Chapter 795 Strange Disturbance in the Wind Stratum


The sound of howling wind spread across the land.

In a valley dotted with oddly shaped rocks.

A large azure tornado coiled around a boulder like a giant python. Deep gorges had been engraved into the ground by the astral winds.

Zhou Yuan’s figure was silently sitting on the boulder. Every gust of astral wind drew blood when it swept past his body, causing him to tremble for a moment.

The astral spirit wind continued to rage for two entire incense sticks of time before dissipating.

After the astral wind faded, a dark green glow emerged from Zhou Yuan’s skin. Life energy surged as his wounds began to close.

He opened his eyes and extended his hand. The number of swimming green dots on the back of his hand had reached a hundred. However, he had paid 20 origin coins to create these hundred dots of Genesis marks…

If Ye Bingling knew Zhou Yuan had squandered away 20 origin coins in less than a day, even someone like her would be unable to stop herself from cursing at him.

One must know that one would usually not exceed three origin coins per day while cultivating in the wind district!

Even Ye Bingling’s maximum was eight origin coins. Once she surpassed this number, the vital energy and Spirit power in her body would reach their limits.

Only after recuperating for a night would she be able to carry on.

It was only with the Tiayi Green Wood Mark and his peak Corporeal stage Spirit that Zhou Yuan was able to achieve a feat of 20 coins in a single day.

However, after burning these 20 coins, even Zhou Yuan felt the Spirit between his brows begin to dim.

Zhou Yuan’s finger gently massaged his throbbing head, a sign that he had used too much of his Spirit.

“Vital energy consumption is no issue with the Taiyi Green Wood Mark, but the amount of Spirit exhausted is quite substantial.” A thoughtful look arose on Zhou Yuan’s face. Although his peak Corporeal stage Spirit was stronger than most people’s, it was not without its limits.

As he felt the lethargy from his Spirit, Zhou Yuan chose not to continue. Instead, he closed his eyes and began to cultivate the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method to recover his Spirit.


The darkness of primal chaos filled his surroundings as an endless divine grindstone appeared from the void. It revolved with almighty power, turning everything into nothingness.

Under the mottled divine grindstone, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit entered a cycle of being pulverized and reconstructed.

Zhou Yuan slowly immersed himself in this training.


However, Zhou Yuan suddenly heard a strange noise from the outside world. The sound resonated with the divine grindstone in his mind, alarming him as his eyes shot open.

However, the valley was completely empty, nothing out of the ordinary.

Was it his mistake?

The expression in his eyes fluctuated indeterminately. His gaze flickered slightly in thought before he closed his eyes and began to circulate the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method once more. However, he was more vigilant this time.

The divine grindstone rolled across space with a loud rumble.

The noise from the outside world seemed to emerge again from a very deep, unknown place, resonating with the divine grindstone.

Zhou Yuan abruptly opened his eyes as his gaze jerked towards the endless dark azure wind stratum high up in the sky. His expression changed slightly. The sound had originated from deep within the wind stratum?!

Moreover, he seemed to feel something beckoning his Spirit from deep within the wind stratum.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes rapidly flickered in thought. Soon after, his Spirit emerged from between his brows and seated itself above his head before beginning to circulate the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method.

With his Spirit now outside his body, Zhou Yuan immediately discovered that the resonance from the wind stratum had grown much stronger.

“There seems to be a change in the wind stratum?”

Zhou Yuan suddenly discovered a faint change in the dark azure wind stratum. A tiny tornado had formed at a certain spot, seemingly creating a small passage.

With astral spirit wind continuously descending from the wind stratum, almost no one noticed this change.

However, Zhou Yuan was rather shocked and a little frightened by this discovery. When the tiny wind tunnel formed, he felt his Spirit begin to drift upwards towards it.

It wanted to enter the wind tunnel?

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned solemn. He knew how terrifying the wind stratum was and even his body would be easily torn to shreds if he got too close, let alone his Corporeal stage Spirit.

However, he had a faint feeling that he should go.

“The Four Spirits Origin Tower was created by master Cang Yuan, and so was the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method. It is not inconceivable for these two things to resonate.”

A thoughtful look emerged in Zhou Yuan’s eyes before ultimately being replaced by resolution.

He did not believe that the Four Spirits Origin Tower created by master Cang Yuan would show any hostility towards someone who cultivated the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method.

“Let’s find out what this is all about!”

Since he had made his decision, Zhou Yuan no longer hesitated, and closed his eyes. The Spirit above his head opened its eyes. It cast a glance at the body below it before rising into the air.

Although his Spirit was concentrated, it had actual substance, and it began merging with the air. Without using Spirit power, even someone nearby would be hard pressed to discover its existence.

In addition, Zhou Yuan was in a desolate area, making it even harder for him to be discovered.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit swiftly rose into the air and soon neared the dark azure wind stratum. At this close proximity, he began to grow very cautious.

However, he quickly found a peculiar force streaming out from the tiny wind tunnel. The force wrapped around his Spirit, calming the nearby violently churning wind stratum.

Upon realizing this, Zhou Yuan’s tense heart relaxed.

As such, he stopped resisting the beckoning force, allowing his Spirit to rise upwards and enter the tunnel. His Spirit rapidly flew through, heading straight into the depths of the wind stratum.

As the dark azure wind stratum rapidly flashed past him, the piercing howls and terrifying power within made him shiver in fear. If the protective power around him disappeared, his Spirit would be instantly destroyed.

“Master, please don’t trick your disciple…”

Zhou Yuan prayed in his heart.

His Spirit quickly advanced through the wind tunnel. After a long time, he was overjoyed to find that the thick dark azure wind layer around him had finally begun to thin.

Several dozen breaths later, the wind stratum completely disappeared as Zhou Yuan’s Spirit shot out.

As his Spirit hovered in the air, Zhou Yuan sensed that his surroundings had turned dark as if he was floating in the primal chaos of the beginning. His Spirit shuddered as he heard a familiar sound.

He slowly lifted his head, and a look of shock slowly climbed out on his face.

He was seeing an incomparably enormous mottled divine grindstone slowly revolving amidst the primal chaos. As the divine grindstone revolved, the surrounding space was turned into nothingness, returning to the chaos of the beginning…

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit violently shook as an almost inaudible but shocked murmur slowly emerged from his mouth and echoed across the primal chaos, “This is…the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone?!”

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