objects, but hadn’t used them much before because he possessed a Spirit of the Transformative stage and his efficiency of absorbing Genesis marks was better than others. The Mark Capturing Rune might have a 20% increase effect on others, but for him, it was probably less than 10%.

Of course, he also understood that he was only a special case and that not everyone was able to bring their Spirit to the Transformative stage while in the Divine Dwelling stage.

More ordinary people needed Mark Capturing Runes to improve their efficiency, so he was well aware of its importance to others. It could be said to be a necessity.

The price of a Mark Capturing Rune was half an origin coin, and they were sold in pairs. The price didn’t seem too high, but after long-term use, it would become a huge consumption. According to speculation, a normal person would spend about five origin coins every month to buy Mark Capturing Runes. How many people were there in the Four Pavilions? Adding it all up, it was undoubtedly a pretty terrifying number.

So if the price was doubled, it would undoubtedly become a huge burden for the average person.

Chen Beifeng’s move was indeed ruthless and was, obviously, a fierce counterattack against Zhou Yuan’s recent action.

“It’s that Wang Chen?” A cold light flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Only the deputy pavilion master Wang Chen of the Fire Pavilion had the right to transfer part of the sellings rights to Chen Beifeng.

Ye Bingling nodded, her brows scrunched in worry. “Mark Capturing Runes are very important. This matter has just come out, but it has already caused a commotion in the Wind Pavilion. Many people are very dissatisfied, but they can’t do anything. In the long term, it would no doubt affect the people’s heart.”

Although Ye Bingling now had many supporters, she was not blind. There was no way she could let everyone who supported her gain even one extra origin coin a month. However, the people who supported her now would suffer the loss of five origin coins every month.

Perhaps a very small number of diehard supporters would grit their teeth and persist, but the vast majority would choose to leave because this was the human heart.    

If this situation were to continue, even if Ye Bingling really defeated Chen Beifeng the next month and won the pavilion master position, the situation would still be a little awkward.    

Zhou Yuan also understood the seriousness of the matter. He scrunched his brows and asked, “Who made the Mark Capturing Rune?”

“It was the Fire Pavilion’s deputy pavilion master Zhu Liang, the true number two of the Fire Pavilion, and he’s second only to the Fire Pavilion’s pavilion master, Lu Xiao.”

Ye Bingling’s pretty face was full of jealousy and seriousness when she said, “Although his strength is only at the initial Divine Dwelling stage, his Spirit has already reached the Transformative stage. He is very skilled in Genesis Runes and all the Mark Capturing Runes produced by the Fire Pavilion are made in his hands.”

Zhou Yuan was somewhat surprised. In the four pavilions, besides him, there was someone who could cultivate their Spirit to the Transformative stage? The younger generation of the Tianyuan Region was indeed impressive.

“Do you have any Mark Capturing Runes on you?” Zhou Yuan asked.

Liu Zhixuan immediately took out a few jade bamboo slips.

Yi Qiushui’s beautiful eyes flashed. “You, do you intend to reproduce the Mark Capturing Runes?”

Ye Bingling shook her head. “It’s no use. Mark Capturing Runes are the foundation of the Fire Pavilion. Once disassembled or detected, the Genesis Runes will automatically break down. It has been tried before.”

“I will first observe it to see if I can find anything. Mark Capturing Runes might not be exclusive to only the Fire Pavilion,” Zhou Yuan said after pondering a while.

In the previous moment, when he had calculated the number of origin coins that the Fire Pavilion earned from the four pavilions each month, he couldn’t help feeling tempted. He didn’t expect to find such a profiteering business from the four pavilions.

If he could have even a small piece of the pie, the origin coins earned would be able to fully satisfy his consumption.

He was originally having a headache about how to obtain a stable source of origin coins, but the Fire Pavilion’s actions had made him pay attention to the little Mark Capturing Runes that he had overlooked.

Ye Bingling felt a little helpless when she saw Zhou Yuan’s unwillingness to give up; she knew very well the importance of the Mark Capturing Runes to the Fire Pavilion. Over the years, the reason the Fire Pavilion had been able to attract many heaven prides to join was because of their salary. And where did the salary come from? It was all earned from the Mark Capturing Runes.

So towards this important product, they had done an excellent job of keeping it secret.

At this moment, she thought Zhou Yuan was doing something useless.

Zhou Yuan smiled. He knew he had to give Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and the others a little confidence, so he stretched out his palm, and an invisible flame rose in his hand.


Ye Bingling’s beautiful eyes froze, and then she exclaimed, “Spirit flame? Your Spirit has also reached the Transformative stage?!”

Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan both stood dumbfounded. In these four pavilions, even if there was an expert of the advanced Divine Dwelling stage, they wouldn’t cause a stir, but it was incredibly rare to find someone with a Spirit of the Transformative stage. They didn’t expect Zhou Yuan, who had never revealed his Spirit before, to have quietly reached this state!

“I also have made some accomplishments in Genesis Runes.” Zhou Yuan grinned.

“So let me study it a little first. If I can figure something out, it will not only deal with Chen Beifeng’s scheme but may also bring huge benefits to our Wind pavilion in the future.”

Ye Bingling and the others looked at each other and eventually nodded. They had no other option.

Yi Qiushui hesitated and then finally said through gritted teeth, “Then you...should try it first. The situation in the Wind Pavilion, we will try to stabilise it as much as possible, but you should also know that we may not last for long.”

Zhou Yuan simply smiled at them and didn’t say anything more. He took the Mark Capturing Runes and turned into the small building.

Watching his figure disappear inside, Ye Bingling and the others looked at one another and then let out a long sigh. In truth, even if Zhou Yuan possessed a Spirit of the Transformative stage, it still wouldn’t be easy to solve the problem. After all, there had also been people from the four pavilions with Spirit of the Transformative stage before, but in the end nobody was able to unravel the mystery of the Mark Capturing Rune.

Chen Beifeng’s counterattack this time was indeed so fierce that it was difficult to withstand. If Zhou Yuan doesn’t make a breakthrough, their previous efforts would all be wasted.

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