Chapter 781 Tianyuan Utopia

Tianyuan Utopia, an independent space set up by the supreme sovereign Cang Yuan when he founded the Tianyuan Region, was now the center of the entire Tianyuan Region, but it was also the blessed land where countless people in the Tianyuan Region dreamed to come to.

It was rumoured that the supreme sovereign Cang Yuan had used earth-shaking means to connect the Tianyuan Utopia to the nine hundred prefectures. As a result, the universe qi of the nine hundred prefectures were all directed to the utopia, turning the lifeless space into Hunyuan Heaven’s famous blessed land.

It could be said that the Tianyuan Utopia was only born because of the nine hundred prefectures. The power of the supreme sovereign Cang Yuan was indeed astonishing.

While in such a blessed land, even everyday breathing was equivalent to consuming grade-four Genesis food every night. The benefits were endless... 

And if training there, there would be even greater benefits. The efficiency would be far better than in the outside world. Therefore, there was a housing prohibition within the Tianyuan Utopia where prices would be exorbitantly high. Demand far outstripped supply.


The chaotic fluctuation of space lasted for an unknown period of time before it suddenly dissipated.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes snapped open, and blinding light gushed over that made him squint his eyes again. It took him a while to adapt to the environment. Only after he adapted to the light did he open his eyes and regard his surroundings.

Then his eyes lit up with surprise.

He was situated on a mountaintop where a huge, flashing teleportation array had been built. He saw numerous figures appearing one after another. 

There were silhouettes all over the sky, and it seemed very lively.

There was a towering mountain standing tall, as if touching the sky.

The thick clouds and mists were glowing and shimmering, floating between heaven and earth, and made the huge mountains seem small and invisible. A mighty river ran through the void like a heavenly river.

As he looked into the distance, there were multiple floating islands suspended in the sky. They looked like miniature continents on which stood magnificent cities.

Countless silhouettes moved to and fro, constantly shuttling between the floating islands.

The materials of the floating islands were like jewels, bright and glistening under the sun.

In the face of such a magnificent scene, even if Zhou Yuan had a good ability to remain calm, he also couldn’t help but reveal a look of shocked disbelief. The landscape of the Cangxuan Sect was extraordinary, but it still couldn’t be compared to here.

Moreover, the Tianyuan Utopia’s Genesis Qi was so rich and dense that there were signs of fogs gathering, creating a hazy air. The Genesis Qi was extremely concentrated.

“The Tianyuan Utopia connects the nine hundred prefectures, and the Genesis Qi of the nine hundred prefectures all gather here, so this place is naturally far superior to the outside world,” Yi Qiushui explained with a smile when she noticed the look of amazement on Zhou Yuan’s face. 

“So impressive,” Zhou Yuan exclaimed. Only experts who have reached the Saint stage will be able to achieve this, isn’t that right?    

“Ordinary saints won’t have this ability.”

Yi Qianji, who was on the other side, seemed to have seen through Zhou Yuan’s thoughts. His eyes were full of admiration as he explained, “The supreme sovereign Cang Yuan is not only a leader of the Saint stage. He also has great mastery over Genesis Runes. In this world, it will be very difficult to find someone more proficient in Genesis Runes than him. It is also because of this that he can perform such extraordinary techniques.”

“See that giant sun?” Yi Qianji pointed to the sky.

Zhou Yuan followed his gaze and saw an incomparably huge sun suspended above the nine heavens, emitting a dazzling brilliance. But from that blazing sun he could feel a strange fluctuation of energy.

“That’s the core of Tianyuan Utopia, called the Sky Illuminating Eye, a two lotus Saint treasure ranked 14th among all Saint treasures.

“That treasure first swallows the Genesis Qi of the nine hundred prefectures before supplying the qi to the Tianyuan Utopia. It is indeed really mysterious,” Yi Qianji explained.

“Two lotus Saint treasure?” Zhou Yuan said puzzledly. He had heard of Saint treasures before, which should also be called Saint Genesis Treasures. Back then, sect master Qing Yang had also summoned out a Saint treasure, the Little Cangxuan Saint Stamp to fight against palace master Sheng Yuan, who was at the false Saint stage. Its power was indeed terrifying.

But it seemed that Saint treasures were divided into grades in Hunyuan Heaven.

“The Saint stage is divided into one, two and three lotuses. Saint treasures are also ranked similarly,” Yi Qianji said with a smile.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment. According to his speculation, sect master Qing Yang’s Little Cangxuan Saint Stamp should be a one lotus Saint treasure.... He just didn’t know what level the real Cangxuan Saint Stamp was.

A natural object like that should be at least three lotuses, right? Zhou Yuan speculated.

“Let’s go find my grandpa first. If we want to meet Lady Chi Jing, we will need his help,” Yi Qiushui said aloud while Zhou Yuan was still speculating.

Zhou Yuan nodded. He could tell that the grading system in the Tianyuan Region was more strict, at least much more strict than the Cangxuan Sect. Of course, it wasn’t surprising since the scale of the Tianyuan Region was far greater than the Cangxuan Sect.

Yi Qiushui led the way, and Zhou Yuan and Yi Qianji followed closely behind.

Yi Qiushui was no stranger to the Tianyuan Utopia. Under her leadership, they sped past multiple tremendous floating islands, and in around one hour of time, she finally slowed down.

A huge floating island appeared in front of Zhou Yuan.

Compared with the previous floating islands that were filled with people, these islands appeared to be much quieter, and their defenses were much stronger. It was obvious that the people who resided here were high-level figures of the Tianyuan Region.

But under Yi Qiushui’s leadership, there wasn’t any obstruction along the way, and they eventually landed outside a secluded manor on the east of the island.

At the gate of the manor stood a black-clad old man with hands clasped behind his back. He looked at the three people who had just landed with a kind smile.


Yi Qiushui leapt over with joy when she saw the old man in black.

The old man smiled and grasped Yi Qiushui’s little hand. “My little Qiushui is now a Prefecture Lord.”

Yi Qiushui’s eyes welled up and turned red. She sobbed, “Father, he...”

A trace of sadness glimmered within the old man’s eyes, which he forcibly suppressed. He gently stroked Yi Qiushui’s hair to comfort her.

It was after a long while that Yi Qiushui finally suppressed the sadness in her heart, and seeing that Zhou Yuan was standing quietly behind her, she quickly introduced him, “Zhou Yuan, this is my grandfather.”

“Zhou Yuan pays respect to elder,” Zhou Yuan said respectfully. On the way here, Yi Qiushui had already told him that her grandfather’s name was Yi Yan and that he was the most important person from the Yi clan. He occupied a position in the Tianyuan Region’s Elder Committee and was a top expert of the Nascent Source stage. He could be said to be an influential and powerful figure of the entire Tianyuan Region.

Yi Yan gave a friendly nod and smile to Zhou Yuan. “You don’t need to be so polite. It was all because of you that the Yi clan could win the Xiaoxuan Prefecture Lord position.” 

“It was also because we had you to take care of things within the Tianyuan Utopia, elder brother.” Yi Qianji smiled. "

Yi Yan shook his head. “The Qiu clan has also been operating in the Tianyuan Utopia, and they have even obtained the support of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. If you hadn’t won beautifully, I wouldn’t have been able to push forward the proposal.”

He turned to Zhou Yuan, saying, “I have already received information about your matters. I have reported to Lady Chi Jing, and hopefully, I will be able to find a position of deputy commander in the Wind Pavilion for you.”

Yi Qiushui lit up with surprise. “Is it the Wind Pavilion of the four pavilions: Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain?”

After she saw Yi Yan nodded, she hurriedly explained to Zhou Yuan, “The Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain Pavilions were set up by the supreme sovereign Cang Yuan. They bring together all the outstanding people of the younger generation in the Tianyuan Region, and it is an honour to enter one of the four pavilions.

“Even the top clans, including the Heavenly Spirit Sect, the White Clan, the Profound Crystal Clan and the Wood clan, let their younger generation into the four pavilions for training. This greatly shows their importance.

“The four pavilions of Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain can be said to be the blood of the future of the Tianyuan Region.

“Each pavilion is divided into the rankings of ordinary members, captains, chief and deputy commanders, deputy pavilion masters and pavilion master. The position that Grandfather asked for you is deputy commander. You should know that the majority of the present deputy commanders of the four pavilions are ranked on the Divine Dwelling List!

“If you are chosen, you will have a promising future!”

Yi Qiushui spoke excitedly without stopping, but seeing that Zhou Yuan still had the same blank, expressionless face, she said helplessly, “The deputy commander can receive one hundred high-grade Divine Dwelling medicines every month.”

Zhou Yuan’s face instantly lit up. “That many?”

He was only able to earn one hundred Divine Dwelling medicines after helping the Yi clan, but the deputy commander could receive so much every month. This salary wasn’t low.

Yi Qiushui said snappily, “After entering the Wind Pavilion, the gift of a bright future is the most important thing. How can Divine Dwelling medicines compare to that?”

Yi Yan smiled. “The Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master position has been vacant for a while, and there are only three deputy pavilion master positions. If you can get in, the Heavenly Spirit Sect won’t dare to do anything to you blatantly.”

Zhou Yuan immediately expressed his gratitude.

“It’s not decided yet, you don’t have to thank me now.”  Yi Yan waved his hand. Looking at Zhou Yuan, he sighed, “That’s all I can do. Lady Chi Jing always sticks to principles. If you aren’t capable enough, there’s also nothing I can do.”

He lifted his palm, and a carriage descended from the sky, pulled by a winged white lion. The lion exuded powerful Genesis Qi and was clearly a grade-five Genesis beast. It emitted a ferocious aura.

After a pause, he shook his head.

Yi Qiushui also tensed up. She knew that if Zhou Yuan couldn’t catch the attention of Lady Chi Jing, he would miss a really good opportunity.

After all, it was incredibly difficult for an ordinary cultivator with no background to enter the Wind Pavilion as a deputy commander.

Although Zhou Yuan was talented, given Lady Chi Jing’s identity and status, she most likely had seen too many super heaven prides already…

Yi Qiushui smiled inwardly when she saw the calm look on Zhou Yuan’s face. It seems this guy still doesn’t know how rare this opportunity is; otherwise, how can he stay so calm…

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