Chapter 778 Thigh

Zhou Yuan remained calm as he listened to Qiu Long’s words. His hand tightened around Qiu Ling’s throat while the Genesis Qi circulating within his body quickened. He would take Qiu Ling as hostage and flee the moment Yi Qianji showed any sign of backing down.

This was because he couldn’t guarantee that the Yi clan would protect him under the pressure of Heavenly Spirit Sect.

While numerous thoughts were running through Zhou Yuan’s mind, a cold voice filled with anger sounded before Yi Qianji could reply. “Patriarch Qiu Long, it is you who should start reflecting before it's too late!”

Zhou Yuan turned around to see Yi Qiushui staring at Qiu Long in anger as she continued without any intentions of backing down, “The rules of the Prefecture Lord battle were set by supreme sovereign Cang Yuan. What you are doing now completely disregards his rules.

“Who gave you the courage to do so? Is it hall master Gu Yan?”

Qiu Long’s expression changed. He would never dare to admit to the crime of ignoring the rules decided by supreme sovereign Cang Yuan. In fact, even hall master Gu Yan would not dare to do so if he was here.

He didn’t expect the gentle looking Yi Qiushui to be so vicious with her words.

“Don’t put that hat onto me. I didn’t ignore the rules of the Prefecture Lord battle. It’s just that the boy crippled Mo Yuan’s arm, and I want him to go explain to hall master Gu Yan.” Qiu Long's eyes flashed with anger.

 Yi Qiushui coldly said, “No need, you can find my grandfather if you need any explanation.

“If my grandfather isn’t enough, I will report this matter to Lady Chi Jing for her to decide.”

Qiu Long froze for a moment as his face paled. He didn’t expect Yi Qiushui to be so unyielding and not even give face to hall master Gu Yan because of some unknown boy.

No other clan head would make such a clear-cut stand.

After all, it won’t be a simple matter if they offended the Heavenly Spirit Sect in the Tianyuan Region, even if Yi Qiushui's grandfather held a position in the Elder Committee…

The countless boos and hisses in Xuanzhou City grew louder and louder. Every gaze was filled with contempt as they looked towards Qiu Long. It was clear that Qiu Long’s actions had made the Qiu clan lose a lot of face today.

This could be said to be a complete loss.

Qiu Long had no choice but to swallow his anger. In the end, he frostily glared at Zhou Yuan and yelled, “Hurry up and let Qiu Ling go!”

He was unwilling to let Zhou Yuan go, but he also knew that there was nothing he could do if the Yi clan insisted on protecting Zhou Yuan.

Yi Qiushui looked towards Zhou Yuan and gently said, “Don’t worry, if he doesn’t know what’s good for him, my Yi clan will not let this matter rest.”

She knew that Zhou Yuan was still guarded against them. He was in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, it was only natural to feel unsafe after offending a clan with a Heavenly Sun stage expert.

Zhou Yuan looked at Yi Qiushui and pondered for a moment before he finally released Qiu Ling. Qiu Ling glared at Zhou Yuan with a furious expression as if wishing he could swallow him whole.


Zhou Yuan ignored him and remarked with a calm smile, “Patriarch Qiu Long is truly impressive. If there’s a chance, I will pay a visit to the Qiu clan for pointers in the future.”

Given the current situation, there was already no way to avoid a grudge with the Qiu clan. As such, it was impossible to improve their relationship no matter how he behaved.

Of course, given Zhou Yuan's personality, it was impossible for him to become amiable with them even if they wanted peace later on. If Zhou Yuan had a chance in the future, he would definitely get his revenge.

Therefore, he didn’t mind saying such words to make the Qiu clan even more uncomfortable.

“You have a sharp tongue, but don’t celebrate too early. You have crippled one of Mo Yuan’s arms, and his master will certainly not let you off,” warned Qiu Long.

“Boy, you're still too inexperienced. You don't know the consequences of offending the Heavenly Spirit Sect in the Tianyuan Region.

“I feel you won’t have a chance to visit in the future.”

Zhou Yuan shrugged. “I don’t need the head of the Qiu clan to worry about me.”

But there was a sudden feeling of apprehension in his heart. It seemed he needed to hurry and cling onto the thigh of his senior sister Chi Jing. After all, he was currently alone, and it was impossible for him to face a colossal monster like the Heavenly Spirit Sect.

Qiu Long icily snorted. The surrounding mocking gazes made him embarrassed to stay any longer. With the wave of his hand, a dozen figures sped to where Mo Yuan was buried, dug him out and swiftly left.

Qiu Long also departed with the members of the Qiu clan.

Cheers erupted in the City as countless people cast excited gazes towards Zhou Yuan. Strength would always be recognized regardless of place.

Moreover, Zhou Yuan, an intermediate Divine Dwelling expert, had defeated Mo Yuan, who was a ranker on the Divine Dwelling List.

One could easily imagine the commotion this matter would cause once it spread. Zhou Yuan would likely become quite famous in the Tianyuan Region...    

Figures began rushing forth from around the stone platform and several buildings, ultimately arriving before Yi Qianji and the others to offer their congratulations. 

These were the leaders of the many factions in Xiaoxuan Prefecture who had been observing on the fence earlier because the outcome between the Yi and Qiu clans wasn’t clear. Since the Yi clan had now won and would take charge of Xiaoxuan Prefecture in the future, they naturally had to come forward to express their support. 

Although Yi Qianji wasn’t happy with these people who went whichever way the wind blew, he did not show his displeasure.

The surging Genesis Qi around Zhou Yuan gradually faded. Yi Qiushui approached, studying his naked upper body as she teased, “Your figure isn’t bad.”

Zhou Yuan forced a laugh and hurriedly put on some clothes.

“Zhou Yuan, thank you,” Yi Qiushui sincerely said as her beautiful eyes regarded Zhou Yuan.

She knew that if Zhou Yuan hadn’t turned the tides, her Yi clan most likely would have been swept away by Mo Yuan in the Prefecture Lord battle, and they would eventually be forced to give up the position of Prefecture Lord.

“I merely did what I was paid to do.” Zhou Yuan chuckled.

“So what do you think? Although I'm expensive, the price was pretty worth it, right?”

If the young men and women of the Yi clan were to hear such words before today’s events, they would most likely have mocked and ridiculed him. But all of them were currently smiling, and even Liu Ming was pursing her lips.

Their gazes were full of curiosity and admiration when they looked towards him.

Yi Qiushui smiled. Soon after, she stated in a serious voice, “Definitely worth it. One hundred Divine Dwelling medicines can’t be compared to the Prefecture Lord position.”

“How about you consider taking care of me long-term?” asked Zhou Yuan.


Yi Qiushui was taken aback for a moment before she panicked. What did Zhou Yuan mean? Although Yi Qiushui had countless admirers over the years, it was the first time someone had talked to her in such a manner. Was this some kind of confession?

“As long as you provide enough Divine Dwelling medicines for my training,” Zhou Yuan hurriedly added. He currently needed a huge amount of Divine Dwelling medicines. Even the hundred high-grade Divine Dwelling medicines he was going to receive weren’t going to last for long.

He could feel that a tremendous amount of cultivation resources would be required for him to ascend to the advanced Divine Dwelling stage. It was easy for other people to polish their few Divine Dwellings, but his nine mutated Divine Dwellings were terrifying resource consumers.

Before he could hug senior sister Chi Jing’s thighs, he felt that he shouldn’t let go of the long legs of Yi Qiushui.

As such thoughts flitted past in his head, he couldn't help but glance at Yi Qiushui’s legs, which were in fact quite long and slender.

Yi Qiushui clenched her teeth as she glared at Zhou Yuan. “You have defeated Mo Yuan and your value isn’t the same as before. I can’t afford to take care of you in the long term.

“Besides, I should congratulate you. From today onwards, you're going to become quite famous in the Tianyuan Region.”

Zhou Yuan let out a melancholic sigh. He didn’t care whether or not he was famous; he would rather have more Divine Dwelling medicines. This girl had become more shrewd and was no longer easy to fool.

Looks like he had no choice but to find his senior sister now.

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