Chapter 800 Swift as Thunder


A giant torrent of Genesis Qi crashed downwards in the wake of Chen Beifeng’s thunderous shout. Space trembled as the torrent swept past, rapidly filling the surroundings with an alarming pressure.

The expressions on many of the surrounding onlookers changed as they hurriedly withdrew, afraid to be caught in the attack.

They could clearly feel Chen Beifeng’s anger. The attack he sent out was extremely powerful, and he evidently planned on teaching Zhou Yuan a painful lesson. There was after all no one in the four pavilions who did not know that Lin Zheng and Wu Dao were his underlings, and yet Zhou Yuan still dared to openly strip away their positions in front of such a large crowd. This was a very disrespectful act towards him!

Zhou Yuan could likewise feel the alarming torrent that was surging towards him, causing his eyes to narrow slightly. Chen Beifeng was indeed very bossy.

However, if Chen Beifeng thought this could intimidate him, Zhou Yuan could only say that Chen Beifeng had overestimated himself!

Iciness surged in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Since Chen Beifeng had chosen to suppress him through force, there was no need for Zhou Yuan to show any courtesy.

With a twirl of his palm, the sword orb appeared and shot forth.


Torrential sword qi spewed out and was immediately enveloped by scales and Spirit fire. With the support of all 11 million Genesis Qi stars in Zhou Yuan’s Divine Dwelling, the sword light transformed into a giant glowing azure sword. Under the crowd’s watching gazes, the giant sword ferociously smashed into the incoming Genesis Qi torrent.


A berserk-without-equal Genesis Qi shock wave erupted from the collision.

Several onlookers were thrown backwards.

The shock wave unfurled as the two forces destroyed each other.

The glowing azure sword shot backwards, turning back into the sword orb as Zhou Yuan caught it. However, the powerful force jerked Zhou Yuan’s figure, forcing him to take several steps backwards.

His gaze flashed a little. He had sensed Chen Beifeng’s formidableness from their brief contact. It was no wonder that Chen Beifeng was the strongest contender for the position of wind pavilion master.


A figure appeared in the air, revealing itself to be Chen Beifeng. The expression in his eyes fluctuated indeterminately as he stared at Zhou Yuan. In his previous rage, he had originally intended to swiftly wound Zhou Yuan and awe everyone. He never imagined that Zhou Yuan would not only neutralize his attack but also only pay a small price of taking several steps back. This was completely different from what he had expected.

From what Chen Beifeng had sensed of Zhou Yuan the day before, he should not have been capable of receiving such an attack unscathed.

Chen Beifeng frowned, but he soon cast aside these thoughts. No matter how well Zhou Yuan performed, it was impossible for him to allow Lin Zheng’s and Wu Dao’s positions to be stripped.

One must know that there were only eight pavilion commanders in the entire Wind Pavilion, four of which were part of his camp. This was a result of his efforts over a long period of time, and it would be a major loss if he allowed Zhou Yuan to remove three of them all of a sudden.

More importantly, it would make him lose face.

“Deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan, although Jin Teng’s provocations yesterday may have made you very unhappy, you should not selfishly take revenge in such a manner because it will only make you appear like a joke. Let them go, and I will not pursue this matter any further,” said Chen Beifeng as he cast an indifferent glance at Zhou Yuan.

His tone was ordinary, but there was a hint that he was used to commanding others in his voice.

It was likely that no one had ever been disobedient towards him in the Wind Pavilion for many years.

Zhou Yuan raised his eyelids and said, “Deputy pavilion master Chen Beifeng, didn’t you hear what I said earlier? These three actually dared to attack me in the wind district, going against their superior. Do you think you’re the one who sets the rules in our Wind Pavilion?”

His tone was likewise calm, but within was a stubbornness and unyieldingness akin to a rock.

This caused a small commotion to break out in the surroundings, especially amongst the Wind Pavilion members, who could not help but widen their eyes. They had never seen anyone dare to speak to Chen Beifeng in this manner in the Wind Pavilion. In fact, even Ye Bingling, who was also a deputy pavilion master, would always suffer somewhat in their repeated clashes.

Zhou Yuan’s attitude likewise caused Chen Beifeng’s eyes to turn cold. Soon after, Chen Beifeng darkly said, “Rubbish, why would the three of them attack you for no reason? Don’t think that you can slander others without consequence just because you’re a new deputy pavilion master!”

“I also suspect that someone else is directing them.” Zhou Yuan let out an icy laugh as he looked deeply at Chen Beifeng.

Chen Beifeng’s expression grew increasingly frosty as he icily said, “You’re spewing nonsense.”

He took a step forward as boundless Genesis Qi erupted from his body, forming three nine-color halos behind him. “If deputy pavilion master Zhou insists on unfairly passing judgement on the three of them, I will not idly sit by.”

From the looks of it, he intended to forcibly snatch the trio away from Zhou Yuan’s hands.

“Humph, deputy pavilion master Chen Beifeng, how bold of you!”

A cold and clear voice suddenly rang out. Numerous gazes looked over and saw three figures walking out from the wind tower’s entrance. The one leading them was Ye Bingling, while Liu Zhixuan and Yi Qiushui followed behind.

“Since when do your words overrule the rules of the Wind Pavilion? Do you think you’re already the wind pavilion master?” Ye Bingling’s pleasant voice was filled with chilling iciness.

Chen Beifeng’s frown deepened as he said, “It’s merely his one-sided story!”

Ye Bingling shot a glance at Liu Zhixuan. He walked forward and said, “Everything deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan said is true—they had ganged up on me in order to find deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan, hoping to pry his location from my lips. If deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan did not rush over in time, they would have broken my arms.”

An uproar swept through the crowd.

Chen Beifeng’s eyelids twitched. He never imagined that the idiot Jin Teng trio would leave a witness!

“Liu Zhixuan has ties to Zhou Yuan, his words cannot be believed.” Chen Beifeng refused to back down. He refused to admit it even if he had to turn black to white.

Ye Bingling’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Hehe…what a lively place.”

However, a chuckle interjected just as Ye Bingling was about to speak. A figure dressed in scarlet robes appeared beside Chen Beifeng. It was a young man wearing an easy-going smile.

This person’s appearance once more stirred the crowd.

“Deputy fire pavilion master, Wang Chen?” Ye Bingling was also stunned by his appearance.

The young man called Wang Chen smiled as he waved. “Long time no see, deputy pavilion master Ye.”

His gaze swept towards Zhou Yuan as he said, “I believe this is all a misunderstanding, and there’s no need to make everyone so unhappy. After all, it will affect the reputation of your Wind Pavilion. How about I mediate for you guys. I suggest deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan to let them go and they apologise to you. Isn’t this a perfect conclusion?”

Zhou Yuan calmly stared at the deputy pavilion master of the Fire Pavilion. When he had appeared, Zhou Yuan had realized the source of the day’s matter.

It was likely related to the Scarlet Flame Hall of the Heavenly Spirit Sect.

Furthermore, the Fire Pavilion was under the Heavenly Spirit Sect’s control. It was likely that this seemingly harmless Wang Chen was secretly pulling the strings behind the day’s incident. Of course, there was certainly no way that the Scarlet Flame Hall had nothing to do with it as well. These people were clearly not willing to let him off just because he had entered the Wind Pavilion.

Ye Bingling’s brows had nearly turned vertical, clearly not expecting Wang Chen’s sudden interjection. He was a deputy pavilion master of the Fire Pavilion and was a well-known figure in the four pavilions.

Chen Beifeng’s expression softened a little. “Since brother Wang Chen intends to mediate, I will naturally not push things any further—”

However, before he could finish, Zhou Yuan interrupted, his face expressionless. “This affair should be handled in accordance with the rules. How can it make sense for an outside to interfere in our Wind Pavilion’s affairs? Although I recently joined, I do have some understanding of the rules. If the pavilion master position is empty, and there is a dispute over the punishment, the deputy pavilion masters can decide it by vote.

“Hence, I suggest stripping the Jin Teng trio of their positions.”

Chen Beifeng’s face turned rigid.

The smile on Wang Chen’s face also froze for a moment, then he stared at Zhou Yuan with a smile and said, “Won’t deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan give me some face?”

Zhou Yuan solemnly replied, “If deputy pavilion master Wang Chen has any objections to my methods, you may go ahead and make a complaint to the five great elders.”

Wang Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly as he chuckled and waved a finger at Zhou Yuan. However, a chilling light and fury was surging in the depths of his eyes. He had clearly not expected a mere newly appointed deputy pavilion master to actually dare to go against him in public.

Zhou Yuan ignored them as he looked towards Ye Bingling. The punishment would officially be recognized as long as she supported him.

Ye Bingling likewise had not expected Zhou Yuan to be so unyielding. However, she did not hesitate at all. After all, she and Chen Beifeng had a terrible relationship, and Chen Beifing’s side had no one but to blame but themselves for the day’s affair. Hence, she gave a faint nod of approval as she said, “I support your suggestion.”

Chen Beifeng’s expression immediately darkened.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and stared at the two of them as his voice sounded, “Of the three deputy pavilion masters, two are in agreement…

“Hence, the punishment shall take effect immediately. Jin Teng, Lin Zheng and Wu Dao shall be stripped of their pavilion commander positions and will not be allowed into the wind district for a period of one year. If they commit any more offenses, they shall be kicked out of the Wind Pavilion.

The expressions of the numerous Wind Pavilion members in the vicinity changed slightly. Their gazes were filled with respect when they looked towards Zhou Yuan. Only now did they realize that this new, seemingly kind-looking deputy pavilion master was not to be messed with if angered.

“Great, excellent!”

These were the only words Chen Beifeng could say. With a wave of his sleeve, Genesis Qi grabbed the deathly pale Jin Teng trio as he turned and left.

Wang Chen cast a frosty glance at Zhou Yuan as he leisurely said, “Deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan is quite the character. However, I believe I should give you a warning. If you don’t change this character if yours, you will suffer in the four pavilions.”

There seemed to be a deeper meaning to his words. With a final snort, he turned and rose into the air.

The onlookers secretly wet their lips. The new deputy wind pavilion master was such an uncompromising person. However, he had now offended both Wang Chen of the Fire Pavilion and Chen Beifeng. Was this foolishness or part of some secret plan?

No matter what, this matter would surely make him known in the four pavilions…

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