Chapter 776 Azure Serpent Form


Under the countless gazes of shock, the two figures fought at a high altitude with their lives.   

The cudgel wrapped in violent power ruthlessly struck Zhou Yuan’s body, and an incomparably fierce sword light slashed across Mo Yuan’s chest at the same time.

At that moment, shock waves of Genesis Qi shook the air.    


The two figures froze for a moment before being blasted away at the same time. Their bodies plummeted from the sky and crashed onto the huge stone platform below. The ground cracked in a cobweb pattern, and two deep holes formed in the ground, obscured by dust and smoke. 

The entire Xuanzhou City was quaking.   

Countless people swallowed saliva repeatedly, stunned by the ferocity of the two men.  

Some experts of the advanced Divine Dwelling stage even felt their scalps go numb at the sight. They knew that if they were there instead, they would have been killed.

All eyes were unblinkingly fixed on the battlefield.   

Yi Qiushui clenched her fists tight, and her face tensed up nervously. She had no idea who had the upper hand in that fierce battle. 

The smoke and dust gradually dispersed from the battlefield, and in one of the huge pits, a figure climbed to his feet. It was Mo Yuan.

However, a terrifying cut reached from his chest to his abdomen, almost cutting completely through his body diagonally. Even his organs were vaguely visible. 

Blood rapidly gushed out.

He glanced at the sword mark across his chest. His eyelids twitched slightly, and a trace of fear flashed across the depths of his eyes. He was also a little frightened by Zhou Yuan’s last counterattack.

But the good thing was that he had ultimately managed to withstand it in the end. 

Mo Yuan peered at the other pit in the distance, grinning. “Stupid, you dare to fight against me?!” 

As his voice faded, the flesh and blood in his chest squirmed about. The bleeding suddenly stopped, and the hideous wound was gradually healing. But the terrifying sword qi that was left in the wound was a bit troublesome, and it was constantly tearing his flesh and bringing him severe pain. 

Overall, however, Mo Yuan’s injury was quickly recovering.   

When the people of the Yi clan as well as Yi Qiushui laid eyes on this scene, their complexion changed abruptly. 

“Mo Yuan has refined the essence and blood of the Sky Demonic Ape. His body has been strengthened and has gained a self-healing ability. No wonder he’s so powerful and fierce. He isn’t afraid of getting injured at all!” Yi Qiushui gritted her teeth. Mo Yuan seemed to have lost all rationality, but he was still extremely cunning. What he had done before was to deliberately provoke Zhou Yuan to fight him with all his strength.

“Zhou Yuan suffered a big loss in the end.” 

At this moment, the other people also sighed inwardly, knowing that Zhou Yuan had been tricked by Mo Yuan. 

On the other hand, everybody on the Qiu clan’s side was smiling. Qiu Long breathed a sigh of relief. “Mo Yuan’s cudgel was strengthened with majestic Genesis Qi. Even if Zhou Yuan survived, he has most likely lost half his body and no longer has the power to fight.”

“This battle, my Qiu clan has already won!”    

The other members of the Qiu clan immediately lit up and congratulated one another when they heard this.

Amidst all the discussion, the dust and smoke of the other pit also dispersed, but there still wasn’t any movement.    

“Was Zhou Yuan killed?” someone whispered, feeling that this was somewhat a shame.

There was a fierce glint in Mo Yuan’s eyes. He had great confidence in his cudgel. Moreover, Zhou Yuan hadn’t evaded the attack, which meant that attack should have struck successfully and wounded him severely.

“You’re pretty strong to force me to fight to this state.” Mo Yuan sneered coldly. But just as his voice faded, a voice sounded from the huge pit in the distance. 

“Am I?”  

Everybody was shocked to see a figure slowly rising from the pit.    

It was Zhou Yuan.   

At this moment his upper body and robe were torn apart, revealing a slender body that contained explosive power. But most shocking, he was unscathed!

Mo Yuan’s previous destructive cudgel seemed to have had no impact on him.    

“How is that possible?!”  

Even Mo Yuan’s expression changed dramatically. 

He had already poured all his strength into his cudgel, which should have, according to his prediction, inflicted severe wounds to even an existence of the same level as him.

“Nothing is impossible. Your cudgel, it did hurt.”    

Zhou Yuan calmly peered down at his body, which upon a closer look, there were mysterious azure scales surfacing on his skin, and his eyes also had turned into azure, vertical eyes.

Like an azure serpent.   

It was the appearance of those azure scales, coupled with the activation of the Mythic Saint Body that let Zhou Yuan directly withstand Mo Yuan’s terrifyingly ferocious attack.

“But that’s all.”    

Zhou Yuan closed his eyes, and it seemed as though there was an ancient dragon roaring within his body. A majestic power filled his limbs and bones.  

That was the power from the World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi.

It was only when Zhou Yuan had truly operated the World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi to its peak that he came to realize its profoundness, which was far stronger than the Omni Python Qi.

Mo Yuan looked at Zhou Yuan with a darkened face. For some reason, the power of the Sky Demonic Ape surging in his body seemed to have frozen, as though it was suppressed inexplicably. 

Zhou Yuan’s eyes snapped open, his azure vertical eyes locked on Mo Yuan without the slightest ripple of emotion.    

His body moved up and down like a beast rushing to eat. The air around him exploded all of a sudden.   


His figure shot out like a ghost, aiming directly for Mo Yuan. 

The moment his figure darted, the azure scales on the surface of his skin grew, and his right arm rapidly enlarged. His fingertips extended and, in just a few breaths, transformed into an azure claw!   

“World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi: Azure Serpent Form!” 


A long dragon roar reverberated throughout the world.   

The Genesis Qi of the universe was pulsing.    

Zhou Yuan reappeared in front of Mo Yuan as if he had teleported. He tightly clenched his claw, which was wrapped in indescribable power, and thrust it at Mo Yuan, whose complexion was changing dramatically. 

As the punch slammed out, the surrounding space began to crack.    

A terrifying power came rushing towards Mo Yuan’s face. His skin tightened, and an indescribable feeling of danger surged in his heart. 

This made him understand that if Zhou Yuan’s punch struck, he would most likely not survive!

At that critical moment of life and death, Mo Yuan didn’t dare to hesitate anymore. With a deafening roar, a black glow covered his body and black hair pierced from his skin like needles. He currently resembled a real demonic ape.

His eyes were scarlet red and filled with violent intent.   


He again poured all his strength into a tremendous fist and punched out to meet the serpent claw head on.


Shock waves visibly erupted from around the feet of the two men. The entire huge stone platform began to crumble.   

Countless lines of sight were fixed on the battlefield.   

They knew that it would be the last collision between the two men.  

The impact of the two forces only lasted around a dozen breaths of time, and then everybody witnessed Mo Yuan’s arm explode to pieces, horrified.

Blood sputtered out.   

Mo Yuan let out a miserable shriek. His body blasted away like a bullet, crashing into the city and destroying all the buildings along the way. In the massive Xuanzhou City, a deep crevice was torn open. 

As the rocks tumbled and whirled into the air, Mo Yuan’s body was buried. 

Zhou Yuan stood motionless on the collapsed stone platform. A stream of azure qi rose from him like an ancient dragon. 

The sound of collapsing buildings was still ringing in everybody’s ears, but at this moment, countless people in Xuanzhou City fell into stunned silence as they looked at the young figure.   

They knew that Mo Yuan had lost!   

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