Chapter 791 Four Spirits Origin Tower

A glittering coin arced through the air and landed in Zhou Yuan’s hand. He observed it with a face filled with curiosity. The coin seemed to be made from some kind of special translucent crystal. A uniquely designed tower with a dazzling sun above it had been carved into the face of the coin.

“Origin coin?”

Zhou Yuan fiddled with the coin in his hand but was unable to detect any Genesis Qi undulations from it. He asked puzzled, “What function does it possess?”

According to Ye Bingling’s words, this was the object that drew the numerous Divine Dwelling geniuses of Tianyuan Region to the four pavilions?

Ye Bingling shot a strange glance at Zhou Yuan. Was there really someone who did not know about this in Tianyuan Region?

Beside Zhou Yuan, Yi Qiushui softly explained, “At the center of the four pavilions is an extremely special floating island. On the island is a tower known as the Four Spirits Origin Tower, which was personally built by supreme sovereign Cang Yuan.”

“Four Spirits Origin Tower…,” mumbled Zhou Yuan.

“There are four districts in the Four Spirits Origin Tower, the wind district, the forest district, the fire district and the mountain district.” Yi Qiushui softly chuckled. “That’s right, the four pavilions were actually established based on these districts.”

“The Four Spirits Origin Tower is capable of aiding one’s cultivation?” asked Zhou Yuan. Such cultivation areas were not uncommon.

Ye Bingling took over at this point, “It’s no simple cultivation area.

“How do I say this…”

She pondered for a moment before continuing, “Our ultimate goal after entering the Four Spirits Origin Tower is to obtain a Genesis Rune.”

“Genesis Rune?” Zhou Yuan frowned, not really understanding.

“An eternal Genesis Rune.”

Ye Bingling’s lattermost words caused his expression to change drastically, and he involuntarily cried out, “Eternal Genesis Rune?! How is that possible?”

Of course he knew that Genesis Runes could be inscribed on the body to strengthen one’s power. But these Genesis Runes were only temporary, and they would soon fade after being activated.

An eternal Genesis Rune on the other hand...although some of the extremely ancient apex-level Genesis Runes could last eternally, only the highest-tier runes in this world would be able to reach such heights!

But from what Ye Bingling had said, every individual who entered the Four Spirits Origin Tower had a chance of obtaining an eternal Genesis Runes!

This was completely irrational, especially to someone like Zhou Yuan, who was decently versed in the art of Genesis Runes.

“I don’t understand how it works, but the Four Spirits Tower was created by supreme sovereign Cang Yuan after all.

“There are four ancient Genesis Runes inside the Four Spirits Origin Tower, the wind district’s wind spirit rune, the forest district’s forest spirit rune, the fire district’s fire spirit rune and the mountain district’s mountain spirit rune…

“Take the wind district of our Wind Pavilion for example. Astral spirit gales devastate its skies all year round. Inside the astral gales, one’s body and Spirit will feel as if they are being cut by a thousand knives. But if one manages to endure the torture, tiny Genesis marks from the astral gales will be left behind in one’s body. Slowly accumulating these marks will eventually result in a complete wind spirit rune.”

“Is the wind spirit rune powerful?” asked Zhou Yuan.

Ye Bingling said, “The wind spirit rune can increase one’s speed when activated, the earth spirit rune can accelerate one’s recovery abilities, the fire spirit rune bestows an explosive power to one’s Genesis Qi, and the mountain spirit rune will greatly amplify one’s toughness.

“But most importantly, these four Genesis Runes will increase one’s Genesis Qi.”

She reached out her right hand. Her hand seemed to gleam as if it were made from white jade, so pretty that one would have to fight the urge to touch it.

However, Zhou Yuan displayed an appropriate attitude; his strong will to survive stopped his gaze from lingering too long. Although he did repeatedly praise the beauty of her hand inside his heart.

Ye Bingling was rather satisfied by his performance. There was likely no lack of men whose ears turned red at the mere sight of her hand. These fellows likely only had dirty thoughts in their heads.

Icy Genesis Qi gathered at her fingertips, and specks of azure light  converged towards the back of her hand, ultimately culminating into an incomplete mysterious azure Genesis Rune.


The Genesis Rune flickered as the Genesis Qi on Ye Bingling’s fingertips shot forward. In that instant, Zhou Yuan clearly sensed the stream of Genesis Qi received a certain increase.

“My wind spirit rune is only half complete...however, if we measure it using Genesis Qi stars, it gives me an additional million Genesis Qi stars,” said Ye Bingling.

Although her Genesis Qi foundations were already at the ten million level, a million was still very substantial.


Zhou Yuan violently gasped inside, his eyes filled with shock. An incomplete Genesis Rune could give a million Genesis Qi stars?!

If it was complete, wouldn’t that be equivalent to over two million?!

What the hell was this?

Zhou Yuan’s current Genesis Qi foundations had only reached eight million Genesis Qi stars. In other words, the wind spirit rune would boost him by a fourth of his total.

Only now did he finally understand why Ye Bingling had said that the many geniuses of the Tianyuan Region had not flocked to the four pavilions for Divine Dwelling medicine.

With such a magical Genesis Rune, one would undoubtedly have an advantage in a fight with an opponent of the same level.

The sight of Zhou Yuan’s shocked appearance drew out a rare smile from Ye Bingling as she said, “The Four Spirits Origin Tower is unique even in the entire Hunyuan Heaven. If not for supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s extraordinary mastery of Genesis Runes, it would be very difficult to create such a magical place.”

Zhou Yuan sighed. “He is indeed very amazing…”

He paused for a moment before he suddenly enquired, “Can someone obtain more than one ancient Genesis Rune?”

Ye Bingling gave a little nod. “Of course one can, but according to the rules, one may only proceed to the other districts after completing the spirit rune of one’s own pavilion.”

“Doesn’t that mean that a person can collect all four runes? How much Genesis Qi would that add?!” Zhou Yuan could not help but ask. At two million per rune, wouldn’t that be eight million with four?!

However, even Ye Bingling could not help but chuckle at his words as she shook her head.

“Tch, brat you think too highly of yourself.”

These words were spoken by the sleepy-eyed elder Wang behind the counter. “Do you think it’s easy to complete a wind spirit rune? You should ask how long Ye Bingling took for her half-complete rune.”

Ye Bingling pursed her lips and said, “One and a half years.

“More importantly, everyone has a time limit in the Four Spirits Origin Tower, which is three years at maximum. Once this limit has been reached, you will no longer be allowed into the Four Spirits Origin Tower.

“In the current four pavilions, only the other three pavilion masters have succeeded in completing a spirit rune. Our Wind Pavilion is rather weak in comparison. In this generation, only Chen Beifeng and I have reached the half-rune level.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback, somewhat unable to understand. “Why is there a restriction?”

Elder Wang leisurely explained, “When you enter the tower, it will eat some of the vital energy and Spirit power in your body. Only by doing this will it be able to endlessly provide you guys Genesis marks to create the spirit runes.

“From our testing, permitting you guys entry for three years is the limit. Irreversible damage will be done to one’s vital energy and Spirit if one exceeds this limit.

“There is no free lunch in this world. One will naturally have to pay to obtain something.”

Only then did Zhou Yuan understand. So one had to offer up one’s vital energy and Spirit power to the Four Spirits Origin Tower. If this was the case, it was somewhat understandable.

However, there had to certainly be many details and intricacies behind the tower’s workings. It would be impossible for him to fully understand master Cang Yuan’s masterpiece given his current understanding of Genesis Runes.

But it did seem to be quite impossible to create all four ancient Genesis Runes within three years. No wonder Ye Bingling had laughed. She had likely felt him to be overly optimistic.

Even a single complete ancient Genesis Rune would bring tremendous benefits...


Desire burned in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he lightly tossed the crystal-like coin in his hand. “These origin coins should be required to enter the Four Spirits Origin Tower, right?”

Ye Bingling nodded and said, “After entering the tower, one has to burn origin coins to summon the forces that contain Genesis marks. The more coins you burn, the more Genesis marks you’ll summon. Without any coins, no one will be able to accumulate an ancient Genesis Rune.

“An ordinary pavilion member will receive twenty origin coins per month. As the deputy pavilion master, you’ll be able to collect eighty origin coins every month. If you want more, you’ll have to trade for it with other pavilion members by completing missions.”

Zhou Yuan released a long drawn out breath as he gazed at the glittering coin in his hand. He finally understood why this object had drawn even a smile from the cold Ye Bingling.

Because it truly was such a lovely little cutie!

After Ye Bingling’s explanation, Zhou Yuan was now extremely interested in the Four Spirits Origin Tower. Hence, he made a small little goal for himself...

He would obtain a wind spirit rune!

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