Chapter 777 Threaten

A deep crevice extended across Xuanzhou City, destroying its balance like a scar that had suddenly appeared on a beauty’s porcelain face.

However, no one in Xuanzhou City was paying any attention to the crevice as they blankly stood there in complete silence.

The building at the end of the crevice had collapsed and there was no movement or sound from Mo Yuan.

Everyone was finally certain that Mo Yuan had lost.

Disbelief immediately surged in their hearts. They couldn’t believe that a famous heaven pride Divine Dwelling List ranker like Mo Yuan would be defeated in front of their eyes.

Moreover, it was a youngster at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage who had defeated him!

“I can’t believe that Mo Yuan lost.”

Everyone from the Yi clan camp stood in stunned silence. Even Heavenly Sun experts such as Yi Qianji and Liu Tianying were a bit dumbfounded.

The young men and women continuously swallowed their saliva.

They clearly understood how shocking this scene was.

When this matter spread, it would certainly cause an uproar in Tianyuan Region.

A look of awe and respect crept onto everybody’s faces. When they recalled how they had doubted and mocked Zhou Yuan before, they felt so ashamed that they wanted to find a hole to jump into.

Liu Ming’s mouth hung slightly ajar but no sound emerged. Her older brother had always been the most outstanding in her eyes, but as she stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure, she had no choice but to admit that even the brother she always looked up to seemed to have lost his luster.

She murmured somewhat bitterly, “How can there be such a freak.”

It was only now that she realized how naive and ridiculous she had been before.

“Qiushui has amazing judgement.” Yi Qianji couldn’t help but compliment her.

They had all questioned Yi Qiushui’s decision before, but she had refused to back down. Now, they finally understood who was right in the end.

If Zhou Yuan hadn’t stepped forward, their clan would have inevitably lost the battle as well as the position of Prefecture Lord.

That would have been a disastrous outcome.

Yi Qiushui was similarly staring at Zhou Yuan’s slim body with sparkling eyes. In truth, she had also not anticipated this result.

In the beginning, she had merely felt that Zhou Yuan shouldn’t be weaker than an ordinary advanced Divine Dwelling stage expert, and didn’t really place all her expectations on him.

But he had now shown that he wasn’t ordinary at all!

Yi Qiushui furtively smiled, causing her oval face to look even more beautiful and charming.

In contrast to the shock and joy on that Yi clan’s side, the atmosphere on the Qiu clan’s side was gloomy and lifeless. Everyone’s faces were ashen, and there was even murderous intent spouting uncontrollably from Qiu Long’s eyes.

How could they accept such a result!

The Qiu clan had schemed and endured for so many years to grasp the opportunity that had finally presented itself today. They had even paid a huge price to ask the Heavenly Spirit Sect for support—securing Mo Yuan, a heaven pride ranker on the Divine Dwelling List!

They were fully confident of success!

Who could have imagined that a boy would appear out of nowhere and tear their perfect plan to pieces.

“That little bastard!” Qiu Long's face contorted in anger.

Besides rage, Qiu Long also felt a little fearful because of the potential Zhou Yuan had displayed. Zhou Yuan was already very difficult to deal with at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage, how strong would he be once he reaches the Heavenly Sun stage?

The Qiu clan had already become enemies with Zhou Yuan. If they allowed him to reach the Heavenly Sun stage, he would become a real danger to the Qiu clan in the future.

Qiu Long's expression changed dramatically as he coldly hissed, “That boy can’t be allowed to remain!"

Killing intent rapidly spread outward.

He abruptly stepped forward as his voice faded. Powerful Genesis Qi erupted, forming a huge blazing sun behind him whose rays could reach several hundred miles away.

“What a ruthless boy!

“Mo Yuan is an important disciple of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. How dare you cripple his arm. I will capture you and let the Heavenly Spirit Sect deal with you!”

Qiu Long's enraged voice resounded throughout Xuanzhou City, cunningly throwing out the Heavenly Spirit Sect’s name to deter everyone present. After all, given the Heavenly Spirit Sect’s status in the Tianyuan Region, nobody dared to challenge them.    


With a thunderous roar, Qiu Long thrust his palm as dazzling Genesis Qi whizzed out, transforming into a giant Genesis Qi hand that grabbed at Zhou Yuan.

The giant hand pulsed with fiery waves of energy. This was the Heavenly Sun Qi, which was only formed in the Divine Dwelling once one stepped into the Heavenly Sun stage. The nature of this qi was similar to the sun and was powerful enough to burn mountains and boil the sea. Its power was infinite.

Qiu Long’s attack was clearly overflowing with intense murderous intent. He had not held back at all.

Qiu Long's sudden attack surprised everyone. Even Zhou Yuan was taken aback for a moment before his eyes turned biting cold, and his body moved like a ghost, reappearing next to Qiu Ling.

Qiu Ling's expression changed as he hurriedly retreated.

But Zhou Yuan merely sneered. A hand bolted forward and clutched Qiu Ling’s throat as Zhou Yuan coldly said, “If you want him to die, then come!”

The huge hand froze in the air.

Qiu Long's face twisted as he fumed, “You bastard, let go of my son!”

“Qiu Long, what do you think you’re doing!”

But it was also at this moment that Yi Qianji returned to his senses. His figure moved and appeared on the battlefield. With a flick of his sleeve, a torrent of Genesis Qi roared out, blasting the Genesis Qi hand to pieces.

Liu Tianying also appeared, laughing, “Qiu Long, you are the head of the Qiu clan and yet you shamelessly tried to attack a young junior. Do you want the Qiu clan to lose all face?”

Qiu Long's face darkened. It had been his best chance to kill Zhou Yuan earlier, but who would have thought that the kid would be so vigilant and cunning? Zhou Yuan immediately took Qiu Ling hostage, forcing Qiu Long to act with restraint.

The crowd in Xuanzhou City also returned to their senses and immediately expressed their displeasure with Qiu Long’s action.

How could they not see that Qiu Long couldn’t bear the Qiu clan’s failure and wanted to vent his anger on Zhou Yuan?

Qiu Long’s face twitched when he heard the contemptuous hissing, but he was too thick skinned, and he pretended not to hear anything as he stared at Yi Qianji and Liu Tianying. “This boy is too vicious. He crippled Mo Yuan’s arm and should be taught a lesson, isn’t that right?”

Yi Qianji sneered, “On the battlefield, it’s always a fight to the death, did you think they were just playing around?”

Qiu Long swept a cold glare at Zhou Yuan. “Yi Qianji, Mo Yuan’s master is hall master Gu Yan, you should also be aware of this.”

Yi Qianji scrunched his brows into a frown. He had obviously heard of Gu Yan before. Gu Yan was one of the nine hall masters of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, as well as an expert of the Nascent Source stage.

However, this person was not only narrow-minded but also notorious for being someone that should not be trifled with.

Noticing the change of expression on Yi Qianji’s face, Qiu Long’s tone relaxed as he calmly explained, “Since Zhou Yuan has crippled one of Mo Yuan’s arms, we must give an explanation. If the Yi clan doesn’t want hall master Gu Yan to personally come knocking at your door, let me bring him to see hall master Gu Yan. It should only be a small punishment.

“Yi Qianji, think carefully and don’t make a mistake!

“Hand him over!”

His tone was extremely threatening.

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