Chapter 780 Rejection

It was utterly quiet in the front courtyard.

The look of joy on Yi Qiushui’s beautiful face had frozen. She couldn’t help clenching her fists, and she evidently didn’t expect Gu Xi to put forward such a condition.

A deep anger rose up inside her as she said, “Gu Xi, isn’t this condition a little too much?”

“Youngsters should pay a price for something they have done wrong. Otherwise, they won’t remember. This is for his own good.” Gu Xi smiled.

In his opinion, this condition wasn’t too much. Although Zhou Yuan was talented, he had no background, and if he were to become the hall master’s registered disciple, he could be said to have reached the sky in a single bound.

So what if he had to pay two high-grade Heaven-tier Genesis techniques?

If Zhou Yuan was wise, he should know what choice was best for him.

Looking at Zhou Yuan’s expressionless face, he asked, “What are you thinking?”

Zhou Yuan replied indifferently, “Apologise? I don’t think I need to do that. So all the people who have defeated the disciples of your Heavenly Spirit Sect need to apologise to you all?”

“It is a beautiful thing when lions and tigers fight against each other, but if a mouse wants to brush a tiger’s whiskers, isn’t that just asking for humiliation?” Gu Xi said nonchalantly.

Zhou Yuan smiled, slowly sat down to the side and said, “Forget it, I am unworthy of associating with your sect.”

Gu Xi’s face darkened, and he slammed the cup down on the table. “You reject the good intention of my Heavenly Spirit Sect? It’s good for young people to be proud, but don’t be too arrogant.”

This time, however, Zhou Yuan was too lazy to even care.

Seeing this, Gu Xi stood up from his seat and coldly snorted, “You don’t know what’s good for you. There will be a time when you will cry.”

He then shot a glare at Yi Qiushui and spoke in a strange tone of voice, “I heard you wanted to recommend this person. Haha, my Heavenly Spirit Sect will not agree to this matter.”

With a wave of his robe, he stormed away.

Following Gu Xi’s departure, the atmosphere in the courtyard turned somewhat gloomy. Yi Qiushui’s beautiful face flushed with anger as she slammed the table. “He went too far!”

She was kind enough to invite Gu Xi, but she didn’t expect that he wouldn’t give face to the Yi clan.

“Qiushui, I understand your kind intention, but I don’t want to trouble you.”

Zhou Yuan naturally wouldn’t refuse to reconcile his relationship with the Heavenly Spirit Sect, but if their attitude was like that, forget it.

Yi Qiushui gritted her teeth, saying, “It’s because of my Yi clan’s affairs that you have become enemies with the Heavenly Spirit Sect. How can I not do anything?

“If they are upset about it, they should come to find my Yi clan. They just want to take their anger out on you, seeing that you have no background.”

She took a deep breath. “But you don’t have to worry. In another two days, the teleportation array in Xuanzhou City will be able to locate the Tianyuan Utopia. At that time I will report everything that has happened and find an opportunity to recommend you to Lady Chi Jing. If she thinks highly of you, the Heavenly Spirit Sect won’t dare to do anything to you.” 

“Lady Chi Jing has such good vision. The number of heaven prides she has seen over the years is as many as the willow trees by a river. It won’t be easy for her to think highly of someone,” Yi Qianji, who was on the other side, said with a worried frown.

“Also I’m worried that the Heavenly Spirit Sect will get in the way.”

“Lady Chi Jing might not want to create an unpleasant relationship with the Heavenly Spirit Sect just because of a Divine Dwelling expert. Although their relationship wasn’t pleasant at the start, now that they have reached the status they have now, they will somehow come to a compromise.”

Yi Qiushui’s brows were tightly scrunched together.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed. He coughed softly and said, “I think I’ll get on well with Lady Chi Jing. It’s worth a try.”

Yi Qiushui and Yi Qianji were both taken aback by his words. He stared at Zhou Yuan and felt that Zhou Yuan really had thick skin.

What identity and status does Lady Chi Jing have? She is one of the Tianyuan Region’s leaders. Even in the entire Hunyuan Heaven, she is still a top existence. She wouldn’t even pay attention to Heavenly Sun stage experts like us, so why would you, who is at the Divine Dwelling stage, have such confidence?

Even if your talent is pretty good and you have defeated Mo Yuan, how many super heaven prides has Lady Chi Jing seen over the years? Why would she get along with you?

Yi Qiushui helplessly smiled and didn’t know what else to say.

Noticing the strange look on their faces, Zhou Yuan didn’t know what to do. Should he tell them that Chi Jing was her senior sister? Should he tell them that his master was the supreme sovereign Cang Yuan?

It would scare them to death if he told them.

So of course, he couldn’t reveal it.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan could only keep a straight face, and he resisted Yi Qiushui’s and Yi Qianji’s bizarre gazes with his thick skin.

“We’ll set off in two days.” Yi Qiushui retracted her gaze and made up her mind. No matter what the result was, she should give it a try.

Zhou Yuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief and then smiled at Yi Qiushui. “Then I must thank Qiushui first.”

Chi Jing had an extremely high status and position in the Tianyuan Region. If he didn’t have any connection, he wouldn’t be qualified to meet her even if he had reached the Heavenly Sun stage, not to mention he was only at the Divine Dwelling stage.

So Yi Qiushui’s connection had undoubtedly saved him a great deal of trouble.

Seeing Zhou Yuan’s relaxed face, Yi Qiushui shook her head with a bitter smile.

She really didn’t know where Zhou Yuan got such great self-confidence…


Two days of time passed in a blink of an eye.

The center of Xuanzhou City, outside the teleportation array.

A towering stone platform stood tall, intertwined with countless beams of light. Ancient Genesis runes flowed and drifted around the platform, forming a tremendous teleportation array.

At this moment, Zhou Yuan and Yi Qiushui were both standing outside the array.

“The teleportation array connects Tianyuan Utopia and the Tianyuan Region’s many prefecture cities, but because there are too many destinations, there are only two days when it rotates and connects to the Tianyuan Utopia. If you miss these two days, you will have to wait till next month,” Yi Qiushui explained.

Zhou Yuan nodded. Although the teleportation array couldn’t be compared to the cross-boundary teleportation array that master Cang Yuan had set up, it was still very spectacular.

“Haha, matriarch Qiushui seems to be in a hurry? Are you going to the Tianyuan Utopia?” While the two were talking, a cold laughter sounded behind them. They all twisted around to see Gu Xi strolling over.

Behind Gu Xi was Qiu Ling, who stared intently at Zhou Yuan.

Yi Qiushui knitted her beautiful brows together when she saw them appear.

Gu Xi came over and said in an indifferent voice, “Coincidentally, we are also heading to the Tianyuan Utopia. We can travel together.”

The expression on Yi Qiushui’s pretty face changed immediately. It most likely wouldn’t be anything good for Gu Xi to travel to Tianyuan Utopia. Her heart sank when she remembered what Gu Xi had said the day before. 

Gu Xi shifted his gaze to Zhou Yuan. “Boy, I will give you one last chance—”


Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows.

Gu Xi’s eyes turned biting cold, and Genesis Qi pulsed around him. Seeing this, Yi Qianji hurriedly took a step to the side and warned in a deep voice, “Gu Xi, I hope you remember to conduct yourself with dignity.”

Gu Xi snorted, and his Genesis Qi subsided. “Let’s see how long you will last.”

With a wave of his sleeve, Qiu Ling strode straight into the teleportation array. The majestic light flickered, and he vanished, but Zhou Yuan still felt his sinister gaze before he left.

Yi Qiushui was icy cold. She drew a deep breath. “Let’s go.”

She also stepped into the teleportation array.

Zhou Yuan closely followed. The surrounding light rippled, and the space began to quake violently. He licked his lips; a feeling of anticipation and curiosity filled his heart.

He could finally see his senior sister Chi Jing…

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