Chapter 772 Heavenly Serpent Reveals its Power

When the third Divine Dwelling halo appeared behind Yi Qiushui, gasps and exclamations of amazement and surprise immediately erupted from the crowd of Xuanzhou City. 

“It turns out that Yi Qiushui has been concealing her strength!”   

“I told you it’s impossible for the Yi clan to not be prepared!” 

“Since Yi Qiushui has stepped into the advanced Divine Dwelling stage and has joined forces with Liu Zhixuan, they might not necessarily lose to Mo Yuan. After all, they are both geniuses who have established an eight heavens Divine Dwelling!” 

“Haha, this battle is indeed exciting. It would have been boring if Mo Yuan always had the upper hand.”    


At a high altitude, Mo Yuan gripped his cudgel tightly. He didn’t appear to have heard the clamour from the city, and he continued to stare at his two opponents. It was just that his gaze had turned a little brighter.

“Good, this is more interesting now.”    

Mo Yuan grinned, his eyes like those of a war-thirsty ape. His aura was extraordinary.

If today’s battle were too easy, he would have wasted his time to make a trip all the way here. Liu Zhixuan and Yi Qiushui were indeed worthy of being called prides of Xiaoxuan Prefecture. They really did have some ability.

However, did they really think that Mo Yuan could be stopped by two advanced Divine Dwelling experts with such weak foundations? 

The people ranked on the Divine Dwelling List were the most outstanding heaven prides among the countless Divine Dwelling experts of Hunyuan Heaven. They enjoyed endless cultivation resources, and their sects placed great hope and expectations on them. If he couldn’t handle two advanced Divine Dwelling experts, he wasn’t worth being on the Divine Dwelling List.

A cruel smile spread across Mo Yuan’s face while scarlet-red Genesis Qi rose into the air like a gigantic scarlet cloud, obscuring half the sky. Dry and hot air filled the area.   

Countless Genesis Qi stars twinkled in the red cloud formed from Genesis Qi. 

Mo Yuan lifted his head and roared skywards. As he swung his iron cudgel upward, the Genesis Qi of the universe whizzed in response. The layer of scarlet Genesis Qi cloud above them cracked as if a giant mouth was forming.   

“Bright scarlet sand!”    

With Mo Yuan’s long howl, scarlet sand poured out of the giant mouth like a powerful torrent and engulfed the entire sky. Like an enraged dragon, the scarlet sand directly aimed for Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan below.

“Be careful Qiushui, that’s Mo Yuan’s famous Genesis treasure. Once you are swept into the red sand, your flesh will be incinerated!” Liu Zhixuan quickly reminded her when he saw the torrent of red sand speeding over in their direction. 

Yi Qiushui’s beautiful face turned solemn. She clenched her hand, and a jade fan emerged. The fan was engraved with multiple ancient runes that were swallowing the Genesis Qi of the universe. 

It was also a Genesis treasure.   

Yi Qiushui rapidly poured Genesis Qi into the jade fan before she waved it in front of her.  


Suddenly, a blue gust of wind formed in the sky, carrying majestic wind pressure, and collided with the torrent of red sand.


A sudden explosion resounded throughout the world.    

However, the torrent of scarlet sand was visibly more powerful, and it gradually suppressed the violent wind during the collision. 


And during the confrontation between the two, Liu Zhixuan’s shadow flashed out, appearing elusively behind Mo Yuan like a ghost. His eyes blazed as he thrust his palm out. 


As his berserk Genesis Qi roared, his qi transformed into a giant palm and slammed down at Mo Yuan with lightning speed.


Mo Yuan’s eyes flickered. He tightened his grip around the iron cudgel and swiftly brought it down. Where it passed, space cracked and crumbled, shattering the giant palm. 

Liu Zhixuan’s Genesis Qi palm exploded to pieces. His figure quickly blurred as he rapidly retreated.   

“Trying to flee?” 

A sinister laughter reverberated across the sky. Mo Yuan reappeared in midair, and a cudgel shadow containing mighty Genesis Qi slammed down at Liu Zhixuan. 

Liu Zhixuan’s expression uncontrollably changed when he sensed the cudgel shadow’s fierceness. With a thought, three Divine Dwelling halos appeared in front of him just in time.


As the cudgel shadow whizzed downward, the three Divine Dwelling halos withstood it for a period of time before they also exploded to pieces. 

But Liu Zhixuan took advantage of this moment to retreat.    

Mo Yuan was going to pursue relentlessly, but then a voice sounded. Yi Qiushui broke through the scarlet sand filling the sky, and the long sword in her hand brought up a beam of blinding sword light. 

Mo Yuan sneered. The cudgel raged and instantly destroyed the sword light. 

The three were once again locked in fierce battle. Violent Genesis Qi constantly erupted, and shrill explosions could be clearly heard from even hundreds of miles away. 

Countless people in Xuanzhou City were intently watching the fierce exchanges among the three people. The three’s movements were so powerful that many experts of the Divine Dwelling stage were left speechless.

Compared with the battle occurring at high altitude, the other two battles appeared dim and dull. 

However, judging from the current situation, it seemed that Yi Qiushui was able to contend against Mo Yuan after revealing the strength of the advanced Divine Dwelling stage and joining forces with Liu Zhixuan.    

This secretly relieved the various factions in Xuanzhou City who supported the Yi clan. 

But Zhou Yuan, who was closely watching the battle happening in the sky, squinted his eyes and shook his head. Through his spirit perception, he knew that Mo Yuan still hadn’t shown all his power. He was most likely just warming up.

Qiu Ling, standing opposite Zhou Yuan, grinned. “Do you think that Yi Qiushui can withstand Mo Yuan after breaking through to the advanced Divine Dwelling stage?”   

He had intended to kill Zhou Yuan first, but he had changed his mind when he thought that would be letting him off too lightly. He wanted Zhou Yuan to watch Yi Qiushui and the others lose so he could admire his look of despair.

Zhou Yuan shook his head and smiled. “I think you should be glad they blocked Mo Yuan for a moment, or you would lose face.”   

“Huh? What do you mean?” Qiu Ling fixed a cold stare on him.  

“You’ll know later,” Zhou Yuan said indifferently, seemingly not wanting to waste time talking to him again. He continued to watch the battle occurring at high altitude. He hadn’t acted yet because he wanted to use Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan to test Mo Yuan’s strength. 

If Yi Qiushui and the others lost, he would have to take action. At that time, Qiu Ling would also no longer need to stand there.  

Of course, if Yi Qiushui could get rid of Mo Yuan, it would naturally save him from doing anything. But for now, that result seemed very unlikely. 

Qiu Ling’s face darkened when he saw Zhou Yuan’s attitude. He hated Zhou Yuan’s carefree and indifferent expression. He was clearly just a country bumpkin with no background or status, so why did he have to pretend to be calm and composed? Qiu Ling had only ever seen such an aura from the Heavenly Spirit Sect’s super heaven prides. 

While Qiu Ling was debating whether to first break Zhou Yuan’s legs to teach him a lesson, there was suddenly a roar of Genesis Qi from high altitude.

Qiu Ling lifted his head and grinned viciously.    

“It seems senior brother Mo Yuan has had enough.”    


Countless gazes were filled with horror as they watched Mo Yuan’s body gradually enlarge and his skin become as dark as iron.


Violent Genesis Qi formed around his body in the shape of a gigantic ape shadow. The giant ape shadow clenched his hand, and a mountainous cudgel formed from the Genesis Qi of the universe flashed into his hand.

An indescribably tyrannical aura emerged from the ape shadow, flooding the world.    

Astonished voices could be heard from Xuanzhou City: “That’s the Heavenly Spirit Sect’s high-grade Heaven-tier Genesis technique, Mountainous Heavenly Ape Transformation!”    

The ferocious ape roared like thunder, and the giant cudgel shadow, like a pillar of the sky, whizzed past. Space quaked as Genesis Qi was reflected in the air, revealing countless Genesis Qi stars. At a glance, there were at least eight million Genesis Qi stars gathered as the giant cudgel swung down.

Only such a Genesis Qi foundation could show the terror of the name Mo Yuan!    

Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan paled. They mobilised all their Genesis Qi into a mighty torrent to withstand Mo Yuan’s berserk attack. 


However, all defenses were totally useless under the absolute suppression of Genesis Qi. 

When the ferocious ape roared, the cudgel shadow descended and the thousands of layers of Genesis Qi defense collapsed instantly.


Both Yi Qiushui and Liu Zhixuan spurted out a jet of blood. The Genesis Qi that surrounded their body had already crumbled. They plummeted from the sky and landed heavily on the stone platform, creating huge cracks.

The entire city fell silent!    

Countless shocked gazes were fixed on the ape roaring in the sky. Nobody expected Mo Yuan to be this terrifyingly fierce.    

The people of the Yi clan, including Yi Qianji, Liu Tianying and Liu Ming, all turned ashen. With Yi Qiushui and Li Zhixuan’s defeat, they now had nearly no chance of winning the Prefecture Lord battle.  

Compared with the bleak atmosphere on the Yi clan’s side, cheers broke out among the Qiu clan. The head of the Qiu clan, Qiu Long, gave a deep rumbling laugh.

Zhou Yuan slowly retracted his gaze from the sky and then looked at Qiu Ling, who was staring at him with a sinister expression.   

“Didn’t you ask me what I meant before?” Zhou Yuan folded his hands together, and in the depths of his eyes, azure and golden rays of light intertwined. A long dragon roar then resounded between heaven and earth, and azure-gold Genesis Qi rose from his head into the sky.

And within that azure-gold Genesis Qi, an azure dragon seemed to be soaring into the sky.    

An unbelievably powerful Genesis Qi pressure spread out from his body, causing the ground to crack inch by inch.    

As he felt the Genesis Qi’s pressure, Qiu Ling’s pupils shrank suddenly because he found that his body was trembling violently. What does this mean? Did Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation actually surpass his?!

“How is that possible?!”  

He’s just at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage! Qiu Ling roared in horror in his mind. He wanted to flee.   

However, Zhou Yuan ignored Qiu Ling’s shocked response. He clenched his hand and thrust out a fist. The azure-gold Genesis Qi roared out, transforming into a fist completely covered with layers of azure-gold dragon scales. 

It was like a dragon’s fist!   

When Zhou Yuan’s Ancestral Dragon Scripture broke through to the second level, its grandeur had begun to finally show.  

The azure-gold fist blasted out, and Zhou Yuan’s bone-chilling voice echoed through the air.

“Heavenly Serpent Fist!”   


The fist strike, resembling a dragon’s roar, pierced through the air. All the pores over Qiu Ling’s body immediately tightened. His face contorted in pain as he hissed, “You were pretending!” 

Three Divine Dwelling halos appeared behind Qiu Ling like a triple iron wall.  

All the Genesis Qi currently within his body was injected into his three Divine Dwelling halos. He didn’t believe that Zhou Yuan could break through his defense!    

Just when Qiu Ling’s defense had formed, the azure-gold dragon fist, which contained the power of destruction, roared over without the slightest hesitation.   


Violent Genesis Qi shock waves swept out at the moment of the impact. 

The ground constantly collapsed, cracks rapidly spreading outward.   

Additionally, at the moment of the collision, cracks rapidly appeared all over his three Divine Dwelling halos, horrifying him. 

“No way! How can his Genesis Qi be this powerful?!”   


But just when this thought flashed across Qiu Ling’s mind, the three Divine Dwelling halos shattered. 

Berserk Genesis Qi raged out. Blood sprayed from Qiu Ling’s body while he was blasting away and tearing deep marks across the ground.    

It was only less than ten seconds from when Zhou Yuan had made a move to now, and many people were still in shock from Mo Yuan’s previous attack, but Zhou Yuan and Qiu Ling’s battle had already ended...

When more and more people began looking over in stunned disbelief, Zhou Yuan gently cracked his neck and, as before, continued to look at Qiu Ling, who was completely covered in blood and struggling to get up, with a calm smiling expression. 


“You know what I meant earlier, don’t you?”   

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