Chapter 793 Plot

The figures of Zhou Yuan and the other three slowly descended, landing on the large circular plaza at the center of the four towers.

There were many restaurant-like buildings on the edges of the plaza from which the fragrance of food and wine wafted out. Many people could be seen walking about the plaza, showing that it was a pretty popular area.

The central area of the plaza was split into many spacious interconnected streets. Crowds of people flowed through each street, and numerous small stalls lined up along each side.

However, the ones manning these stalls were no merchants. From their appearances and the badges on their chests, they were clearly members of the four pavilions.

“Come over and have a look. I have three fresh high-grade Divine Dwelling medicines, and am willing to exchange them for an origin coin!”

“Low-grade Heaven Genesis Weapon, steel devil scorpion blade. Its blade can release the poison of a steel devil scorpion, a domineering poison which can swiftly rot the flesh. Only 380 origin coins!”

“I provide exchange services for origin coins to Genesis crystals. A million Genesis crystals for one origin coin.”

“An incomplete low-grade Heaven Genesis technique, take it away for a hundred origin coins!”

“Scarlet python heart crystal. It can temper fire-type Genesis Qi and is a rare natural resource. Only 300 origin coins!”

“Mythic body pill. It’s a peak quality medicine that can temper the body. Huge discount today, only 80 origin coins!”


Zhou Yuan stood on one of these streets, dumbstruck as he listened to the endless shouting around him. He had not expected it to be so lively here, and most surprising was that practically everyone was using origin coins as currency.

“Do you know the importance of origin coins in the four pavilions now?” asked Ye Bingling from beside him.

“Origin coins may be worthless anywhere else, but here, it is a treasure that no one can stop thinking about. Only with enough origin coins will one be able to create an ancient Genesis Rune.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but inwardly sigh. He could tell that the members of the four pavilions constantly needed more origin coins and could only try to barter for it or fulfil missions to increase their supply.

By controlling the distribution, the Tianyuan Region was able to control all of the Divine Dwelling stage talents.

Master Cang Yuan’s strategy was truly extraordinary.

“Let’s get going. The wind district is located at the azure tower in the northern corner.” Ye Bingling had let them take in the sights for a while before leading the way towards one of the streets. A long stone bridge soon appeared before Zhou Yuan and the others.

At the end of the bridge was a giant azure stone tower.

Ye Bingling led the trio across the bridge, arriving in front of the azure tower. The tower doors were wide open, but an azure barrier covered the entrance. Figures were constantly passing in and out of the barrier.

Most of these figures belonged to members of the Wind Pavilion. They respectfully cupped their fists together upon seeing Ye Bingling, but they did not even cast a glance at Zhou Yuan as they went on their way.

The deputy pavilion master who had appeared out of thin air was evidently not very popular.

Ye Bingling ignored them and said to the Zhou Yuan trio, “Prepare to enter. Some of your vital energy and Spirit will be sucked away by the Origin Tower when we enter, but it should not affect you guys too greatly.”

After speaking, she led the way and stepped into the barrier. The barrier rippled as her figure vanished inside.

Zhou Yuan, Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan exchanged a look and saw the eagerness in each other’s eyes. With a smile, they also stepped forward and disappeared into the rippling barrier.

When the group of four disappeared into the barrier, several gazes withdrew from a window of a private room in one of the restaurants on the round plaza.

“That kid is the new deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion?” A nonchalant chuckle sounded, originating from a young man in scarlet robes. A smile hung from the corners of his mouth, and there was a frivolous look in his eyes.

“Yes, senior brother Wang Chen. He’s the one who crippled one of senior brother Mo Yuan’s arms. Teacher uncle Gu Xi originally wanted to recruit him into our Heavenly Spirit Sect on account of his talent, but he was too arrogant and rejected teacher uncle Gu Xi’s kind offer.

“Subsequently, even hall master Gu Yan stepped forward, but who could have expected him to suddenly gain Lady Chi Jing’s support? Not only was he not chased out from Tianyuan Utopia, she even made him a deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion.”

An icy snort sounded from beside the young man in scarlet robes. It originated from a familiar individual, Qiu Ling of the Qiu clan.

The man he called Wang Chen was a deputy pavilion master of the Fire Pavilion and commanded very high status. He was quite well known amongst the four pavilions.

Wang Chen chuckled as he shook his head. “Does teacher uncle Gu Xi think our Scarlet Flame Hall is a rubbish dump?

“However, such an ignorant and arrogant fellow should be taught a lesson.” As he smiled, his gaze turned towards another figure in the room. “Isn’t that right deputy pavilion master Chen Beifeng?”

That figure belonged to the deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion, Chen Beifeng.

Chen Beifeng continued to sip his tea with an uncaring expression as he nonchalantly replied, “He’s merely a new deputy pavilion master. The show he put up when he first arrived was rather laughable.”

He glanced to the side at Jin Teng, who had been wearing a stormy expression since the beginning, and said, “You were too careless. He honestly isn’t that much stronger than you, and you didn’t even activate your wind spirit rune…”

Jin Teng’s expression softened a little as he replied, “If I activated the wind spirit rune, it would not have been so easy for him to defeat me.”

Smiling, Wang Chen said, “Think of a way to teach him a lesson. Since he’s entered the wind district, our Fire Pavilion can’t touch him.”

He lazily stretched his body. It was obvious from his attitude that he felt that Zhou Yuan was beneath his attention. If not for teacher uncle Gu Xi, he would have zero interest in keeping an eye on Zhou Yuan.


Chen Beifeng looked at Jin Teng and said, “I will get Lin Zheng and Wu Dao to accompany you. You three will enter the wind district and secretly search for Zhou Yuan. Dealing with him shouldn’t be a problem for the three of you.

“He just collected eighty origin coins yesterday. It’ll be pretty profitable to rob him.”

Jin Teng was somewhat hesitant. “Robbing a deputy pavilion master is a punishable offence.”

The corners of Chen Beifeng’s lips lifted as he responded, “What’s a little punishment? Moreover, if he really is robbed by you guys, do you think he’ll have the face to tell anyone? A deputy pavilion master robbed by his subordinates, his reputation will be ruined if something like that spreads.

“That’s why he’ll be forced to suffer in silence. You reap what you sow.”

Wang Chen and Qiu Ling could not help but laugh.

“What a devious plan. Haha, a mighty deputy pavilion master being robbed by his subordinates. That will be quite a fall...let’s see how he’ll survive as a deputy pavilion master afterwards.”

Jin Teng gritted his teeth and nodded. Lin Zheng and Wu Dao were powerful lackeys that Chen Beifeng had nurtured and were not weaker than him. If the three of them combined forces, they would definitely be able to deal with Zhou Yuan.

“Alright then, I’ll go make the arrangements.” Jin Teng rose and left with a fierce expression.

Chen Beifeng watched him leave before smiling at Wang Chen. “There’ll be a good show to watch today.”

Wang Cheng smiled and nodded.

Looks like the newly appointed deputy Wind Pavilion master is going to have his reputation sullied before he can even get comfortable.

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