Chapter 786 Wind Pavilion

Zhou Yuan left the golden palace hall and saw Yi Qiushui and Yi Yan anxiously waiting outside. The two immediately darted over.

“Zhou Yuan, what happened? Is Lady Chi Jing really going to let you become the deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion?” Yi Qiushui asked hurriedly when she saw Zhou Yuan come out.

Yi Yan caressed his beard and stubbornly didn’t show too much eagerness, but his eyes fixed on Zhou Yuan’s were enough to show how restless he was. 

“Lady Chi Jing has already said it, so how can she take it back?” Zhou Yuan laughed.

Yi Qiushui’s eyes went wide. “Then you really will become a deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion?”

She found this hard to believe. In the Tianyuan Region, the position of deputy pavilion master of Wind Pavilion was more important than the Prefecture Lord of Xiaoxuan Prefecture. And when Zhou Yuan really becomes the pavilion master, his status would be equivalent to her grandfather, who was an elder in the Elder Committee.

But Yi Yan was an expert of the Nascent Source stage! It took him a lot of work and effort in the Tianyuan Region to climb to that position, but Zhou Yuan—it was his first time in the Tianyuan Utopia!

Even Yi Yan couldn’t help pulling out two strands of hair from his beard. He uttered, “Why does she value you so much?”

Zhou Yuan revealed a bewildered expression and shook his head.

Yi Yan thought for a while and said, “It seems as I thought, master Chi Jing can’t stand the Heavenly Spirit Sect, so she is using you to counter them.

“But, kid, your luck is really good. You must remember in your heart the favour Lady Chi Jing has done for you.”

Yi Yan sighed. He had hoped to fight for the position of deputy commander in the Wind Pavilion for Zhou Yuan, but who would have thought that Zhou Yuan would instead become the deputy pavilion master!

This jump was incredibly large.

Zhou Yuan nodded with a smile. “Lady Chi Jing has asked for you to take me to Wind Pavilion tomorrow to start my post.”

“Of course,” Yi Yan said.

A slightly bitter look crossed Yi Qiushui’s beautiful face. “That means you’ll become my superior.”

“Qiushui, you’re also going to the Wind Pavilion?” Zhou Yuan asked in puzzlement.

Yi Yan smiled and said, “The four pavilions are the dream places of all the youngsters in the Tianyuan Region. Qiushui is no exception. But because she is the lord of Xiaoxuan Prefecture, she does not have a position in Wind Pavilion and is simply just training there.

“As for the affairs of Xiaoxuan Prefecture, the Yi clan will help take care of them.”

“Not only me, Liu Zhixuan will also enter the Wind Pavilion. I wonder what his reaction would be when he sees you’re the deputy pavilion master of Wind Pavilion,” Yi Qiushui laughed.

Zhou Yuan nodded. It was a good thing to have some people he knew there.

Yi Yan smiled. “Zhou Yuan, you don’t have a place to stay, do you? You can stay at mine for now.”

Yi Yan’s attitude towards Zhou Yuan had visibly become friendlier because he knew very well that with Zhou Yuan becoming a deputy pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion, Zhou Yuan was no longer the former lonely person without any background.

Zhou Yuan could be said to be in the middle class of the Tianyuan Region. In the future, he might even rise another level and could be described as a new star.

So it was understandable that Yi Yan wanted to pull Zhou Yuan to his side.

“Then thank you, elder Yi Yan.”

Zhou Yuan smiled and expressed his gratitude.

Seeing that Zhou Yuan hadn’t become arrogant even after he struck up a relationship with Chi Jing, Yi Yan couldn’t help but like him even more.


The next day.

Outside the Yi clan’s garden.

The carriage drawn by the white lion soared into the sky, heading southwest of the Tianyuan Utopia with lightning speed.

After an hour, the speed of the white lion carriage slowed down, and Zhou Yuan peered through the gap between the curtains to see a floating island appearing in the sky. The island was a bit smaller than those he had seen before, but around the island were countless raging storms.

The howl of violent wind could be clearly heard even from a distance away.

Above the sky, there were constantly streams of light landing onto the island surrounded by storm.

“The four pavilions, Wind, Forest, Fire and Mountain, each occupy an island. This is where the Wind Pavilion lies, the Wind Island,” Yi Yan’s voice sounded from behind.

Zhou Yuan was slightly surprised. 

The whole island belongs to the Wind Pavilion? It seems that the Tianyuan Region really attaches importance to the four pavilions. Who did not know that an inch of Tianyuan Utopia was worth an inch of gold?  

Yi Yan flung his sleeve, and the white lion roared, dragging the carriage down from the sky. As it passed, the storm immediately dissipated.

After passing through the numerous storms, the landscape of the island became clear. The mountains extended forever into the distance like a crouching dragon, and between the mountains were towering straight trees. The giant branches of those trees were like metal, shimmering and glowing, and no matter how the violent wind howled between heaven and earth, it couldn’t shake them in the slightest.

And among the mountains were endless azure buildings.

Yi Yan steered the white lion down onto a huge square in the center of the mountain.


A huge crowd was gathered within the square paved with bluestones, and a boiling cauldron of voices could be heard. From a rough estimate, there were at least one thousand people.

And they were all young and magnificent and exuded imposing manners. They were members of the Wind Pavilion, and their strength, without exception, was at least at the level of the Divine Dwelling stage.

At this moment, the thousands of figures gathered here had each formed their own circle of people.

And in the front of the thousands of people stood alone two figures. A man and a woman. The man stood tall and straight. His single-lidded eyes were narrow and cold, and his whole body exuded a sharp aura.

The woman, wearing a long white dress, was graceful and exceptionally beautiful, but she had an icy air of arrogance, like an iceberg snow lotus that made people afraid to approach her.

While the man and woman stood at the very front, everybody’s eyes were filled with awe as they gazed at them. They dared not step forward to disturb them.

This was because these two people were the present deputy pavilion masters.

Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling.

Hunyuan Heaven’s Divine Dwelling List brought together the most outstanding youngsters in the entire world. The competition for every position on the list was incredibly fierce, and the fact that Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling were both ranked in the top 100 was enough to show their strength and talent.    

Therefore, even if the members of the Wind Pavilion were incomparably arrogant, they still acknowledged the strength of these two people. 

Not far behind the two was the most popular circle. In the center stood a golden-robed man who seemed to be in high spirits. He was like the moon surrounded by stars.

“Haha, I heard a little piece of news that today there will be a third deputy pavilion master in the Wind Pavilion. If my information is right, it should be commander Jin Teng.”

“I’m not surprised. Commander Jin Teng has met with Lady Chi Jing before, and she highly values him. Currently in the Wind Pavilion, the strength of commander Jin Teng is second only to the two deputy pavilion masters. So if I were asked who is most qualified to be the third deputy pavilion master, I would say commander Jin Teng.”


Listening to all the flattery, the man in the golden robe gave a modest smile, and he even shook his head, but in the depths of his eyes was a trace of smugness.

“It’s not certain yet, don’t joke around.” Jin Teng smiled.    

He peered through to the beautiful white-clad figure at the front of the crowd. He had long admired Ye Bingling, and if he could become a deputy pavilion master, from this view, he could finally match up to her.

“But I heard some rumours that the third deputy pavilion master is coming by air,” a voice suddenly rang out.

Everyone fell silent.

“After all, all the young heaven prides in the Tianyuan Region are gathered in the four pavilions. How could someone else suddenly appear?”

He shook his head, “If that’s the case, I won’t agree.”

The members of the Wind Pavilion all nodded at the same time, echoing, “Yes, we will not agree!”

While the crowd was clamouring, Ye Bingling slightly closed her beautiful eyes, and her eyebrows knitted together because she had received news that the third deputy pavilion master was appointed by Lady Chi Jing...and it was not Jin Teng.

“This indeed breaks the rules of the Wind Pavilion. Lady Chi Jing always does things with principles, but how come this time...”

She pursed her red lips. She had always had a huge amount of respect and admiration for Chi Jing, and Chi Jing was the goal that she had been working hard towards.

And because of this kind of worship, Ye Bingling, whose heart was always as calm as still water, was stirred when she had learnt of this. This was because even she hadn’t been selected by Chi Jing back then.

“Hopefully this third deputy pavilion master won’t let me down, otherwise...”

Her beautiful eyes flashed. She didn’t want to let him become a small stain on Lady Chi Jing’s perfect image.

It was at this time that a white lion in the sky let out a deafening roar, and several figures flew out of the carriage and landed on the platform on the square under countless watchful gazes.

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