Chapter 798 Insta-kill


Deadly sword qi roared as a wave of destruction unfurled.

However, Jin Teng merely sneered as he mocked, “You still want to fight? I was merely careless yesterday, and today we have three people on our side. Do you think this sword strike of yours will be of any use?”


Boundless Genesis Qi erupted from his body as he spoke. Azure light converged towards his hand, faintly forming an extremely incomplete Genesis Rune. Although the rune’s completion rate was not high, it still provided a boost to Jin Teng’s Genesis Qi. In addition, it also made him more nimble and swift.

Lin Zheng and Wu Dao also brought out their Genesis Qi and incomplete wind spirit runes.

All three of them had witnessed the strength Zhou Yuan had displayed the day before. Since they were already in it together, there was no reason to not work together.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes remained calm as the sword orb slowly rose from his palm. Sword qi condensed into a long sword covered in azure scales. It gleamed coldly under the light as an invisible fire silently throbbed around it.


With a flick, a flash of sword light abruptly shot forth, accompanied by a clear sword cry.

The sword light pierced through the air, heading straight for Lin Zheng.


Lin Zheng icily snorted. Three Divine Dwelling halos instantly appeared in front of him. He knew that he only needed to endure for a single breath for Jin Teng and Wu Dao to come to his aid. The three of them would definitely be able to defeat Zhou Yuan together.


The golden light was extremely swift, arriving in front of Lin Zheng in the blink of an eye. The sword ruthlessly thrust towards the three Divine Dwelling halos obstructing its way.


A faint sound was heard as sword light swept past, and Lin Zheng’s pupils violently shrank. To his horror, the three Divine Dwelling halos he had poured all of his power into were instantly pierced through.

Expression changing drastically, Lin Zheng involuntarily cried out, “How can this be?!”

Having learnt from Jin Teng’s mistake, Lin Zheng had poured all of his power into his defence, and he had even used his incomplete wind spirit rune to further strengthen his defence. How had it been instantly torn apart?


The sword light naturally did not wait for him to get over his shock. He immediately felt an intense pain in his right arm, and blood spurted out. His entire arm had been severed.


Lin Zheng howled in pain.

Jin Teng’s and Wu Dao’s expressions changed drastically. They had not expected that Lin Zheng would lose an arm after a single exchange!

“His sword orb has become even more formidable!” Jin Teng cried out in shock. Only now did he realize that the sword light from Zhou Yuan was somewhat different than it was the day before. He could faintly feel a deadly aura pulsing from it that seemed to be capable of cutting even space itself.

It was obviously a whole lot stronger than it was the day before.

Although Jin Teng had been defeated by a single sword strike from Zhou Yuan the day before, he could feel that it had been Zhou Yuan’s strongest move. If he had used all of his strength back then, he may have been able to withstand it. Hence, they had come prepared the next day and were mentally prepared to use their strongest defences.

Who could have imagined that Lin Zheng would lose an arm after a single exchange? One must know that Lin Zheng was not weaker than Jin Teng.

“Could he have been holding back yesterday?” Jin Teng was in disbelief. After all, he refused to believe that Zhou Yuan could grow so much stronger after a single night.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged, clearly paying no attention to Jin Teng’s shock. His strength had indeed soared over the past day. He had broken through during his cultivation session the night before, raising his Genesis Qi foundations by three million. Furthermore, his Spirit had then ascended to the long-desired Transformative stage in the wind district the next day. Hence, although there were no clear visible changes, his strength had grown tremendously.


After cutting Lin Zheng’s arm, the sword light flashed again, rushing straight towards Wu Dao.


Wu Dao’s expression darkened as he grasped his hands. A phoenix beak blade appeared within them. With a roar, he swung the blade, unleashing a hundred-foot-long wave of blade light. The blade light sweeping past tore open deep crevices in the ground and crushed boulders to dust. The attack clearly possessed very alarming destructive power.


Sword and blade light collided, creating a resounding clang.

As a shock wave unfurled, the phoenix blade in Wu Dao’s hands madly shook before being jerked out of his hands. His hands ruptured, spraying blood everywhere.

Sword light arrived like a giant python, leaving a spray of blood and another severed arm in its wake.

Wu Dao howled in misery as he grabbed the stump where his arm should have been.

Jin Teng’s charging figure immediately froze in its tracks. His complexion was deathly pale as he stared at Zhou Yuan in terror. He could not imagine how Zhou Yuan had defeated both Lin Zheng and Wu Dao in less than a dozen breaths...

Jin Teng was not the only one, even Liu Zhixuan was dumbstruck as he stared at this scene.

In Xuanzhou City, Zhou Yuan had fought hard to eventually triumph over Mo Yuan. How long had it been since then? It was hard to believe he had already grown strong enough to steamroll over an opponent at that level...

“Looks like you weren’t sufficiently prepared.” Zhou Yuan stood in the air, his eyes as sharp as sword light as he stared at Jin Teng.

Jin Teng’s expression rapidly fluctuated, and he suddenly shot backwards a split second later. Only now did he finally understand that they seeking out Zhou Yuan was akin to lambs entering a tiger’s den. If he did not flee, he would soon face the same fate as Lin Zheng and Wu Dao.

“It’s already too late to leave.” Zhou Yuan had no intentions of letting the ringleader off. With a wave of his sleeve, sword light soared into the sky.

Jin Teng pushed his speed to the limit, his face filled with fear.


However, sword light appeared right in front of him. The light faintly trembled, transforming into countless sword shadows that shot towards Jin Teng from every direction.

Three Divine Dwelling halos appeared around Jin Teng as his Genesis Qi circulated, forming countless defensive Genesis Qi layers.

Thud! Thud!

Swords rained down, causing countless ripples to appear in the three Divine Dwelling halos. The halos soon began to shake violently, and then exploded with a loud bang under Jin Teng’s terrified eyes.

His numerous Genesis Qi defenses had been shattered in an instant.

“Mercy, deputy pavilion master!” shrieked Jin Teng. There was no longer any trace of his previous bossy demeanor, his face now filled with horror.

However, Zhou Yuan was unmoved. He had thought that he had already done enough the day before and had never expected Jin Teng to ask for a foot after being given an inch. To think that he even dared to find helpers and go after a high-ranking deputy wind pavilion master…if such a person was let off easily, Zhou Yuan would no longer have any dignity or authority in the Wind Pavilion.


Sword light mercilessly slashed, cleanly cutting off one of Jin Teng’s arms.

Jin Teng screamed in pain as he rolled on the ground. The previously arrogant figures of the trio had now become gourds rolling on the ground.

Zhou Yuan beckoned with his hand, and the sword light returned, transforming back into a sword orb as it landed on his palm. With a small twist, it disappeared.

“Brother Liu, are you alright?” Zhou Yuan turned his head and looked towards Liu Zhixuan. The iciness in his eyes had disappeared, replaced by a gentle look.

Although Liu Zhixuan was in a somewhat sorry state, he had not sustained any serious injuries. Hence, he shook his head. There was still some disbelief in his eyes as he gazed at the Jin Teng trio. It seemed he had yet to fully return to his senses.

Zhou Yuan chuckled and turned back to the Jin Teng trio. “Will you tell me who directed you three to do this?”

Lin Zheng’s complexion was deathly pale, but his gaze remained fierce as he said, “Don’t be so happy, Zhou Yuan. I don’t believe that you dare to kill us!”

Wu Dao also growled, “Our boss is Chen Beifeng, touch us and see what happens!”

“Chen Beifeng?” Zhou Yun was slightly taken aback. “He’s the one behind this?”

Wu Dao icily chuckled. “I just can’t get used to seeing a newcomer like you act so arrogantly. Why would I need deputy pavilion master Chen to tell me what to do?”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze faintly flickered in thought as he ignored their words. He knew that Chen Beifeng definitely had something to do with this matter. But why was such a person making things difficult for him? Chen Beifeng shouldn’t see him as much of a threat yet, right?

However, since Chen Beifeng dared to do such a thing, no one could blame Zhou Yuan for not giving him face.

Zhou Yuan indifferently stared at the Jin Teng trio. “Killing you guys is indeed against the rules.”

The Lin Zheng trio displayed cold smiles.

But Zhou Yuan’s following words made the smiles on the trio’s faces turn rigid. “ dared to try and kill a deputy pavilion master. It is only appropriate that you lose four limbs in the fight.”

The trio cried out in fright, “You, you dare!” 

Zhou Yuan ignored them. With a grasp of his hand, he sucked Wu Dao’s phoenix beak blade into his hand. He circulated his Genesis Qi, and deadly blade light viciously slashed towards the trio’s legs.

As blade light reflected in the trio’s pupils, the trio’s expressions drastically changed. If they lost all four limbs, it would still be too detrimental to them even if they managed to regrow the limbs with some precious medicine, and their cultivation would slow to a crawl. They could not afford such a huge loss.

“What exactly do you want?!” shrieked Jin Teng in a trembling voice.

The blade light stopped.

Zhou Yuan sat down on a boulder. He leaned the phoenix beak blade against his shoulder as he unhurriedly said, “I heard you three wanted to rob me?”

A feeling of unease rose within Jin Teng’s heart.

“Since you guys still have two legs and an about this, 30 origin coins for one limb. Yup, so each of you have to hand over 90 coins in total, and I’ll leave your remaining limbs alone.”

The kind smile on Zhou Yuan’s face made the Jin Teng trio shiver uncontrollably as if they had seen a hideous devil.

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