Chapter 803 Mark Capturing Rune

Of the Wind Pavilion’s eight commanders, if Jin Teng was included, four of them were Chen Beifeng’s people, two were Ye Bingling’s, and two were neutral.

Chen Beifeng controlled four seats of the eight great commanders. This was also the reason for his strong foundation in the Wind Pavilion. But no one thought that, after some twists and turns, he would lose three of the four commanders. The loss was definitely disastrous.

On the other hand, Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling had put their seal on the newly appointed commanders, and coupled with Ye Bingling’s original two commanders, they now controlled five of the eight great commanders, which was undoubtedly stronger than Chen Beifeng’s previous forces!

Therefore, after the commander selection ended, Zhou Yuan’s and Ye Bingling’s voice in the Wind Pavilion had become louder.

But some calm people didn’t get involved because they knew that the current power and voices weren’t true. Once Chen Beifeng won the pavilion master selection the next month, this so-called fame and power would, like a castle on the beach, be wiped out by the sea and turn to nothing.

The commander selection wasn’t important. Only when one obtained the position of pavilion master could one gather real crushing power.

Therefore, more and more people in the Wind Pavilion involuntarily focused their eyes on Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling; only those two had good chances of winning the pavilion master selection. As for Zhou Yuan, in truth, many people just thought of him as Ye Bingling’s ally and didn’t feel that he had the qualifications to compete with Chen Beifeng.    

In many people’s eyes, without Ye Bingling’s support, Zhou Yuan would have most likely been completely suppressed by Chen Beifeng.

Therefore, to know who has the final say in Wind Pavilion, they would have to wait for the pavilion master selection the next month for the thrilling contest between Ye Bingling and Chen Beifeng.

In an elegant room of the restaurant in the Four Spirits Origin Tower, Wang Chen, the deputy pavilion master of the Fire Pavilion, looked at Chen Beifeng and, knowing about the Wind Pavilion’s commander selection, sneered, “That kid is troublesome.”

He then comforted, “But you don’t need to get angry. When you win the pavilion master selection a month later and become the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master, Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling will no longer be a threat to you. At that time, if you want revenge, there are many ways to make them miserable.”

Chen Beifeng’s face darkened. “I’m not worried about the pavilion master selection. It’s just that seeing Zhou Yuan jumping up and down like a monkey makes me feel sick.”

“Hmph, if he didn’t have Ye Bingling’s protection, I would have already found a reason to cripple him!”

Thinking of Zhou Yuan, even Wang Chen had a trace of coldness flash through his narrowed eyes. “I really don’t know where that kid is from. He simply doesn’t know the immensity of the sky.”

Thinking of the day Zhou Yuan had made him lose face in public, he felt an obstruction in his heart, and he gritted his teeth in hatred.

Wang Chen rubbed the teacup with his palm and sneered suddenly, “Actually, it isn’t difficult to teach that kid a lesson. Doesn’t he want to win people’s hearts in the Wind Pavilion? I have a way to make him miserable.”

“Oh?” Chen Beifeng looked at Wang Chen. Although in his view the things that Zhou Yuan had done could be sorted out after he became the pavilion master, it would indeed save him some energy if Wang Chen had the means to suppress Zhou Yuan in advance.

Wang Chen smiled slightly. “In fact, it’s very simple.”

He held out his palm and placed a jade bamboo slip inscribed with Genesis runes on the table.

Chen Beifeng took a look and asked, puzzled, “This is the Mark Capturing Rune produced by your Fire Pavilion?”

When training in the Four Spirits Origin Tower, the burned origin coins could attract objects similar to the astral spirit wind, which contained Genesis marks. But in truth, almost less than half of the Genesis marks contained in the astral spirit wind drawn over remained in the body. The rest were scattered with the wind.

This undoubtedly resulted in a reduction in the efficiency of gathering Genesis marks.

But the Mark Capturing Rune produced by the Fire Pavilion could slightly make up for the loss. As long as the rune was imprinted on the body before origin coins were burned, the Mark Capturing Rune would form a mysterious net in the body that would capture Genesis marks when things like astral spirit wind passed through the body.

It was estimated that a Mark Capturing Rune could last for an hour and increase the number of Genesis marks left in the body by about 20%.

That 20% shouldn’t be underestimated. If accumulated over a long period of time, the number of Genesis marks could reach an astonishing level.

Therefore, the Mark Capturing Runes sold very well in all four pavilions. The members of the Fire Pavilion were also treated much better than the other three pavilions. After all, one Mark Capturing Rune cost half an origin coin, and they were sold in pairs.    

The other three pavilions had thought of ways to copy it, but the Mark Capturing Rune was extremely delicate and once disassembled, would automatically break down, making it difficult for people to know its principle. So over time, the Mark Capturing Rune became unique to the Fire Pavilion.

Wang Chen fiddled with the jade bamboo slip with a smile. “Our Fire Pavilion can give you the selling rights of the Mark Capturing Rune in Wind Pavilion. In the future, if the people of the Wind Pavilion want to buy the Mark Capturing Rune, they can only buy it from you. As to what conditions you should set for buyers, you must know already?”

Chen Beifeng’s eyes lit up. “You mean not to sell to people supporting Ye Bingling and Zhou Yuan?”

“Haha, it’s not that you don’t sell it. After all, no one refuses to accept origin coins, but you can treat them differently. You can charge your people the original price, and double the price for their people.” Wang Chen grinned.

“Do you think that it is better to please Ye Bingling and Zhou Yuan or to have more origin coins? I don’t think it’s hard to decide.”

Chen Beifeng also couldn’t help laughing. “So, it won’t be a few days before the people’s hearts garnered by Ye Bingling and Zhou Yuan fall apart! If the two try to forcibly stop them, they will instead anger them.”

He gave a thumbs up to Wang Chen and exclaimed, “Brother Wang’s move is certainly going to make things difficult for them.”

Without using force, Wang Chen’s move could make Ye Bingling and Zhou Yuan extremely uncomfortable, like a caterpillar stuck in a spider web.

“In the face of absolute power, their little tricks have no significance.

“I didn’t intend to do this, but that Zhou Yuan is really annoying. If I don’t teach him a lesson, people would really think that I, a deputy pavilion master of the Fire Pavilion, am just a decoration.” Wang Chen chuckled.

Chen Beifeng raised his wine cup to Wang Chen. Although the plan had yet to be implemented, he could already imagine the ugly faces of Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling and couldn’t help but grin.

“I’d like to see how that kid is going to cope this time!”

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