Chapter 761 Divine Dwelling List

“Chi Jing...” 

Zhou Yuan uttered the name, somewhat bewildered. It was a woman’s name. In other words she should be a senior sister, right? 

He shook his head in puzzlement and couldn’t understand why master Cang Yuan did not tell him clearly. But this was just a trivial matter.    

“Doesn’t supreme sovereign Cang Yuan have two disciples? Why is there only one person listed in the Founding Members Court?” Zhou Yuan continued to ask. 

“Yes. Lady Chi Jing is Lord Cang Yuan’s second disciple. The eldest disciple is Zhuan Zhu, and the seat in the Founding Members Court should have belonged to Lord Zhuan Zhu, but he chose to isolate himself after supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disappearance. It was said that he wanted to challenge the Saint stage, but there hasn’t been any news of him all these years. Therefore, according to the rules, Lady Chi Jing replaced his position,” Yi Qiushui explained. 

So my eldest senior brother is called Zhuan Zhu. Zhou Yuan nodded, breathing an inward sigh of relief. He finally...

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