Chapter 790 The Division of Nine Dwellings

Ye Bingling walked straight towards Zhou Yuan under thousands of staring eyes. Although she wasn’t happy that Zhou Yuan was appointed by Lady Chi Jing, she at least knew that he had been sent by Lady Chi Jing, which meant they could be considered to be on the same side.

This was perhaps the main reason Chen Beifeng had no interest in talking to Zhou Yuan.

But although Chen Beifeng had ignored him, she couldn’t do that. Although she didn’t have a good opinion of Zhou Yuan, there also weren’t any bad feelings. She didn’t want to see the new deputy pavilion master being treated coldly on his first day.

“I’m Ye Bingling, and welcome to the Wind Pavilion,” Ye Bingling stated indifferently. She swept her eyes over Zhou Yuan and then nodded at Yi Qiushui.

Yi Qiushui also responded with a gentle smile.

Zhou Yuan laughed, “I have already heard of the great name of deputy pavilion master Ye from Lady Chi Jing.”

When Ye Bingling heard his words, the coldness on her beautiful cheeks melted a little. “Lady Chi Jing is so busy, does she still remember me?”

Zhou Yuan nodded seriously.

An extremely rare delighted smile spread across Ye Bingling’s face and then disappeared. But there seemed to be a little more warmth within her eyes, which regarded Zhou Yuan.

“It’s your first time in the Wind Pavilion, so you must not be familiar with this place. I’ll show you around,” she said.

“That would be great, but it will trouble deputy pavilion master Ye,” Zhou Yuan hurriedly replied.

Ye Bingling shook her head. “You have just taken up the post of deputy pavilion master. I will take you to the general affairs building to receive your identity token and salary first.”

Zhou Yuan couldn’t say no.

Ye Bingling was the first to turn around and leave, with Zhou Yuan and Yi Qiushui quickly following behind her.

The other members of the Wind Pavilion were surprised to see the three walking through the square together. After all, who didn’t know about Ye Bingling’s cold personality?—but when she spoke with Zhou Yuan, she had even smiled.

Could it be that deputy pavilion master Ye liked Zhou Yuan?

This inevitably made some people who admired Ye Bingling a little indignant. Although Zhou Yuan was now a deputy pavilion master, he clearly didn’t match Ye Bingling.

“Earning his living through his looks.”

They couldn’t help but bitterly criticise him before they dispersed. At the same time, the news of the new deputy pavilion master also spread.

Zhou Yuan and Yi Qiushui, under the guidance of Ye Bingling, curiously strolled around the Wind Pavilion.

Ye Bingling didn’t say much, but fortunately they were accompanied by Yi Qiushui. The conversation between the two women made the atmosphere much less awkward during the stroll, and the frost on Ye Bingling’s face had melted a lot.

Zhou Yuan simply followed them and didn’t interject. He occasionally looked around, and he seemed very interested in the Wing Pavilion’s unique scenery.

Ye Bingling seemed to have sensed Zhou Yuan’s indifference and asked, “Zhou Yuan, your Divine Dwellings should be some kind of variant, isn’t that right?”

When Zhou Yuan had made a move earlier, she had noticed that Zhou Yuan’s Divine Dwellings were a grayish color and were different from ordinary Divine Dwellings. But Ye Bingling wasn’t too stunned because although variations of Divine Dwellings were rare in Hunyuan Heaven, she had seen them before.

Zhou Yuan nodded with a smile.

“Looks like a variation of seven Divine Dwellings, is that right?

“This is quite impressive already. It’s more powerful than most normal eight Divine Dwellings.”

If it was the variant of five or six Divine Dwellings, it wouldn’t be that special, but variants of seven Divine Dwellings were indeed pretty good.

As for variants of eight Divine Dwellings and nine Divine Dwellings, Ye Bingling had never thought about them before because they were incredibly rare even in the entire Hunyuan Heaven.

Zhou Yuan simply smiled and didn’t explain that his were variants of nine Divine Dwellings. After all, he didn’t like to expose his own foundation.

“Senior sister Ye has nine Divine Dwellings?” Zhou Yuan asked. Earlier, because Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui chatted very happily, she had told them to call her senior sister to show their closeness.

“Chen Beifeng and I both have nine Divine Dwellings, but they can only be regarded as nine lower dwellings.” Ye Bingling nodded.

“Nine lower dwellings?” Zhou Yuan was taken aback at first. There were differences in Divine Dwellings? He had never heard of that when he was in Cangxuan Heaven.

Ye Bingling glanced at him with a little surprise. “The divisions of nine Divine Dwellings are ranked as upper, middle and lower grade. I was able to develop nine Divine Dwellings, but it was only a fluke, so my nine Divine Dwellings can only be considered as lower dwellings. They are not as strong as those of the middle and upper grade.”

Zhou Yuan secretly smiled bitterly. Hunyuan Heaven was really enviable. Since even the nine Divine Dwellings were classified so meticulously, there had to be many heaven prides with nine Divine Dwellings for them to come up with such a grading system.

But in Cangxuan Heaven, as long as you opened up nine Divine Dwellings, you would be considered a super heaven pride. Who cared about the upper or lower grade?

Of course, the higher the Divine Dwelling graded, the greater the potential. But when it came to the future, if those with lower-grade Divine Dwellings were resilient, they might not necessarily be weaker.

“Nine lower dwellings are still nine Divine Dwellings, and are much stronger than my eight Divine Dwellings. Is senior sister Ye trying to laugh at me in a roundabout way?” Yi Qiushui smiled faintly.

Ye Bingling said embarrassed, “I didn’t mean that.”

It could be seen that, even though Ye Bingling had a cold and distant personality, she wasn’t as tactful as Yi Qiushui. However, this also made a lot of sense given how Yi Qiushui had managed the entire Yi clan.

And while they were talking, a huge mirror-like lake appeared in their eyes. In the middle of the lake was a blue pavilion. Streams of people were passing by the pavilion, and it seemed particularly lively.

“This is Wind Island’s general affairs building. It’s where you get paid and pick up your assignments every month.”

Ye Bingling led the two across the lake’s stone bridge, into the building and to the counter. Behind the counter was an old man half asleep. “Old Wang, this is the new deputy pavilion master. He came to collect his identity token and salary,” she said respectfully.

The old man, known as Old Wang, rubbed his eyes. He studied Zhou Yuan closely and grinned, “It is said that he was personally appointed by Lady Chi Jing?”

He flung his robe and several items appeared on the counter.

Ye Bingling took one of the golden tokens that were each engraved with a simple ‘wind’ character and ancient patterns on the sides.

“This is your deputy pavilion master token. There is a storm barrier outside of Wind Island. You won’t need elder Yi Yan to escort you in the future. With this token, you can safely enter and exit the island.” She handed the token to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan hurriedly received the token, which vaguely pulsed with waves of Genesis Qi.

“And that’s your salary for this month. Deputy pavilion masters receive a total of two hundred and fifty high-grade Divine Dwelling medicines.” Ye Bingling then took another small spatial bag.

“Two hundred and fifty high-grade Divine Dwelling medicines?!” Zhou Yuan exclaimed, his eyes lighting up with joy. He didn’t expect a Wind Pavilion deputy pavilion master would be treated so well and could receive so much Divine Dwelling medicines in one month.

This was much more than the Yi clan’s reward!

Ye Bingling shook her head when she saw Zhou Yuan’s delighted look. She passed over another pile of coin-like objects and remarked, “Although Divine Dwelling medicines are good to have, the countless young heaven prides in the Tianyuan Region did not join the four pavilions for these Divine Dwelling medicines.

“It’s for these.”

She lifted her beautiful hand to reveal round coins that appeared to be made of transparent crystal.

Looking at the cute little objects in her hand, even she, who was always cold and distant, revealed a slight smile.

“What is that?” Zhou Yuan was incomparably curious. What could be more attractive than Divine Dwelling medicine?

Ye Bingling flicked her finger. A crystal coin made a crisp sound and then drew a bright arc in midair before reaching Zhou Yuan.

“This is an origin coin, a treasure unique to the four pavilions of the Tianyuan Region.”

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