Chapter 797 Break

Behind the wind stratum.

Zhou Yuan’s faintly glowing Spirit rapidly teleported about the area. The rush from having his speed reach new heights made Zhou Yuan feel as if he could continue forever.

It was a long time later before he finally stopped; though there were still traces of excitement on his face.

A Transformative stage Spirit was far stronger than one at the peak Corporeal stage.

Moreover, it was also much more practical…

A Transformative stage Spirit could take on a thousand different forms. It could meld into the surrounding space, and if used for spying, not even Heavenly Sun stage experts would be able to easily discover one’s presence.

Most importantly, a Transformative stage Spirit could create Spirit fire.

Spirit fire was the main mode of attack for a Transformative stage Spirit practitioner. Moreover, it could perfectly harmonize with Zhou Yuan’s offensive capabilities. Spirit fire could coat anything, including Genesis techniques, boosting their power.

If Zhou Yuan used the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb in the future, he would be able to not only amplify its power with the Heavenly Serpent Qi but also coat it in Spirit fire, boosting its power to even greater heights than when he had used it to defeat Jin Teng.

Zhou Yuan had worked hard for a long time in order to raise his Spirit cultivation to the Transformative stage, and he had only been lacking an opportunity to break through. The pure energy from the divine grindstone had undoubtedly been the final piece of the puzzle.

Zhou Yuan did his best to suppress the happiness in his heart before turning to face the divine grindstone. He bowed and gratefully said, “Thank you, elder divine grindstone.”

He knew that the divine grindstone had already gained some sort of consciousness.

It was perhaps precisely this consciousness that had allowed it to perceive Zhou Yuan, who cultivated the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method. It had then called out to him to give him this gift.

The giant divine grindstone faintly vibrated amidst the primal chaos, as if acknowledging him.

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed upon seeing this. He immediately said in an even more respectful manner, “Elder divine grindstone, could you give me a little of that pure energy if my Spirit is exhausted while training in the Four Spirits Origin Tower next time?”

The pure energy was refined from the vital energy and Spirit power of countless individuals, and it was tremendously beneficial to the Spirit. Zhou Yuan had already experienced how amazing it was earlier.

With such a supplement, Zhou Yuan believed that he would no longer have to worry about exhausting his Spirit in the Four Spirits Origin Tower.

Hence, Zhou Yuan deeply desired the pure energy from the divine grindstone.

Upon hearing Zhou Yuan’s request, the divine grindstone seemed to hesitate for a moment. In the end, it reluctantly responded with a tiny shake.

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed. “Elder divine grindstone, you truly are a good person. Since you’re generous, why not bestow me a few Genesis marks to help me complete a wind spirit rune!”


The divine grindstone violently shook, releasing a loud rumbling noise. Zhou Yuan felt the world begin to spin as he suddenly fell from the air, only able to hear wind howling around him.

After a few dozen breaths, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit returned to its senses. To his shock, he found that he was now below the dark azure wind stratum. The land below him clearly belonged to the wind district.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head to gaze at the raging dark azure wind stratum. Without the divine grindstone’s protection, he could clearly feel how terrifying the wind layer was.

I seem to have been kicked out by the divine grindstone?

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned somewhat resentful as he muttered, “Can’t even part with a few Genesis marks.”

He sighed as regret welled up within him. It seemed the divine grindstone was quite smart and could not be tricked into giving him Genesis marks. It was likely a matter of principle…and the rules of the tower could not be broken.

Fortunately, Zhou Yuan had not really expected the divine grindstone to grant his request. What was more, his act of ascending to the Transformative stage had already far surpassed his expectations. 

“Thank you, elder divine grindstone. I’ll definitely come visit when I have time in the future!” Zhou Yuan bowed towards the wind layer, but there was no response.

Zhou Yuan did not mind at all. With a dazzle, his Spirit swiftly shrank turning into a fist-sized ball of light as it rapidly descended towards his body.

This was an advantage of the Transformative stage. The Spirit could now change size at will.

In addition, he was now much faster, making his return as swift as lightning.

In the short span of a hundred breaths, the mountain valley where he had left his body entered his senses.

However, just as Zhou Yuan was about to head back to the valley, his eyes suddenly flashed. His gaze immediately turned towards another direction as he frowned.

After his advancement to the Transformative stage, his Spirit senses had ascended to an entirely new realm. His Spirit senses could now extend to more than ten times their previous limit. As such, he could easily detect any Genesis Qi undulations within a hundred miles.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit stood in the sky as he cast his gaze where several figures were gathered. His senses reached out, seeing everything that was happening as rage surged in his eyes. Soon after, his Spirit swiftly darted towards the valley where his body was.



A surge of Genesis Qi viciously blasted Liu Zhixuan’s chest, sending him flying. His body smashed into a cliff, causing him to vomit a mouthful of blood. His complexion was rather pale.

“Liu Zhixuan, you should know what’s good for you.”

Jin Teng stood with his hands behind his back. He icily stared at Liu Zhixuan and said, “Tell us which direction Zhou Yuan went in. You are not our target.”

Liu Zhixuan wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth. An icy smile appeared on his handsome face, but he did not say a single word.

“Good, what a tough fellow you are. To think that someone who has just entered the wind pavilion dares to go against me.”

Rage surged in Jin Teng’s eyes. “Since you fail to appreciate my kindness, don’t blame me for what happens next. Although we’re not allowed to kill in the wind district, breaking an arm or a leg commonly happens. Do you really believe that deputy pavilion master Zhou Yuan will be able to protect you?”

He looked towards Lin Zheng and Wu Dao. “Break his arms and legs.” 

Lin Zheng and Wu Dao revealed sinister smiles as their figures shot forward.

Liu Zhixuan circulated his Genesis Qi and tried to back away.

However, he was weaker than Lin Zheng and Wu Dao. As such, they caught up in a mere ten breaths. The two of them grabbed his arms from the left and right, making it impossible for him to move no matter how hard he struggled.

The two of them coldly said, “Are you going to tell us now?”


Liu Zixuan spat out two mouthfuls of bloody spittle at them, refusing to give in.

His actions immediately enraged Lin Zheng and Wu Dao. Alarming power exploded from their hands, and they intended to crush Liu Zhixuan’s arms.


However, just as they had gathered their power, a loud sword cry suddenly rang out. Sword light pierced through the air, heading straight for the duo.

The sudden attack surprised Lin Zhang and Wu Dao. They did not dare to delay in the face of such formidable sword qi and quickly sent a kick into Liu Zhixuan’s chest, kicking him in the direction of the approaching sword qi.

The sword qi dissipated before it could hit Liu Zhixuan, and a figure appeared behind him like a ghost. A hand firmly grabbed his shoulder, helping him stabilize his body.

Liu Zhixuan’s expression changed at the sight of his rescuer, and he hurriedly shouted, “Quickly escape, go and find deputy pavilion master Ye!”

His rescuer was obviously Zhou Yuan, who had rushed over as quickly as he could.

However, Liu Zhixuan was rather worried. Although Zhou Yuan had defeated Jin Teng the day before, the other party had three people on their side, and they looked like they had come prepared.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained calm. He patted Liu Zhixuan’s shoulder and said, “Take a rest first.”

He then walked in front of Liu Zhixuan as he frostily glared at the Jin Teng trio. “You guys are looking for me?”

Jin Teng revealed a look of joy and sarcastically said, “Oh? I can’t believe that deputy pavilion master Zhou still dares to appear.”

Zhou Yuan stared at the trio as he indifferently said, “You dare to go against your superior?”

Jin Teng laughed. “We brothers have used up our origin coins and hope to borrow some from deputy pavilion master Zhou.

“How about this, hand over the origin coins you collected yesterday and we’ll leave at once.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Who gave you the courage to cause me trouble?”

Jin Teng sneered. “Who do you think you are? Why would we need courage to find you?”

Although the change in Jin Teng’s expression had been faint, Zhou Yuan immediately detected it. His eyes flickered in thought.

“Do you think you have the qualifications to challenge me just because you found two helpers? Looks like the lesson I gave you yesterday wasn’t enough.” Zhou Yuan’s eyes were coldly indifferent.

“Shameless boasting!”

Jin Teng laughed in anger, while Lin Zheng and Wu Dao revealed mocking smiles. The trio slowly surrounded Zhou Yuan as powerful Genesis Qi erupted from their bodies.

Liu Zhixuan’s expression changed slightly.

However, Zhou Yuan’s expression did not even ripple. He extended a hand, and a sword orb emerged above his palm. The Heavenly Serpent Qi formed a layer of tiny azure scales on the orb, and wisps of invisible flames rose from it.

“Since you refuse to tell me…I’ll first break your arms and legs.”

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