Chapter 788 One Sword


When that incomparably sharp beam of sword light whizzed out, all members of the Wind Pavilion in the square were stunned by how decisive Zhou Yuan was.

He acted without saying a word!

But compared to the decisiveness of Zhou Yuan, what they were even more concerned about was that they felt a piercing chill from the sword qi that burst out.

This immediately made their originally mocking gazes become more serious.

Zhou Yuan was only at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage, but his combat strength seemed particularly tyrannical.

“So courageous!”

But while others were dumbstruck by his strength, Jin Teng burst into thunderous laughter. “You think you can do whatever you want in the Wind Pavilion after you defeated Mo Yuan?! What a huge joke!    

“Since you look down on my Wind Pavilion, I’m going to teach you a lesson today!”

Although Jin Teng spoke righteously, a look of wild joy flashed across the depths of his eyes. Since Zhou Yuan had actively caused trouble today, he knew that Zhou Yuan wouldn’t have the face to continue to be the deputy pavilion master if defeated!

The sharp sword light rapidly enlarged before Jin Teng.


Jin Teng drew a deep breath, causing the mighty Genesis Qi within his body to erupt and directly form three Divine Dwelling halos behind him, each flashing with eight different colors.

However, although Jin Teng had repeatedly looked down on Zhou Yuan, he didn’t hold back in his attack at all.


Majestic Genesis Qi surged directly above him, transforming into a giant golden hand covered with ancient patterns, like the palm of a divine being. It emitted a tyrannical oppressive aura.

“That’s a high-grade Heaven-tier Genesis technique, the Sky Dipper Spirit Hand...”

“It’s Jin Teng’s strongest attack. I didn’t expect him to use it straight away. It seems like he’s not going to give that guy even half a chance.”

“Heh, that kid has been talking big all this time, let’s see how he deals with this!”

Many Wind Pavilion disciples gasped in astonishment.

“Sky Dipper Spirit Hand!”

As Jin Teng let out a thunderous roar, a giant dark golden hand shot downward, causing the void to tremble. A shadow reached to grab the beam of piercing sword light.


The two ferociously collided. The giant hand clenched tight and caught the sword light. Genesis Qi continuously rumbled.

“Watch me crush your sword pill!” Jin Teng sneered, his hands suddenly folding together in a hand seal.


The giant spirit hand squeezed tight, causing even space to distort. Even a mountain wouldn’t be able to withstand that power.


But a loud and clear sword cry resounded across the sky, and Jin Teng’s expression changed drastically because at that moment he felt a monstrous sword qi erupt from the giant spirit hand.


The giant spirit hand trembled violently, and Jin Teng’s pupils shrank.

He saw cracks rapidly spread across the giant spirit hand.

“Oh no!”

He felt a chill in his heart, and he rapidly activated Genesis Qi to stabilize the giant spirit hand. With a loud explosive noise, countless beams of piercing sharp sword light shot from the giant spirit hand and forcibly tore it apart.


As the sword light surged, a sword shadow pierced through like a bolt of lightning, aiming directly at Jin Teng.

Jin Teng’s expression changed dramatically. He didn’t expect Zhou Yuan’s sword light Genesis technique to be so strong that not even his giant spirit hand could stop it.

Jin Teng rapidly drew back, operating the three Divine Dwelling halos behind him to appear in front to form the final defense.


However, the sword shadow pierced straight through. The azure scales covering the sword body emitted icy cold light that gave the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb an even more powerful outward appearance!

The three Divine Dwelling halos exploded.

But the sword shadow didn’t stop once. As the void quaked endlessly and Jin Teng froze with shocked horror, the sword shadow pierced through his shoulder.


Jin Teng was blasted away, and he crashed onto the ground, leaving long marks across the square. Blood sputtered from his shoulder, dying his robe bright red.

It was only after piercing Jin Teng’s shoulder that the sword shadow vanished. But that powerful bone-chilling sword qi continued to remain in the world.

The whole bluestone square fell quiet.

All the members of the Wind Pavilion looked moved. Zhou Yuan’s move had happened in the blink of an eye, and in just a short period of around ten breaths, the outcome of the battle between Zhou Yuan and Jin Teng had been decided.

And that result was unbelievable to them.

Jin Teng had actually lost to Zhou Yuan of the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage?!

How was that possible?!

It should be said that Jin Teng wasn’t a nobody. He was a famous person also listed on the Divine Dwelling List. Moreover, based on strength, he was superior to Mo Yuan!

But he was defeated by Zhou Yuan in one move?!

In that silence, Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling also looked at the scene with strange expressions, and they were evidently also a little surprised by Zhou Yuan’s performance.

Chen Beifeng narrowed his eyes and then slowly retracted his gaze. Zhou Yuan’s sword light was indeed very powerful, but he could feel that it should be at Zhou Yuan’s limits.

He may be a threat to Jin Teng, but not him.

Ye Bingling’s expression eased a little as she studied Zhou Yuan. She no longer regarded him as a young master who got in through his connections.

Yi Qiushui also breathed a sigh of relief. But she was also a little bit surprised by Zhou Yuan’s sword pill technique, which seemed to have become stronger since the last time she saw it when he fought Mo Yuan. 

Yi Yan calmly watched the scene, but in his heart he was full of admiration for Zhou Yuan. At a time like this, those unruly and arrogant heaven prides of the Wind Pavilion could only be tamed with strength.

The tyrannical Genesis Qi surging around Zhou Yuan gradually subsided. He scanned the silent square and said in a nonchalant tone, “Anyone else has any objections?”

Everybody was silent.

Although they were proud and arrogant, they weren’t stupid. They opposed him previously because Zhou Yuan was only at the intermediate Divine Dwelling Stage and they didn’t believe he was capable enough to become a deputy pavilion master. But Zhou Yuan had now proven his strength...

If there was another objection, perhaps even elder Yi Yan wouldn’t sit back and let them criticize Lady Chi Jing’s order.

Jin Teng’s face was ashen as he stared at his shoulder that was dripping with blood. He knew that Zhou Yuan had held back; otherwise, the beam of sword light would have pierced his head…

Yi Yan strode forward with a smile. “Since there aren’t any objections, from today onward, Zhou Yuan will be the Wind Pavilion’s third deputy pavilion master.

“There is also more news. Lady Chi Jing has personally ordered that in two months time, the Wind Pavilion will hold the pavilion master selection to decide the Wind Pavilion’s new pavilion master.”

The originally silent square once again broke into uproar.

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