Chapter 789 Serving as Deputy Pavilion Master

What Yi Yan said caused a commotion in the crowd of people below.

Even the eyes of Chen Beifeng, who had always seemed completely indifferent, were blazing brightly.

Among the four pavilions, only the position of the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master had been vacant all these years. And in the many years that Chen Beifeng had been in the Wind Pavilion, he had always coveted that position.

However, the Wind Pavilion was currently still in the control of Chi Jing, and Chen Beifeng was on the Heavenly Spirit Sect’s side. This was the reason why Chi Jing had never given him the opportunity and had instead sent Ye Bingling to suppress him.

But what he was puzzled about was why Lady Chi Jing, who had always obstructed the Wind Pavilion from choosing a new pavilion master, would accede this time.

“Is it because of the pressure from the Heavenly Spirit Sect, the Profound Crystal Clan and the White Clan?” Chen Beifeng muttered to himself. No matter what the reason was, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The pavilion masters of the four pavilions had always enjoyed a status similar to the elders of the Tianyuan Region. For people of the Divine Dwelling stage, this was the best shortcut to ascend to the sky. Otherwise, if they were to follow the traditional route and become an elder, they would have to wait until they reached the Nascent Source stage. And it was unknown how many years of training that would take.

Although the position was said to be a unique elder position for those at the Divine Dwelling stage, the cultivation resources they could enjoy weren’t fewer than those of the elders of the Nascent Source stage. Therefore, the pavilion master selection of the four pavilions had always been extremely fierce.

The current Wind Pavilion was almost ranked last among the four pavilions. If he were in one of the other three pavilions, Chen Beifeng might not have the strength to compete for the pavilion master position.

But the good thing was that, in the Wind Pavilion, only Ye Bingling could pose a threat to him. So he had a great chance.

As for Zhou Yuan, the newly appointed deputy pavilion master, Chen Beifeng didn’t care too much. Even if he had displayed his strength in front of him, in truth, his strength could only be used to scare Jin Teng and had no effect on him.

Ye Bingling’s pretty eyes also flashed, and her stunning face immediately grew solemn. She came to the Wind Pavilion on the arrangement of Lady Chi Jing, and her most important task was to prevent Chen Beifeng from winning the title of pavilion master.

However, Lady Chi Jing had been holding onto the position of pavilion master and was unwilling to let go. Now that it was suddenly thrown out, Ye Bingling needed to fight with all her strength this time.

No matter what, she couldn’t let Chi Jing down.

Zhou Yuan, who was on the platform, narrowed his eyes slightly. Then his gaze flickered over Chen Beifeng, and he vaguely felt a dangerous aura from the wave of Genesis Qi being exuded from him.

Chen Beifeng was far stronger than both Mo Yuan and Jin Teng.

“Since he’s in the top 100 of the Divine Dwelling List, he must be strong,” Zhou Yuan muttered to himself.

Zhou Yuan evaluated his own strength and means at this time, and found that he wasn’t confident of winning if he were to face Chen Beifeng now.

This was because some of his trump cards were missing compared to when he was in the Cangxuan Heaven.

For example, Silver Shadow. This battle puppet was Zhou Yuan’s greatest trump card, which had helped him turn the situation around many times before. But after he had stepped into the Divine Dwelling stage, Silver Shadow almost had no effect on him anymore, unless he could make it evolve once again. Although Yaoyao had already deduced the evolution method, Zhou Yuan did not have the time to try it yet.

There was also the disappearance of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.

The Decoder Saint Rune, Earth Saint Rune and the Heavenly Punishment Rune, as well as the fourth Saint Rune, had all returned to the Saint Seal in order to release the remnant soul of old ancestor Cangxuan hidden in the Cangxuan Saint Rune. But when he later split the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, the four Saint Runes also disappeared in the explosion.

To be precise, it wasn’t a disappearance because Zhou Yuan vaguely felt that the four Saint Runes seemed to have drilled into his body the moment the Cangxuan Saint Stamp was split.

But no matter what Zhou Yuan tried, he was unable to find the four Saint Runes hidden in his body.

So for now, the Saint Runes that he had once relied on were also useless.

And the lack of these trump cards undoubtedly had a considerable impact on Zhou Yuan’s combat strength.

“It seems that I also need to practice in these two months. At the very least, my spirit must break through to Materialisation Stage.” Zhou Yuan’s spirit was currently at the advanced Corporeal Stage and wasn’t far from the Transformative stage. But if he could make a breakthrough, it would greatly help him.

And if possible, he needed to evolve Silver Shadow.

Since coming to the Tianyuan Region, Zhou Yuan had always been on the go and hadn’t been able to find a quiet time to practice. Now that he had met senior sister Chi Jing and joined the Wind Pavilion, he should fully focus on cultivating.

Others might not know, but he knew well that the pavilion master selection in two months was an opportunity that Chi Jing had made for him. Therefore, he had to win the position of pavilion master no matter what.

The three people who were eligible to compete for the pavilion master position had numerous thoughts racing through their minds. The other members of the Wind Pavilion were also extremely concerned about this, but their eyes were constantly flickering between Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling.

“It looks like we’re finally going to have a pavilion master, and if our speculation is correct, it will be either Chen Beifeng or Ye Bingling.”

“Sigh, so what if we have a pavilion master? Our Wind Pavilion has been very weak over the years. Which of the other three pavilions attach any importance to us?”

“Yes, even if the strengths of Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling were placed among the deputy pavilion masters of the four pavilions, they would only be considered average.”

“It’s all because the Heavenly Spirit Sect and the others teamed up to hollow out the Wind Pavilion.”

“The present pavilion master of the Mountain Pavilion, Han Yuan, was also from our Wind Pavilion. In the end, however, he joined the Profound Crystal Clan! What a thankless wretch!”

“Sigh, people always want to rise to higher places. The supreme sovereign Cang Yuan has been missing for many years, and as a result, Lady Chi Jing’s influence in the Tianyuan Region has also been impacted.”


Low murmurs and whispers spread out, but the faces of many members of the Wind Pavilion were a little gloomy, as if the many members were thinking of something unpleasant.

On the high platform, Yi Yan frowned and coughed softly, “I have informed everyone of the news, so those who are qualified to compete, please do your best. In two months time, Lady Chi Jing will come to watch the battle.”

When his voice faded, he turned to Zhou Yuan and Yi Qiushui and said, “During this time, you should stay on Wind Island."

Zhou Yuan and Yi Qiushui nodded.

Yi Yan’s figure flashed away and reappeared on the white lion carriage. The white lion sped away with a loud roar.

After Yi Yan left, Chen Beifeng indifferently glanced at Zhou Yuan without saying a word, then turned away.

Many members of the Wind Pavilion also couldn’t help but snicker to themselves. Generally, according to the rules, if there was a new deputy pavilion master, the other deputy pavilion masters would generally greet him. But it was obvious that Chen Beifeng wasn’t very impressed with Zhou Yuan.

While everyone was snickering, they suddenly saw a beautiful silhouette suddenly step toward Zhou Yuan.

It was the famous ice beauty of the Wind Pavilion, Ye Bingling.

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