Chapter 756 Wind Demon Bandits

Under the night sky, on the treetops.   

A man in a dark red hood stood with both his arms hanging freely at his sides. His face was expressionless, but the scar on his face revealed a ferociousness, like a blood-sucking bat in the darkness.    

His body slowly emitted an oppressive aura that gradually shrouded the entire camp.   

A look of fear appeared on the faces of the Yi family. 

“That’s the leader of the Wind Demon Bandits, Blood Bat Xu Feng!” Zhao Yue gritted her teeth. Her expression changed abruptly when she saw the scarred-face man. 

In Xiaoxuan Province, in addition to the clans on the surface, there were also other forces, and amongst them the Wind Demon Bandits were the most famous. They appeared and disappeared like the wind, killed people like flies and used extremely cruel methods.

The various clans had also tried to encircle and eliminate them, but they had always managed to escape, and over time, they had gained the fearful name of Wind Demon Bandits.

Yi Qiushui also had a very solemn expression on her pretty face. “The various clans are best at putting their safety before matters of principle. The dark forces, such as your Wind Demon Bandits, must also be aware of this fact. Xu Feng, this isn’t something your Wind Demon Bandits should interfere with. If you leave now, my Yi family can pretend as if nothing happened.”    

On the treetops, the man named Xu Feng gazed coldly at Yi Qiushui. He said nonchalantly, “Since my Wind Demon Bandits have accepted the task, there is no reason to not complete it.” 


Yi Qiushui said pensively, “So the person behind the Wind Demon Bandits is the Qiu family. No wonder you were able to escape every time you were surrounded.” 

There was an obvious flicker of emotion in Xu Feng’s eyes when he heard this. A moment later, he grinned. “The Yi family’s Qiushui indeed deserves her reputation. You are even able to guess that?”    

“If that’s not the case, then I really can’t think of a reason why your Wind Demon Bandits would interfere in this. Given the way you have always acted in the past, you wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.  

“This is because, no matter whether this is successful or not, there’s no need for your Wind Demon Bandits to exist anymore, and the Yi family won’t let you go.    

“You presumably also know this. Your Wind Demon Bandits are famous, but in the eyes of the Yi family and the Qiu family, you are still nothing.” 

Xu Feng’s face twitched slightly, which made his sinister face appear even more terrifying because Yi Qiushui’s every word poked his heart in the most painful place.  

In the eyes of the Yi and Qiu clans, the Wind Demon Bandits were indeed nothing but chess pieces.   

“You’re clever, but it won’t help you now.” Xu Feng’s voice was icy cold. “Also, you don’t need to stall for time, I know you secretly sent your sister away, but nobody can leave tonight.”  

Yi Qiushui narrowed her eyes, biting her red lips unconsciously. 

No wonder Xu Feng is well known as an evil bandit. He really is troublesome. 

“Xu Feng, although your Wind Demon Bandits are famous, it still won’t be so easy for you to swallow us. From the strength you have shown in the past, you are only in the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage.” Yi Qiushui tightened her grip around her sword. It immediately surged with Genesis Qi that turned into a blaze of light.  

And behind her, mighty Genesis Qi rolled up, gradually forming two Divine Dwelling halos. Around the halos were eight different flashes of color. This was the symbol of eight Divine Dwellings.   

Her body exuded a strong, imposing demeanor. 

In Xiaoxuan Province, there weren’t many people in the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage who could make Yi Qiushui fearful. 

Looking at Yi Qiushui’s Divine Dwelling halos, which were glowing with eight colors, everybody was envious. They all knew that the more Divine Dwellings one opened up represented not only a stronger Genesis Qi foundation but that one’s combat power would also be stronger...

Of course, more importantly, it foretold of one’s greater potential in the future!  

Xu Feng studied the eight-color halo behind Yi Qiushui, but he surprisingly did not show too much fear. He just grinned, revealing his white teeth.   

“The intermediate Divine Dwelling stage? That’s just the information you know.”   

Yi Qiushui scrunched her brows together, feeling a little uneasy.   

At that moment, Xu Feng slowly spread his arms out, and storm-like Genesis Qi suddenly gushed out from his body. The whole world was filled with the vibrating noise of Genesis Qi.

Everyone saw that the Genesis Qi gathering behind Xu Feng was gradually forming a Divine Dwelling light halo.    

A halo was formed, and a second one followed. But after the appearance of the second halo, the accumulation of Genesis Qi didn’t stop. Soon, everyone was shocked to find that a third halo was vibrating and forming behind Xu Feng. 

Three Divine Dwelling halos. The advanced Divine Dwelling stage!

The Divine Dwelling halos presented six colors, which meant Xu Feng had opened up six Divine Dwellings.   

Zhao Yue’s, Mu Chao’s and the other people’s faces changed greatly. Their eyes widened with shock and fear. Nobody had expected Xu Feng to have actually stepped into the advanced Divine Dwelling stage!    

Qiu Ji grinned, his face fierce and sinister. “You probably didn’t know, but two months ago, Xu Feng broke through to the advanced Divine Dwelling stage...”

Yi Qiushui’s face turned serious, and she commanded without the slightest hesitation, “Retreat!”

Then, before her withdrawal order faded completely, the corners of Xu Feng’s mouth curved upwards in a sinister smile. His figure swooped down like a bat, his hand clenched into a fist, and he aimed a punch at Yi Qiushui.    


Violent Genesis Qi gathered under his fist. The dark red Genesis Qi was like a blood sun, causing space to twist and distort. 

Yi Qiushui tightly grasped her sword. The body of the sword shook, and a beam of sword light burst out. The sword light tore through the night sky, aiming directly for Xu Feng.


The sword and fist collided. Xu Feng’s fist was like iron, and there were sparks sputtering out.   

Violent shock waves raged out.    

Zhao Yue, Mu Chao and the others who were close by were all blasted back. Although they were also experts of the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage, they were evidently much weaker than Yi Qiushui.    


Yi Qiushui’s hand that held the sword trembled violently, and blood trickled down her fingers, but she just clenched her teeth. The sword light whistled, transforming into countless sword shadows that aimed for Xu Feng’s vitals.

“Haha!” Xu Feng burst into laughter. His tough body grew several times, and the surface of his skin glowed with a metallic black sheen. It was evident that he had cultivated bodily strength before.    

He withstood the sword light with his tough body, and the blades only left shallow scars. His iron fist rumbled and blasted toward Yi Qiushui. 

Under his huge fist, Yi Qiushui’s delicate body looked particularly fragile.    

The two had fought dozens of rounds at lightning speed. They were just a blur in the eyes of others.

Grinning, Xu Feng remarked during the battle, “An eight heavens Divine Dwelling is indeed powerful. I’m surprised you could withstand so long with just the strength of the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage.”

Normally speaking, an advanced Divine Dwelling stage expert could suppress an intermediate Divine Dwelling stage expert with Genesis Qi alone, but from the looks of it, Yi Qiushui had actually withstood his attacks.    

Although this might only be temporary, it was enough to illustrate the advantages of having eight Divine Dwellings.  

Xu Feng howled with laughter, and his eyes became increasingly ferocious. He stamped his feet and shot out. He didn’t care about the sword light that was whizzing over, and he slammed a punch toward Yi Qiushui’s chest.    

Genesis Qi raged around his fist.    

Yi Qiushui had also sensed the ferocity of Xu Feng’s punch, but it was already too late to evade. Her beautiful eyes flashed, and the sword light pointed directly at Xu Feng’s throat.   

She seemed like she was desperate.

However, in the face of Yi Qishui’s sharp and powerful sword light, Xu Feng simply grinned. He lifted his arm, allowing the sword light to pierce his skin. The sword tip stabbed through, but his muscles then clamped it tight. 

“Yi Qiushui, you weren’t even born when I started to lick the blood left on swords. You think you can win against me?”  

Xu Feng gave a sinister smile, and then his violent punch ruthlessly aimed for Yi Qiushui’s chest under numerous horrified gazes. 

“Miss!” Zhao Yue cried out in a sharp voice as her face went utterly pale.

The violent fist sped over. Yi Qiushui struggled to free her sword and could only helplessly watch the iron fist approach. The gust of wind created by the violent first made her clothes tightly wrap her body, revealing her charming curves.

Yi Qiushui could only let out a quiet sigh. She knew she was going to lose her life here. 

I hope Dong’er can escape, she thought in her mind.   

She coldly stared at the iron fist. She didn’t reveal the slightest fear of death in her eyes but instead hissed, “When I’m dead, no matter where you flee, you will be buried with me.”  

“Hey, what more can I ask for than to be able to accompany a great beauty like you.” Xu Feng was completely indifferent. Evidently, he was a ruthless person.   

But the gust from his fist was even more ferocious.    

If his fist struck, he would most likely punch through Yi Qiushui’s entire chest.    


Just when Xu Feng’s violent punch was only an inch away from Yi Qiushui’s chest, a slender palm came out like a ghost, tightly grasping the iron fist that contained Xu Feng’s full strength. 


A loud explosion sounded.   

The ground constantly cracked.    

Both Yi Qiushui’s and Xu Feng’s expressions changed. They stared in shock at the fair palm that had appeared in front of them.  

Yi Qiushui slowly turned around to see that a young figure had unknowingly appeared beside her. Under the dim light, she could see a young and handsome face.   

It wasn’t unfamiliar.    

It was...Zhou Yuan.    

Facing this kind of situation, even Yi Qiushui, who had always been calm and composed, was a little confused. 

But Zhou Yuan turned his head around and smiled at her.    

“Miss Yi, you can’t die here. Otherwise, you will ruin my reputation...” 

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