Chapter 764 Prefecture Lord Battle

Yi Qiushui’s voice spread from the gate of the city, passing into the ears of the many closely watching factions. A clamour even broke out. 

No one thought that Yi Qiushui would be so decisive.    

On the city walls, Qiu Long squinted as he sneered out loud, “Niece Qiushui is indeed courageous.”    

Then he shifted his gaze to Yi Qianji, who was in midair, “Is that what your Yi clan wants?”  

Yi Qianji swept a glance over Yi Qiushui before he responded, “Before our master left, he said that Qiushui will be the new Prefecture Lord of Xiaoxuan Prefecture. So what she says naturally represents my Yi clan.”    

“She’s the head of the Yi clan, and that’s your Yi clan’s business, so I naturally have nothing to say. But as to whether she is the new Prefecture Lord of Xiaoxuan Prefecture, I’m afraid it can’t be decided by a word the head of the Yi clan said before his death,” Qiu Long said with mockery. 

“According to the rules, before the new Prefecture Lord takes up the official post, it needs to be considered and passed through Tianyuan Region’s elders committee!”    

“The previous Prefecture Lord has the right to appoint a temporary Prefecture Lord,” Yi Qianji stated.     

How would he not know about the Qiu clan’s wild scheme? Ultimately, they were after the position of Prefecture Lord of Xiaoxuan Prefecture, but the Yi clan absolutely wouldn’t give it up either. After all, the Yi clan also had to pay a considerable price in order to obtain that position. 

“You also know that it’s just a temporary Prefecture Lord.” Qiu Long waved his hand dismissively. “My Qiu clan can oppose and initiate a Prefecture Lord battle.”    

“Prefecture Lord battle?”   

When these three words spread out, it undoubtedly shocked many people across Xuanzhou City. Once the Prefecture Lord battle was initiated, it meant the Qiu and Yi families would completely tear into each other’s faces.    

Yi Qianji narrowed his eyes. “The Qiu clan really wants this?” 

Qiu Long’s eyes drooped slightly. “I’ll repeat once again, hand over the beast that killed my son and the two families will be the same as before.”  

Yi Qianji didn’t respond again. He just shifted his gaze onto Yi Qiushui.  

A calm and composed expression remained on Yi Qiushui’s fair and bright face. Even if Qiu Long was pressing closer and closer, she had no intention of retreating. She simply nodded. “If the Qiu clan insists, then the Yi clan will accept the Prefecture Lord battle.”

The various forces and powerful people who were paying attention looked stunned. Nobody expected Yi Qiushui to not hesitate to tear the face of the Qiu clan to protect an outsider.

The corners of Qiu Long’s mouth curved in a smile as he remarked, “Niece Qiushui is indeed remarkable.”  

“According to the rules, since I am now at the Divine Dwelling stage, the Prefecture Lord battle should naturally be at my level,” Yi Qianji said solemnly.    

“Of course, the Prefecture Lord battle this time is a matter of the Divine Dwelling stage.”  

Yi Qiushui was only at the Divine Dwelling stage, so if they were to send out a Heavenly Sun expert, it would be impossible for the Prefecture Lord battle to go ahead. At that time, the Yi clan would similarly send out an expert of the Heavenly Sun stage, and the situation would only turn into an uncontrollable mess. 

She slightly tilted his head, only to see a figure walking out from behind Qiu Long.    

Countless gazes gathered on the tall man with knife-like brows. He exuded a chill that made one’s heart palpitate.

The younger generation of the various forces, including Mu Chao, had an abrupt change of expression, and their eyes went wide with shock and fear. “Qiu Ling? Isn’t he training at the Heavenly Spirit Sect?”

Yi Qiushui’s beautiful face instantly tensed up the moment the figure appeared. 

The man in front was the Qiu clan’s eldest son, Qiu Ling! 

Qiu Ling wasn’t trash like his younger brother. He was the leader of the younger generation of Xiaoxuan Prefecture, and he was later accepted as a disciple into the Heavenly Spirit Sect. 

Qiu Ling had rarely returned to Xiaoxuan Prefecture these years, but his fame continued to rise, not only in Xiaoxuan Prefecture but also in Tianyuan Region.    

Therefore, when Qiu Ling appeared, not only Mu Chao and the others felt an oppressive pressure, even Yi Qiushui felt it. 

Under the gazes of countless people, Qiu Ling stood tall on the city wall and peered down at Yi Qiushui. “Qiushui, long time no see. 

“I didn’t expect we would become enemies when we met again.”    

He mumbled to himself. As for Zhou Yuan, he didn’t even sweep a glance at him.    

Yi Qiushui increased her vigilance and didn’t answer.  

Qiu Ling also didn’t care. His voice was gentle, and it was unknown whether he was happy or annoyed. “We have known each other for years. My younger brother has died tragically, but you let the situation become like this because of an irrelevant person. Aren’t you being too willful?”   

“You presumably also know the reason.” Yi Qiushui sneered. 

Qiu Ling shook his head and sighed, “It’s not good that the situation turned to this. It’s best for you and my clan to sit down and talk...I understand, is it because the outsider is making things difficult for you? 

“Your personality is too kind.   

“If that’s the case, leave it to me. If he’s dead, it won’t be difficult for you anymore.”


The moment his voice faded, mighty Genesis Qi gushed out, and his figure disappeared elusively from the city walls like a ghost. 

In midair, Yi Qianji frowned and was about to stop him.  

But the three Heavenly Sun experts of the Qiu clan immediately locked onto him. Qiu Long faintly smiled. “Does elder Qianji need to intervene in the matters between youngsters?”    

During that moment, Qiu Ling’s figure reappeared in front of Yi Qiushui and Zhou Yuan.    

Mu Chao and the others retreated rapidly one after another to avoid facing Qiu Ling directly.

There was a hint of a smile on Qiu Ling’s handsome face, but his pair of eyes was cold and ferocious like a lizard in the dark. He fixed a piercing stare at Zhou Yuan. “This is an affair between two families. Country bumpkin, if you know what’s good for you, you should end yourself. Why are you still here? 

“But I’m sure you don’t have this courage. Since it’s like this, I’ll send you on your way.”  

He clenched his fist, and Genesis Qi pulsed out, forming three Divine Dwelling halos behind him that displayed eight different colors.    

The advanced Divine Dwelling stage!   

He had also established an eight heavens Divine Dwellings!    

No wonder he was so arrogant!   

He punched out, sending violent Genesis Qi blasting forth that directly bombarded Zhou Yuan. His Genesis Qi contained murderous intent.

The torrent of Genesis Qi rapidly expanded before Zhou Yuan’s eyes. But just when he was about to make a move, Yi Qiushui’s figure appeared in front of his body with two eight-colored Divine Dwelling halos behind her. Her beautiful hand, wrapped in Genesis Qi, thrust out and met the Genesis Qi torrent head on.


Genesis Qi shock waves erupted out.    

The ground cracked.    

Yi Qiushui’s body trembled as she reeled back from the force. At the same time, a palm stretched out from behind her and pressed against her back to help her withstand the force.

“Qiushui, it seems you don’t want me to help you solve the problem. Fine, I hope he won’t regret that he didn’t simply die here.” Qiu Ling shrugged with a smile, and he slowly turned away after leaving behind these words.    

His action was more than a kind of deterrent; he was hoping to break the Yi clan’s confidence.  


A voice sounded from behind Qiu Ling. He halted his footsteps, tilted his head and fixed an indifferent look at Zhou Yuan, who was behind Yi Qiushui. Zhou Yuan simply responded calmly, “If the Heavenly Sun experts of your Qiu clan don’t interfere, I think I can kill you.”    

Qiu Ling shook his head, and his lips twisted in a contemptuous sneer. He knew that even Xu Feng had suffered a loss when he faced Zhou Yuan, but so what? If Xu Feng were to face him, he most likely won’t have the courage to even make a move.

Qiu Ling leapt onto the city walls, his gaze sweeping across Xuanzhou City.   

The head of the Qiu clan, Qiu Long, shot a glance at Yi Qiushui and then at Zhou Yuan, saying, “The Prefecture Lord battle is in seven days. I hope the Yi clan will arrive as scheduled.”   

As his voice died away, he and the two other Heavenly Sun experts of the Qiu clan also darted towards Xuanzhou City.  

With their departure, the atmosphere at the city gate also eased. But the countless forces and people who were closely watching were all aware that the Qiu and Yi families were going to face each other for real this time.  

There was going to be a good show in seven days. 

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