Chapter 796 Transformative Stage

An endless mottled divine grindstone slowly revolved in the domain similar to primal chaos, creating infinite pressure and terror.

Zhou Yuan stared at it in shock. The mottled divine grindstone was all too familiar to him. Over the years, even he had lost count of how many times it had pulverized his Spirit.

Hence, he could say with utmost certainty that this mottled divine grindstone was definitely a Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone!

As for whether it was the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone of legend, that would likely require some discussion…

Only now did he finally understand why he had felt something resonate when he activated the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method. The core of the Four Spirits Origin Tower was a Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone.

The shock in Zhou Yuan’s eyes slowly receded as he suddenly realized that there were countless specks of light rising from below like stars. It was an extremely magnificent scene.

“These light dots…are the offered origin coins?” Zhou Yuan’s heart shook. He had felt vital energy and Spirit power undulations from these specks of light.

Countless specks of light continued to arrive and gather below the divine grindstone.

The divine grindstone ground and crushed all the dots of light into extremely pure energy, then immediately sucked the resulting energy towards it. When this happened, Zhou Yuan saw four faint ancient Genesis Runes emerge from the grindstone’s enormous body…

The four Genesis Runes were nearly transparent but gave off mystical ancient auras. They appeared to absorb the pure energy before spraying out four different types of substances that fell like rain.

A flash of understanding struck Zhou Yuan. If his guess was correct, the four translucent ancient Genesis Runes on the mottled divine grindstone were the main bodies of the wind spirit rune, forest spirit rune, fire spirit rune and the mountain spirit rune!

“The offered vital energy and Spirit power is summoned here before having their impurities destroyed by the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone, refining it into its purest form…

“This pure energy is offered to the main bodies of the four ancient Genesis Runes as nutrients, allowing them to create countless Genesis marks that are then scattered to the practitioners in four districts…”

Zhou Yuan’s face was filled with astonishment. This was a perfect cycle and should be the reason why the Four Spirits Origin Tower could keep operating forever.

Although it seemed simple when described, even Law Domain experts were incapable of refining the vital energy and Spirit power of numerous people into its purest form.

Only a Saint expert was capable of such a feat. However, a Saint expert was a supreme existence. How could anyone get such an almighty being to station here and help refine vital energy and Spirit power?

Fortunately, the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone possessed this magical ability.

This was likely the main reason why only the Tianyuan Region had a Four Spirits Origin Tower.

“In addition…”

Zhou Yuan focused on the mottled divine grindstone. He could faintly sense that not all of the pure energy refined from the vital energy and Spirit power was used as material to create Genesis marks for the four districts. A portion was also being absorbed by the divine grindstone.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze flickered in thought before his heart suddenly shook in realization. The divine grindstone before him was not the one of legend but an imitation created by master Cang Yuan…

Strictly speaking, it could be considered a Genesis artifact and was possibly a Saint level Genesis artifact.

It was likely able to raise its level from absorbing the pure energy for many years…in fact, there may even come a day when it would evolve into the grindstone of legend.

“Could this be master Cang Yuan’s plan?” Zhou Yuan was overwhelmed by this discovery. If so, the Four Spirits Origin Tower was akin to killing three birds with a single stone. It was a specialty of the Tianyuan Region which promoted its reputation, a bait to draw many talented youngsters, and lastly a way to secretly nurture a legendary item.

If the day came where this divine grindstone truly evolved into the grindstone of legend, it would hold unimaginable allure for even Saint stage experts.

Zhou Yuan sighed deeply. However, he did not desire the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone itself but was more interested in the four ancient Genesis Runes. Since the countless spirit runes created by the main bodies were already so amazing, what kind of wonders would the main bodies be capable of?

Unfortunately, he could only feast on them with his eyes and had no way of touching them.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit awkwardly scratched its head, suddenly finding itself somewhat speechless. Was his Spirit drawn here merely to show him how amazing his master was?

“Alright you guys are amazing. May I go now since I’ve seen everything?” muttered Zhou Yuan as he gazed at the divine grindstone.


When Zhou Yuan’s voice rang out, the mottled divine grindstone seemed to vibrate for a brief moment. Next, Zhou Yuan watched in amazement as a stream of refined pure energy flew out from the divine grindstone and rushed towards him.


Zhou Yuan cried out in surprise. But before he could do anything, the stream of pure energy crashed into his Spirit.

Countless ripples emerged on his Spirit as it began to strengthen at an alarming speed.

“What the hell!”

The tremendous change nearly made Zhou Yuan jump in fright. He hurriedly seated himself and began cultivating the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method.

A divine grindstone turned, pulverizing and refining the pure energy.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit began to glow a little as natural and ancient patterns slowly appeared on the surface of his Spirit.

A mystical and mysterious undulation faintly pulsed.

The divine grindstone continued to release streams of pure energy, seemingly intent on pouring everything into Zhou Yuan without caring whether he could withstand such an influx.

Zhou Yuan was stuck between a state of happiness and pain.

He was overjoyed that his Spirit was rapidly growing stronger, but in pain because too much energy was flowing in, making his Spirit feel as if it was about to burst…

However, as more and more energy poured into his Spirit, Zhou Yuan discovered that the strange patterns that had appeared on his Spirit were improving his senses, allowing him to better feel his surroundings.

“These are…Spirit marks?”

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook. Spirit marks would appear when one’s Spirit reached a certain level, and they could improve one’s Spirit senses, allowing one to become more aware of the world around them.

They also symbolized stepping into the Transformative stage…

Zhou Yuan’s heart swelled, and he felt very blessed for a time.

He soon suppressed his churning feelings and began concentrating every fibre of his being into the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method. His Spirit suddenly enlarged, then shrank, then enlarged again…

As the seemingly endless stream of pure energy poured into him, more and more Spirit marks appeared on his Spirit.

This continued till a certain moment when the divine grindstone in his mind suddenly exploded, causing the entire world to fall silent.

An indescribable feeling of wonder rippled in Zhou Yuan’s heart.

He slowly opened his eyes. The world before him seemed to grow exceptionally clear. In fact, he could even sense how the astral winds were moving in the thick wind layer below.

He lowered his head to look at his Spirit body. Ancient patterns seemed to have been carved into his skin. The patterns gave off a faint flickering glow, allowing him to become extremely sensitive to his surroundings.

As he felt the surging Spirit power within him, Zhou Yuan took a step forward. His Spirit seemed to teleport, appearing several hundred feet away.

Spirit Shift!

Such speed was far from anything Zhou Yuan could achieve with his physical body.

Zhou Yuan’s heart trembled slightly before he extended his hand. Spirit power converged towards his palm, ultimately forming an invisible flame with a small pop.

Spirit fire!

Zhou Yuan could not stop himself from smiling. The surging excitement in his heart nearly made him howl with joy.

Neither Spirit Shift nor Spirit fire was achievable by the Corporeal stage…in other words, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit cultivation had finally reached the Transformative stage he had always dreamt of!

Ascending to perfection and capable of a thousand transformations. This was the Transformative stage!

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