Chapter 768 Heavenly Serpent Qi

Over the past few days, the Prefecture Lord battle between the Yi clan and the Qiu clan had undoubtedly become the hottest topic in Xuanzhou City and perhaps even in the entire Xiaoxuan Prefecture. 

Every faction in the area was closely watching the developments.   

The Qiu clan could be called a local powerhouse in Xiaoxuan Prefecture, and they were the strongest candidate for the position of Prefecture Lord. However, more than ten years ago, the Yi clan had suddenly appeared and snatched away the Prefecture Lord position, something which the Qiu clan must have been pretty furious about.

Although frustrated, there was nothing they could do because the Yi clan had an elder occupying an important position in Tianyuan Region. Both his status and strength were top class. Even a local powerhouse like the Qiu clan could only wait and bide their time,...

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